So, I've been reading the reviews on this for ages and it's hailed as the absolutely miracle foundation for proper full coverage and mattifying, which means I definitely had to get right on it!

[Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation]

In an attempt not to be a moron, I got a sample of it to ensure that it would actually work for me. I don't wear foundation all that often, let alone the full coverage stuff, so it would be remiss of me to run out an purchase something I wasn't sure of. 

Since it was a sample, the shade was decidedly too light, being "Cool Vanilla", but there were many reviews which mentioned that the foundation oxidized quite a bit and the shades run darker than they would seem to. And so, it was worth a shot, wasn't it?

[No Makeup]

I did have a couple of breakouts while testing this out, so it was a good time to actually do a test run. 


Yes, indeed the shade was far too white, and the finish was extremely matte and flat. Most of the reviews stated that the foundation held up very well without being set with any form of powder, so I decided to give that a go. I ALWAYS set my liquid products, so this was quite a departure for me. 

The foundation is ridiculously quick setting as well. It's more of a liquid-powder formula, and you need to work very quickly with it so that it blends well, which means that you're better off working in sections and blending as you go, because if you wait till you've placed foundation on your entire face, you're going to get splotchy and very cakey results.


The coverage, while being reasonably medium-buildable, still didn't completely eradicate my undereye circles, which was shocking to me since everyone was waxing lyrical about how they didn't need concealer for their dark circles. I don't think these people understand what dark circles actually are. I also needed some concealer on a particularly dark spot next to the inner corner of my eye which the foundation didn't cover up satisfactorily. 

However, I was attending a wedding and it just wouldn't do to turn up looking like I was/had seen a ghost, so I decided that some bronzer was more than necessary.

[Bronzer + Blush]

So this picture was taking after I had set the undereye area with some powder as added some bronzer to the perimeter of my face, along with some blush. This is a foundation you definitely need to add dimension to with bronzer and highlighter because it provides an extremely one dimensional finish to the face. 

[7:00 pm]

It took about 20 minutes to half an hour, but the foundation definitely did oxidize slightly to a more reasonable shade for me. So yes, you will need to make sure you go a shade lighter from what you normally would to accommodate this fact. Personally, I would look into the "Warm Vanilla" shade to test out before going any darker. 

[9:30 pm - The Enabler and me!]

The foundation does photograph very well, though, so it works decently for that purpose. And this is with the Enabler who recently got engaged. She is cheating on me. I should have known! 

[10:40 pm]

After almost 4 hours of wear, there was definite shine on my T-Zone. This surprised my a little because all the reviews touted this as a foundation which would go the entire day without need for a touch up. I don't think that's true because I wasn't even walking around outside. Who are these people who think they have oily skin but don't need to touch up? What madness is this?

[2:00 am]

After 7 hours, there wasn't much change and not terribly much oil showing through, but my nose was definitely in somewhat of a state of disrepair. My undereye concealer had creased rather substantially for a foundation that's meant to control such things and provide a flawless finish, and around my T-Zone and cheeks, the foundation had gone a little patchy. Perhaps it would have done better with some powder. 

Overall, I'm not terribly impressed with this. I used my fingers to work it onto my face then buffed and blended with my kabuki buffing brush. I do like how it photographs and it's definitely a very good foundation in its own right, I just feel that it didn't meet my expectations due to the reviews which were less than accurate. I'm curious as to how this compares with the Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation, and I'll be putting that to the test in the near future. 

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  1. I've always loved your foundation/ BB Cream reviews because well, you and I are like twin oil slicks and I can completely relate to your experiences. Again, I've had such poor colour matches with the western bases that I am quite scared of buying them. Very clever of you to demand a take-home sample.

    I haven't done many proper BB/ foundation reviews on my blog even though I am forever picking up BB Creams. I think it has to do with the fact that I don't have a 'blog face' hahaha Such is the pitfall of being semi-anonymous LOL

    1. Which is precisely why I highly await the day you do start doing them! We'll be an unstoppable duo and saviours of the oily!

      I'm slowly and painfully learning to stop buying things if I can try them first. I usually get bored of the novelty very quickly.

    2. The Unstoppable but OILY Blog Duo? I like the sound of that even if it is a little ...icky haha

      I really should get onto it with the BBs...I get requests for them occasionally although I wonder if it's all out of curiosity to see my blog mug haha
      Sorry, you gals are going to have to try harder! I probably should have been a food blogger. No face required. Only plates. Although some days I imagine my face could pass as a plate...

      By the way, do you think it's true that Chanel Pro Lumiere is or will be discontinued? Would you know?

    3. Hahaha what nonsense! You look absolutely lovely and your reviews would be invaluable to the community! Do it! Do it!

      Pro Lumiere is already discontinued, along with Matte Lumiere. You'll only get whatever stocks are left at counters and stores. They've both been replaced by their hybrid baby of Perfection Lumiere which I hear is the most amazing thing ever. I've not gotten round to trying it out though.

      I did say Pro Lumiere in my post, didn't I? I meant Perfection Lumiere. I always do these things! Off to make changes!

  2. i tested estee lauder double wear foundation at the counter and i got the shade that exactly matches my skin tone. but i too, found that it gets oily after 2-3 hours (i cant remember) on my t-zone, only by walking in the air-conditioned mall and not even out under the sun.

    1. Exactly! I was in the aircon the entire time which is just so disappointing! Imagine if you're running around outdoors in this weather with the heat and humidity!

  3. That's the reason why sample should exist.... Test it first, if u luv it, u could buy it, if u not, go hunt for another foundation hehehe , Luckily you don't bought it yet :).

    1. Yeah! I'm finally learning hehehe. But I'll give it another shot with powder and see how it fares. Will post an update!

  4. hey its me! next to the Christmas tree. hehe.