Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation

So, I've been reading the reviews on this for ages and it's hailed as the absolutely miracle foundation for proper full coverage and mattifying, which means I definitely had to get right on it!

[Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation]

In an attempt not to be a moron, I got a sample of it to ensure that it would actually work for me. I don't wear foundation all that often, let alone the full coverage stuff, so it would be remiss of me to run out an purchase something I wasn't sure of. 

Since it was a sample, the shade was decidedly too light, being "Cool Vanilla", but there were many reviews which mentioned that the foundation oxidized quite a bit and the shades run darker than they would seem to. And so, it was worth a shot, wasn't it?

[No Makeup]

I did have a couple of breakouts while testing this out, so it was a good time to actually do a test run. 


Yes, indeed the shade was far too white, and the finish was extremely matte and flat. Most of the reviews stated that the foundation held up very well without being set with any form of powder, so I decided to give that a go. I ALWAYS set my liquid products, so this was quite a departure for me. 

The foundation is ridiculously quick setting as well. It's more of a liquid-powder formula, and you need to work very quickly with it so that it blends well, which means that you're better off working in sections and blending as you go, because if you wait till you've placed foundation on your entire face, you're going to get splotchy and very cakey results.


The coverage, while being reasonably medium-buildable, still didn't completely eradicate my undereye circles, which was shocking to me since everyone was waxing lyrical about how they didn't need concealer for their dark circles. I don't think these people understand what dark circles actually are. I also needed some concealer on a particularly dark spot next to the inner corner of my eye which the foundation didn't cover up satisfactorily. 

However, I was attending a wedding and it just wouldn't do to turn up looking like I was/had seen a ghost, so I decided that some bronzer was more than necessary.

[Bronzer + Blush]

So this picture was taking after I had set the undereye area with some powder as added some bronzer to the perimeter of my face, along with some blush. This is a foundation you definitely need to add dimension to with bronzer and highlighter because it provides an extremely one dimensional finish to the face. 

[7:00 pm]

It took about 20 minutes to half an hour, but the foundation definitely did oxidize slightly to a more reasonable shade for me. So yes, you will need to make sure you go a shade lighter from what you normally would to accommodate this fact. Personally, I would look into the "Warm Vanilla" shade to test out before going any darker. 

[9:30 pm - The Enabler and me!]

The foundation does photograph very well, though, so it works decently for that purpose. And this is with the Enabler who recently got engaged. She is cheating on me. I should have known! 

[10:40 pm]

After almost 4 hours of wear, there was definite shine on my T-Zone. This surprised my a little because all the reviews touted this as a foundation which would go the entire day without need for a touch up. I don't think that's true because I wasn't even walking around outside. Who are these people who think they have oily skin but don't need to touch up? What madness is this?

[2:00 am]

After 7 hours, there wasn't much change and not terribly much oil showing through, but my nose was definitely in somewhat of a state of disrepair. My undereye concealer had creased rather substantially for a foundation that's meant to control such things and provide a flawless finish, and around my T-Zone and cheeks, the foundation had gone a little patchy. Perhaps it would have done better with some powder. 

Overall, I'm not terribly impressed with this. I used my fingers to work it onto my face then buffed and blended with my kabuki buffing brush. I do like how it photographs and it's definitely a very good foundation in its own right, I just feel that it didn't meet my expectations due to the reviews which were less than accurate. I'm curious as to how this compares with the Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation, and I'll be putting that to the test in the near future. 

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Mivva - Christmas 2013

So, I received my Mivva box earlier this week, and this is their final edition. I've actually learned that not having high expectations works out best where most beauty boxes are concerned, and this is a testament to that fact.

Mivva usually sends out their boxes at the beginning of the month, but this time round it was sent over closer to Christmas so that it could double as their Christmas/going-out-with-a-bang box. And yes, they definitely knocked this one out of the park! It's been a long time since I've been this ecstatic about a Mivva box!

[Product Description Sheet]

[Goodies Galore!]

Seriously, this box was packed to the brim with some pretty fantastic stuff and lots of decently sized products! There was certainly something for everything!


[Posh's Foot & Body Lotion]

This smells lovely and has a very refreshing feel to it. In sinks in quite nicely and leaves your skin hydrated and happy.

