A couple of weeks back, Luxola had a 35% off sale on, and I simply couldn't resist getting in on the action. Needless to say, the minute the sale was announced (days before), I started placing and removing stuff from the basket in my account. This is truly window shopping at its worst! But really, how can you resist getting more than a 1/3 off the price of your purchases? [All prices stated are prior to discount]

[Luxola Haul]

[thisworks' clean skin 5-in-1 water (RM40.50)]

This is one of those micellar water-type products, and it seems to be infused with amazing ingredients. I've yet to try it, but I'll put up a full review when the testing process is complete. 

[thisworks' deep sleep pillow talk (RM90)]

More stuff from thisworks! I'm starting to fall deeply in love with the brand because it's all rather natural and pampering. As I mentioned in my last Luxola haul, I would be getting the full size of the pillow spray. I kid you not when I say that I don't sleep better than I do with a whiff of this. I absolutely love the stuff!

By the way, the reason there are two packages here is because the festive, colourful box is just an additional layer of celebratory decor for Christmas. 

It even comes with a mini Stress Less. Should I admit that I've been sniffing this stuff like an addict? I'm pretty sure people are starting to wonder if I've refilled it with liquid cocaine because I sat through my entire exam last Saturday with one hand holding a pen and the other holding this to my nose. What better time to conjure relaxation than during an exam?

[thisworks' dream team (RM40.50)]

I didn't unpack this, but it was mentioned in my last haul. It's got a tube of Stress Less, as well as a mini pillow spray in it. No, I didn't get myself another. This is a gift for someone.

[Korres' Lip Butter in Pomegranate (RM39.50)]

I've been eyeing Korres for almost a year now, and what better time to try it than during a sale? This lip butter is tinted (they have an array of different tints), and the colour is absolutely gorgeous!

Can you spell "lust"?

And then there's something I've become extremely curious about: Konjac Sponges! The three featured below come in a set costing RM86. They're apparently made of a root that's in the same family as the potato (if I recall correctly) and when you soak it in warm water, it turns into a jelly-like substance which helps to gently exfoliate your skin. I've been reading the reviews, and anyone who has tried them, swears by them. I had to do it! 

[The Konjac Sponge Co.'s 6 Wave Body Sponge]

The body sponge is interesting because it's meant to help with the quality of your skin and problems such as ingrown hairs, cellulite, etc. With my love for exfoliation, how could I pass it up?

As for the facial sponges, they come in an assortment of different types which are suited to different skin concerns. It's a good thing this set came with pink clay and bamboo charcoal. Absolutely perfect for me!

[The Konjac Sponge Co.'s French Pink Clay]

[The Konjac Sponge Co.'s Bamboo Charcoal]

I really can't wait to try these out! Isn't it all so exciting? 

I will also admit that I already have more stuff on my Wishlist for Luxola, and I'm awaiting the next sale. They did have 35% off for Black Friday, but it's too soon and I haven't used anything in this haul except for the pillow spray as yet!


  1. WOW.. what a haul.... can see that you've stocked on on ThisWorks... I can only take it that it really does work. The Korres Lip Butter looks good enough to eat...I've been eyeing Korres for a while now and am going to be purchasing their Shower Gel's soon.... :)

    1. It absolutely does work! I forgot to let you smell the stuff during the event! I can guarantee you won't regret the purchase if you get hold of it. All you need is one spritz on the side of the pillow and you'll be soothed and calmed like a baby! I have to actively stop myself from doing an entire post on this product!

      Oooo the Korres Shower Gels are on my wish list too hehehe. I'm hoping they do another 35% off for Christmas. Fingers crossed!

  2. Oh, those konjac sponges look so interesting!
    I am such an Luxola hauler and keep hanging out for their 35% Off sales. I love their service - it's even faster than ordering locally and they pack everything so well. I love that they carry brands we don't usually see in stores here. Always do love reading about your hauls, you shopaholic you!

    1. Then stay tuned for more upcoming hauls (sadly!).

      I've been using the konjac sponges and they are really fantastic for sorting out your skin because they are so non-abrasive! It's truly exciting to discover new products. Am holding out for the next 35% sale as well because I want more stuff! I agree with you on how awesome their service is! Lots of companies need a lesson from them.