So, this is the second box to have pulled out of the race, but not permanently. WonderBox appears to be revamping their structure, and thank goodness for that. Just this month they launched their Little Black Box which is a box filled with accessories, and have announced the cessation of their beauty boxes. They're following The Lilac Box's tactic of releasing beauty boxes as they fill up with good things, and that is truly a relief because the last few boxes have been less than stellar. 

Luckily, I have quite a large stash of Wonderpoints in-hand thanks to their Wonderspree section where you can upload receipts containing purchases of certain brands and gain points for it. Therefore, this box was redeemed with those points, making it completely free.

Still, I'm less than enthused by its contents.

[WonderBox - Christmas 2013]

Yes, it's November. No, I did not label this post wrong. They hyped this up insanely as a brilliant Christmas box, and once again I fell for it. Apparently the whole concept of reinforcement is completely lost on me. Pavlov would be so ashamed. 

[Product Description Sheet]

[The only inkling that this is a Christmas box]

The Santa hat was a bit random, but I guess I should give them points for trying?

[Where's the Christmas?]


Yes, if you've never subscribed to a beauty box, this is actually a pretty fantastic box. If you're me, however, you've received everything except the EverSoft cleanser and the tube of mascara before.

[EverSoft's Whitening & Hydrating Facial Cleanser]

EverSoft is a brand I vaguely recall seeing, but I've never actually looked into them. It actually looks rather promising and I'm curious to try this cleanser out which is a definite plus. Presumably this is 100% organic, which I'm not entirely sure is a factual claim, but let's give them the benefit of the doubt. 

[Beautymate's Black Pearl & Calendula Whitening Nano Mask]

I've always been a fan of their masks, and I'm quite happy with these additions. Calendula is one of those wonderful things that soothes your skin, and this weather is leaving my skin needing a lot of soothing, indeed. 

[L'Oreal Professionnel's Mademoiselle Infinium]

Ugh...hairspray. Argh! 

I can't even be articulate at this point. L'Oreal! Send us some dry shampoo! Or Mythic Oil! Stop this madness! 

[Essence's Black Mania Carbon Black Volume Mascara]

This is probably the item I'm happiest with! I've heard brilliant things about Essence products, but I've yet to try them out, and volumising mascara is my favourite! Yay for this!

And now let's talk about the Bio-essence factor. AGAIN! 

Yes, I do enjoy Bio-essence products, but their last box contained the exact same products! Honestly, that's a bit much don't you think?

[Bio-essence's Nourishing Foamy Cleanser]

[Bio-essence's Face Lifting Cream]

[Bio-essence's Radiant Youth Essence]

I would have been infinitely happier had they sent over their Miracle Bio Water and Bird's Nest Eye Gel. Even if you choose to be brand loyal, at least switch it up a little! It honestly feels like they are catering to a new set of people with each box, as opposed to those loyal to their boxes, which is truly a shame.

In any event, WonderBox is closed for beauty box subscriptions until further notice. For more information, check out the following sites:


  1. I agree that beauty boxes always send out the same things from the same brand. When is there going to be a new beauty box that promises to not have the brands that others offer, hmm? 'Cause I'd totally subscribe to that, haha :p Great post, update us on the mascara yeah!

    1. Hahaha I would too! I'm waiting for something completely different to come along. It's good that these companies are pulling out of the race on their own because I have no control and keep ordering their boxes!

  2. Thanks for this! Thanks for going where I dare not...let's hope the new direction heralds something more exciting.

    1. You lucky girl with self-control! I genuinely hope that when they do announce their next box it gives me goosebumps of pleasure when I open it. It's only reasonable! WonderBox has Antipodes on their list, so I'm hoping for a box that's full of those lovely goodies in time!

  3. goodness, I guess you could say lucky me for not subscribing to them anymore. They've lost their lustre since May or June (thereabouts) and I have stopped subscribing to them since

    1. Yes I started off with them in June and have always been less than happy with the selection given. I guess it's a good thing they've thrown in the towel because it's almost as though no effort even goes into it anymore.