[Secretleaf's Men Original Face Wash]

I didn't open this despite the fact that I'm bordering on growing testicles judging from how deep my voice is. I shall give it away instead! 

[Uriage's Gyn-Phy Feminine Wash]

This is one of those do-not-discuss areas, but everyone needs it so it's a nice inclusion!

[Shaire London's Silk Classic Collection Hair Perfume Dry Shampoo]

DRY SHAMPOO! I'm happy! I do hope this is good stuff because it would be nice to have a brand I can get hold off here!

[Neuzell's Facial Cleanser]

This is a tiny tube of the stuff, but enough for a trial I suppose. I've heard very good things about this cleanse so I'm definitely keen on trying it out.

[Miacare's Acne Patch]

I think Clean & Clear or Clearasil made patches like this back when I was a spotty teenager. They were meant to blend in with your skin, which was an absolute lie. Nothing says "Something is wrong with my face" than a mismatched shade of perfectly circular. This is definitely not right for my skin tone either, so this is not going to be put to use on my end. If anyone is interested, let me know and it's yours!

[Redflo's Hair Shampoo]

Sachets. Ugh. 

[Beautymate's Cherry Blossom 2-in-1 Baby Skin Ultra Moisture Barrier Mask & Natural Care Moisturizing Peeling Gel]

Quite a mouthful there. Everything on this packing isn't in English, which I'm really unhappy about. But the products themselves seem interesting, so I'll have to look up specific use instructions, or hire a translator for that purpose. 

And finally, an accessory!

The quality on this isn't fantastic, and it looks much better than it feels. It's absolutely gorgeous though and I'm all too pleased with it!

Overall, I'm really very happy with this box. It surpassed my expectations drastically and Mivva has definitely left the building in style!

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Shu Uemura's Holiday Palettes by Takashi Murakami

I've never really been a Shu Uemura aficionado, and I think it has a lot to do with the lack of exposure on YouTube. Yes, that is where I tend to lust after makeup, so if it's not on there, I'm somewhat indifferent most of the time. However, I've used their eyelash curler for years, and was very happy with it until it lost its spring and I switched up to Chanel. And I've used a lipstick or two which I've been very happy with, but never eyeshadow.

And then this happened:

[Source: Venusbuzz]

Someone on YouTube who is as much of an eyeshadow junkie as I am hauled their holiday palettes and my soul died a little because they weren't in my collection. Amazing packaging and the excellent quality of their pressed eyeshadows aside, we need to talk about their silk shadows. Honestly, they are just unbelievable! When she swatched them, she mentioned that she felt like nothing would show up because they didn't feel like colour was transferring to her finger, but when she looked at it the pigment was insane! I thought that was a little weird because it seemed like something that didn't make sense, so I went to swatch them for myself! 

They are so amazing that my greatest concern right now is the fact that they don't make silk shadows individually! What madness is this?!

Anyway, back to the palettes!

There are 2 different palettes released with this collection and the names are rather odd. Enchanted Black Parallel Palette and Heart-Full Pink Parallel Palette. I don't know why, but it's okay. Between the packaging and how awesome the products are, I really can't find fault with it.

On my first trip to Shu, when I swatched the silk shadows for the first time, I picked up just the Enchanted Black Parallel Palette because I was trying to have some self-control. 

[Enchanted Black Parallel Palette Box]

[Enchanted Black Parallel Palette]

In the palette, you get a massive mirror, 4 full-sized pressed eye shadows, 3 full-sized silk shadows and 1 full sized blush. It also comes with 2 brushes - 1 dual-ended sponge tip applicator and a small dual-ended shader brush. The awesome thing about this palette is that you can actually replace the pans with shades from their regular line once you run out, which I find fantastic! 

[Enchanted Black Parallel Palette]

Really, just look at this palette! Isn't it gorgeous! I've used it quite a bit since I've gotten hold of it and the colours are incredibly pigmented, with no fall out. 

[Pressed Eye Shadow: BK4, BK3, BK2, BK1]

These are the regular shadows and they are really quite good. They show up very well even without a base and they're quite smooth and creamy. I don't know why I've never explored Shu's shadows before!

