About a month ago, SaSa contacted me to ask if I would like to review some face masks, and naturally I would never refuse such a thing because I absolutely adore masks! 

A few things to note before I jump into the review:

I made sure to use these masks over the course of a month, on days when I was exceptionally tired and my skin wasn't feeling its best. That's usually the time you should be masking anyway. Also, I didn't bother to take particularly tasteful shots of myself, and the fact that I was downright exhausted during the process contributed to the less than stellar looks. However, I feel that this has provided a rather true account of how the masks functions. No effects to be found here! 

Each of the masks were left on for the stipulated time of 20-30 minutes, and I used them all for 30 minutes (with timer). Further, and a lot of people do make this mistake, I did not wipe off the excess product after removing the mask, but continued with my skincare routine by incorporating it. I allowed the product to sit on my skin for a minute or two before applying a serum and moisturiser (The pictures featured here were taken right after removal of the masks, and prior to the addition of either of these).


They sent the masks over in a box for their Brightening Moisturizing masks, but I was happy to find that there were 4 different masks packed in there.

[My Stash]

For entertainment purposes, I did take pictures of myself in multiple states of absurdity...because really, who looks terribly attractive in sheet masks?

[Freshly Unveiled]

It comes folded within the package very neatly, and when you remove it, you are immediately struck by the fact that it is thoroughly concentrated with moisture.

[Not Reading Instructions]

I do believe you're supposed to peel off the blue layer before smoothing it onto your skin, and I strongly suggest that you do. In my bid to look like I was attending a rave, I realised that the edges on the blue sheet which maintains the shape and integrity of the mask was actually quite sharp and uncomfortable. Don't make the same mistake! 

[This is the right way...]

This is what it looks like before you peel off the second layer. Yes, these masks comes sandwiched between two layers in order to keep the concentration of the product locked in.

[Start the clock...]

And once you peel off the final layer, you can sit around looking rather other-worldly. I felt a bit like an alien and managed to traumatise my mother by walking around the house at night. 

Now, let's look at the first hand evidence of how these masks function.

[Ludeya's Brightening Moisturing Bio-Cellulose Mask]

[Before (Brightening Moisturing)]

[After (Brightening Moisturing]

[Please ignore the hair which was running amok]

[Ludeya's Hydro White Moisturing Bio-Cellulose Mask]

[Before (Hydro White Moisturing)]

[After (Hydro White Moisturing)]

[Ludeya's Rejuvenating Moisturing Bio-Cellulose Mask]

[Before (Rejuvenating Moisturing)]

[After (Rejuvenating Moisturing)]

[Ludeya's Repairing Moisturing Bio-Cellulose Mask)]

[Before (Repairing Moisturing)]

[After (Repairing Moisturing)]

Overall, the quality on the masks, all the way from the packaging to the product itself, is quite fantastic. They are undoubtedly of better quality than your regular masks, and they really should be considering their price point. I wouldn't feel remiss in actually purchasing these for when my skin needs a pick me up because they really do a great job of relieving stressed skin and pumping moisture into it so that you feel your skin has absorbed a ton of hydration after use. It helps that the effects follow through to the next morning as well because your skin feels well-nourished and plumped with moisture. 

Interestingly, considering how drenched the mask is in product when you first remove it from the packaging, the amount of moisture left on it when it is removed after the half hour mark is quite pronouncedly diminished which indicates that the formula on these is very effective at penetrating the skin. This definitely explains how distinct the effect is in terms of how your skin feels after use.

I did not experience any irritation from these, not did I see extremely pronounced results. They were fantastic for boosting moisture and hydration, but they didn't have a very drastic cosmetic effect. Nevertheless, my skin definitely looked less dull than it did prior to use, which is largely due to the boost of hydration.

While I enjoyed all of them, my favourite of the lot has to be the Rejuvenating Moisturing mask, even though I really can't deal with the fact that it's called "Moisturing" because it just seems to wrong. 

On the whole, I'm definitely a fan of these, and it looks like another trip to SaSa is in order for me.

Ludeya's Bio-Cellulose Masks are available exclusively in SaSa and are priced at RM65.90 for a box of 3 masks.