Yes, I got my Bag of Love yesterday and I was extremely pleased that it came in a Spongebob Squarepants plastic bag! As MiMi had posted on FB, TaQBin had run out of their packages, so she got a little innovative! I love it~

[Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?]

Of course, from there it just got even more exciting!

[Christmas Edition]

Of course, this month, instead of dropping hints, she told (showed) us exactly what we would be receiving since there was press coverage on December's bag.

[Product Description Sheet]

Look at the lovely mini-MiMi in a ballgown! 

The clutch itself is truly very festive and of decent quality. I would certainly carry it to a party or a wedding!

And for those of you who miss Bag of Love's branding, just look inside:

[The it is!]



This month, the product that got me most excited about Bag of Love is Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream. This is one of those products I've been eyeing for years now (if Lisa Eldridge swears by it, you better be lusting after it), but I've always passed over in favour of more glamorous cosmetics.

[Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream]

This is one of those multipurpose do-everything products, and I can't wait to actually try it out. I'm glad we got it fragrance-free because prior to formulating this version, the fragrance was apparently quite off-putting to most! 

[And here's what it does!]

[Phyto's Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm]

I have another of these in my collection, but I've yet to use it. It's meant to be brilliant at fighting frizz, so this is something I might have to stop staring at in its lovely packaging. 

[Nuxe's Nuxellence Jeunesse]

I've done a full review on this product and I gave a previous travel size to the Enabler to try out, so I'm very happy to receive another! Love, love, love this stuff! 

[Collistar's Anti-Age Lifting Body Cream]

Yes, I do appear to be aging at an inordinate rate, and this will assuredly come in handy!

[Lierac's Coherence Day & Night Cream]

I've tried this stuff out before and fell absolutely in love with it! It's not something I would use during the day due to my skin type, but it's lovely for nightly use. It's an anti-aging cream, which makes me very happy. Considering that the full-size of this is RM300, I'm all too happy to have received this!

As always, only the best is to be found in Bag of Love, and it's truly a lovely Christmas present for anyone you love (including yourself)! If you missed out on this, you need to subscribe to January's bag because I have no doubts that MiMi, and the ever-elusive Miss A will kick the year off with a bang!

Bag of Love has Monthly (RM39.90), Quarterly (RM119.70) and Annual (RM478.20) subscriptions available.

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  1. the red dinner bag. auuww love it. But for this month i couldn't buy it, too sad. looking forward on January bag

    1. What a shame! But I'm sure Jan will be equally as awesome! Bag of Love never disappoints.

  2. I thought this was a very classy selection by Bag of Love. So jealous you got the Spongbob wrap :P

    1. It really is! The entire selection is perfect and having Eight Hour Cream in travel size just makes everything better. It's always the little things with Bag of Love, and the Spongebob bag just made my day even brighter!