[Silk Smooth Eye Shadow: BK5, BK6, BK7]

These swatches were made with me barely touching the pans. They are insanely smooth and silky and they make me want to cry with happiness. It's definitely true that you cannot tell product is going to transfer when you swatch it because they are just so amazing! If you've never felt these, you need to go right now! JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!

[Blush: BK8]

When I was choosing between the palettes, this won out because the blush was more of a mauve-y pink than that in the Heart-Full Pink Parallel Palette. I figured it would suit my skin tone a little better, and it's definitely made me very happy. There is excellent colour payoff and it lasts quite well too.

I'm so very happy with this palette that I actually take it out to stare at it sometimes. Love love love!

While I was standing in the store and staring longingly at my new found loves, I had to choose between the two because these aren't exactly cheap. And then I met Eddy! Who is Eddy? He might just be my new best friend. He's actually from the Mid Valley branch of Shu Uemura, but he was in 1Utama because they were having a roadshow thingy. So, I asked him about the cleansing oil which has been raved about since time immemorial. I wanted a sample, but he let me try it out on my hand in store, and I had to buy it. It's not like I had a choice! It's amazing stuff!

[Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil (RM270)]

Yes, I ended up buying the 400ml bottle because it's just that good! The fact that you can use it as a cleanser even without makeup justifies the price completely, and a bottle of this size should last between 5-6 months with regular use. The pink cleansing oil is formulated for combination/oily skin, and I think the fact that they produce different oils for different skin types is fantastic! I'll be doing a full review of this, but it's definitely worth all the hype. Also, if you're a Citibank cardholder, you will get RM25 off the price of the cleansing oil (everything but the cleansing oil and limited edition products receive a 10% discount), which is as good a reason as any to get it! It also comes in a smaller size should you not be a hoarder. 

[Travel Sized]

He also threw in 2 extra little bottles of the stuff because he's nice! 

And, because I spent RM500 (I know, problems!), I got a free pouch from the holiday collection.

[Free Gift]

It's a little too cutesy for my liking, but the design is fantastic so I will probably use it. It's two different coloured pouches, with two separate zips fused together! I adore that!

What happened next was somewhat inevitable. I used the palette and I went onto the Shu Uemura site to check on the silk shadows because they are just so amazing. When I found out they weren't available separately, you cannot imagine my distress! If you have found the perfect formula for eyeshadows, why would you not produce an entire line of them? This is madness! So, of course, I had to go back and get the other palette!


As they were having a roadshow, they had a photobooth there, so I had to camwhore a little! It's always nice when the Enabler contributes to my madness by encouraging me to buy things and then posing in the documentary evidence of the fact!

[Camwhoring with the Enabler]

The wonderful Eddy was there once again, and he gave me another little bottle of the cleansing oil! I love it! 

[More travel sized gifts!]

By the way, for those of you interested in trying the stuff out, they do have little sample sachets of the stuff for trial purposes, and I suggest you go for it! 

And the palette!

[Heart-Full Pink Parallel Palette Box]

[Heart-Full Pink Parallel Palette]

This is definitely a far more neutral palette that's decidedly pink-heavy (as the name would suggest).

[Heart-Full Pink Parallel Palette]

[Pressed Eye Shadow: PK4, PK3, PK2, PK1]

These shadows are very smooth as well and they're all rather similar to each other. The reason I didn't pick the palette up initially is because these shades aren't extraordinary. I definitely have dupes in my collection. However, they have very good pigmentation and blend nicely, so I'm not unhappy with them, just not particularly excited.

[Silk Smooth Eye Shadow: PK5, PK6, PK7]

These, however, are so absolutely worth it! OMG! I think I need to write a long mail to Shu demanding that they make a whole line of these!

[Blush: PK8]

As for the blush, it is decidedly more of a light pink, but it's still extremely pretty and actually suits me fine! Happy days!

With most palettes, I toss out the sponge tip applicators immediately. I hate them! And the little brushes they provide are usually pointless inclusions. Definitely not the case here! Both ends of this brush are so soft and so effective at blending that they are just an absolute bonus! 

This has definitely been a road to discovery for me and I'm all too happy about it! Each individual eye shadow runs at RM70, and I'm not sure about the blush. Without a doubt, you're saving a minimum of RM100 with each palette, so they're definitely worth the splurge if you're even somewhat inclined towards them!