Yes, ARTDECO has arrived, and I was terribly excited to receive SaSa's invite to their launch! As with most German products, I wasn't the least bit disappointed.

[Welcome to Heaven]

[All Set! - Catwalk and everything!]

It would have been impossible to ignore the gorgeous manner in which the display was set up, not just for looking, but for playing with.

[Mirrors & Lights to Test the Makeup]

I wasn't just struck by the sheer volume of products they had, but by the colour range as well. I'm so happy that their base products run through a very decent colour range so that those of us with a little more pigmentation aren't left out in the process.

[Fabulous Packaging]

The thing about their packaging is that it's created in a very sophisticated and utilitarian manner. Basically their palettes work the way Inglot palettes do in that you get to fill them up with the colours you want and you can then remove the empty pan and replace it. What's even cooler though is the fact that they have palettes which can fit both eyeshadows and blush in there so that you're sorted without needing to lug an entire makeup bag with you!

As always, the food is very satisfying.

[Mini Quiche]

[Prawn Cocktail]


[Chocolate Banana Cake & Fruit Tarts]

The atmosphere was very lovely and everyone was buzzing with excitement. They even ensured that there was entertainment prior to the start of the event with a magician walking around. 


And, of course, the lovely attendees were milling about and playing with all the lovely goodies.

There was also the inevitable camwhoring with fellow bloggers:

[Samia and Me!]

[Sharon and Me!]

The lovely Shopgirl was there as well, but she is still going to remain a mystery to you guys! 

[Elaine Daly - The Host]

[A Brief Introduction to ARTDECO]

As they discussed the philosophy behind ARTDECO, it truly did strike a chord because they seem to have hit the nail on the head. They are definitely a mid-range brand, and they aim to ensure quality is present in all their products to ensure that the consumer of today has their needs and wants met. In fact, they compared the company to fellow-Germans BMW in the utility and price point of their products. 

Of course, to actually see the products in action would have been a necessity and the model for this purpose was Amber Chia.

So, things kicked off with a day look:

[Look at that palette! Don't you want it?!]

[Amber Chia - Day Look]

They even had a full-on fashion show with ladies of different complexions and facial structures showing that the makeup is applicable across the board.

Thereafter, they went ahead with a transition to a full-on smokey eye for night-wear.

[The Night Look]

[Amber Chia - Night]

I particularly love the fact that the clothes were quite lovely and the music was very tasteful. It wasn't your standard absurdity, but more rave-like which I thoroughly enjoyed!

[Collaboration between SaSa and ARTDECO]

And, of course, there was more camwhoring:

[Picture Courtesy of ShopGirl]

The generosity of SaSa was ever-present once again, and they sent us home with a fantastic range of products to try out.


[Makeup Pouch]

This pouch really needs to be discussed because the quality is absolutely amazing. It's so soft and plush that you feel like you're Marilyn Monroe just clutching it. I would have been quite happy with just the pouch, but it was brimming with fabulous goodies!


[ARTDECO's Pure Minerals Mineral Powder Foundation]

I suspect the shade might be a little too light for me, but that's nothing bronzer can't fix. In any event, ARTDECO does a range of different types of foundation which caters to different skintypes as well, so there's something for everyone!

[ARTDECO's Eyeshadow Base]

I was playing with this at the event and I was so excited to receive it, you can't imagine! It feels so soft and pillow-y! I shall report back on its functionality.

[ARTDECO's Beauty Box Duo]

I adore the fact that their compacts are known as beauty boxes. It's just so perfect! They come in a range of quantities so you can pick what suits you best in terms of the number of colours you would like. 

[One Swipe!]

Yes, these colours are fantastically pigmented. I'll be testing them once this post is up. I absolutely love the eggplant shade! 

[ARTDECO Couture Lipstick in 681]

Doesn't the fact that the brand is etched into the lippy feel so luxe? I love it! And it's so very creamy and gorgeous as well!

[ARTDECO's Nail Lacquer in 63]

This was one coat, and terribly painted too, but the formula is quite nice and I'm excited with all these new goodies!

I love the fact that there's a brand new set of fabulous makeup to lust after! ARTDECO is available exclusively in SaSa, so you really need to go check them out!


  1. Loving the pics! Love how detailed everything is. Love the post babe! Hoping to see you next week.

    1. Thank you! I won't be at the SaSa event, but hopefully I'll see you soon!!!

  2. Amazingly detailed post, Arpita, and yes, it was as much about fashion as it was about makeup. Had a great time there with you! I am liking the idea of being able to choose my own palettes. The packaging is really good quality and the prices of ARTDECO are very reasonable. An entirely approachable brand and it's nice to have some more European cosmetics enter our market. We are so spoiled for choice...even Tarte is here now! Have you checked it out?

    1. So far it's always been a blast hanging out with you, so more please! I'm rather surprised by the quality of the packaging as well. It feels so expensive and luxe, but it's really quite reasonably priced. Happiness! I have checked Tarte out, but I'm holding back from more purchases at the moment. I even managed to steer clear of Sephora's 20% off sale for members which is quite an achievement for me!

  3. Loved the post.. the pictures speak a thousand words and I was transfixed at the Amazing display :) Had a great time seeing you again and hopefully will do so in the near future.

    1. Wasn't it gorgeous? It looked just like my dream walk-in wardrobe!

      I'm hoping to see you soon too! Will you be at any of the Butterfly events this month?

    2. Unfortunately not ... My brother is getting married in 10 days time and we'll be having relatives over ...I never thought it be hard to even get on the net.. I have 10 mins a day before one of the children emotionally blackmail me about spending 'quality' time with them.. Have fun though... and put up the reviews.. will experience the event thru your eyes

    3. Hahaha this is what happens when your children are cute! What a shame! You will definitely be missed. And my camera is already primed and ready. Definitely looking forward to seeing you soon though!