Yes, the internet has stolen my soul once again, but this time it's a bit stuff that is different-ish in terms of being outside what I usually pick up, and just stuff I've been meaning to try in general, along with a few gifts. 

First off, I've been seeing ads for Luxola floating around, and I figured that it might not be a bad option to look into since they do carry brands that are impossible to find here such as Sigma, Beauty Blender, etc. The prices are definitely comparable as well, and they ship free for orders over RM40. 

As I've mentioned in a few posts, I suffer from some mutant strain of insomnia which is impervious to sleeping pills at this stage, so I thought I'd give something different a shot.

[Luxola Order]

They sent me a sample of a Korres serum, which was of their own accord, so I do like the fact that they send samples which are relevant to your order/search history. I will, indeed, use this despite my lack of affection for sachets.

[Korres' Wild Rose Brightening & Line Smoothing Serum]

So, on to the sleep aid...

Firstly, I think this might be a little Christmas kit, but I'm not entire sure. It's the perfect trial/travel size.

[thisworks' dream team (RM48)]

[Prettily Packaged]

There's a little duo in here of their deep sleep pillow spray, and their deep sleep stress less.

[thisworks' deep sleep pillow spray]

As the name suggests, it's mean to be sprayed on your pillow, and it smells like heaven! It's all lavender-y and spa like. Incredibly soothing and I do feel extremely relaxed. I'm happy to report that I have been sleeping better since I got it, and I've been averaging a bed time between 11 pm to 1 am as opposed to 4 am to 6 am as it used to be! I'd say this was a brilliant success and I'll be getting the full size.

[thisworks' deep sleep stress less]

This is the Western take on medicated oils basically, and since I despise those, this is perfect. It's a more concentrated version of the pillow spray and it does get rid of niggling headaches and any bouts of extreme stress. I love, love, love! It's also a rollerball, so you could roll it onto the side of your pillow in a pinch. These definitively embody the phrase "retail therapy".

Next up, we have a HiShop order. Can you imagine that I've been stalking their site for ages and this is my first order? Actually, it's my second order but they had some problems with the first order I put in because their site was being defective so I steered clear for a couple of months. You know me. I've never been one for holding grudges where retail therapy is concerned.

[Gorgeous Pink Box]


[A bit of trivia...]

I am all too aware that neither of my brothers will ever be doing anything of this sort, and it makes me a little sad. In any event, they enable my hoarding in their own way, so I can't really complain!

[Vouchers for HiShop & Sister Companies]

I really don't understand the whole 8% figure. It's just so awkward. I'm far too sleepy to even start calculating an 8% discount in my head. 

[HiShop Haul]

In all honesty, I started the order with just the lip scrub, but it's free shipping above RM50, and I've never been one to buy things I don't need when there isn't free shipping. However, this turned out to be rather serendipitous! 

[Deoproce's Green Tea Hydro Face Mist (RM19.90)]

I'm a little disturbed that the second ingredient in here is alcohol, and you can definitely smell an undertone of the stuff, but all in all this is a rather nice face mist. It smells absolutely lovely, is very refreshing, and definitely hydrates your face quite well. It doesn't hurt that it has a decent spray either (unlike the absurd Ole Henriksen face mist which is approximately 5 times the price and has the worst spray on the!).

[TonyMoly's Kiss Lip Scrub (RM28.80)]

TonyMoly is a Korean brand and I've heard a lot about how amazing their products are. I haven't used this as yet, but I have high hopes. Even if it's absolutely terrible, just look at the packaging! Does it matter? I will aid the rest of you who are logically-challenged like myself by stating that the lid on this twists off, and that you shouldn't come close to breaking it by trying to pry it open. I think they should have had instructions for how to open this instead of how to use the product!

***UPDATE*** So, I attempted to try this out and it appears to be a lip balm. I shall have to get this sorted out. HiShop is not faring well on my reliability scale for now.

[Nature & Co's Mint & Tea Oil Blotting Paper (RM10)]

It's Mint & Tea! How could I resist? It's even similar to the colour of Moroccan Tea! It's a really good oil blotter, so I'm happy with this too!

Then there was physical shopping!

I attended the Hamleys' interview in 1Utama (where I FINALLY got to meet Bag of Love's MiMi!) earlier this week, and the night before I was stalking YouTube and fell in love with a lipstick someone was wearing. I ended up basically waiting outside MAC until it opened. Thank goodness Coffee Bean has finally launched their Double Chocolate Peppermint Latte for the year and it made the wait so much more bearable! 

[MAC's Amplified in Craving (RM68)]

So gorgeous! It's been so long since I've bought a MAC lipstick that I'm a little bit traumatised by the price. When did this happen?! I've always gotten lipsticks from Back-2-MAC, so I've never noticed the price hike. If I'm not wrong, the last time I purchased a lipstick it was RM56. This is some hyper-inflation that's bordering on insanity! 

And then, the day got infinitely better because I finally met some of the bloggers I've come to love! This is what makes the internet truly awesome. You get to interact with the humans you like and pretend the rest don't exist!

The ever lovely ShopGirl got me gifts! I shall maintain the secrecy of her identity because I'm considering these gifts to be bribes for that very purpose!

[Most apt badge ever!]

This is going to be a permanent fixture on my makeup bag and I couldn't love it more! 

She also recently posted a review of Skinlite's Exfoliating Foot Mask  on her blog, and I mentioned that I was interested in trying it. Because she's just that thoughtful, she got me one! 

[Skinlite's Exfoliating Foot Mask]

No prizes for guessing what I'll be doing on Sunday! 

I finally got to meet the lovely Sharon Sree as well, and I gatecrashed her lunch with Samia Saad, because I'm one of those people. It was absolutely delightful and I doubt the event would have been as lovely without all these little bonuses! 

After lunch, Sharon and me were walking around and she showed me nail polishes that are too cute for words! How have I not seen these before?


The shocker is that these were just RM3 each, and for the month of November, if you go to Etude House on the weekend, most of their stuff is 1 for 1! LOOK AT THESE!

[Just 1 Coat!]

Sharon made me! 

I may have mentioned that the Enabler abandoned me during the period of my birthday, and ran off to Bangkok, which means that my inability to control myself means that I am now in possession of some incredibly awesome stuff that I can't wait to try out! 


The Enabler's sister, who is known as the Abandoner (because she got married and left us both), lives in Bangkok, and she is in fact the person who bought me my little Puffy (my pet hedgehog) for my birthday 2 years ago! In tandem with that fact, they got Puffy a little hat! When she is more cooperative, I will put up a picture of her in it! 

[Puffy's new accessory...]

And because of my love for tea and schedules (they frequently do come together) they get me a scheduling mug!

[Mugkiss' Schedule Mug]

Honestly, this has to be one of the coolest creations in the world!

[Schedule Mug!]

You can write on it with the pencil or water soluble ink, and it can be washed off! 

[They even wrote me a little schedule which is remarkably accurate...]

I did notice that there was no mention of my pretending to work on here! I will pretend you are wrong! 

And the Abandoner sent me a gift (which I asked for...because I'm also that kind of person) for my birthday! 

[Thann Products]

Thann is a Thai spa brand that makes products which are meant to be extremely spectacular, and I've been eyeing their Hair Mask for a bit. It runs at B700+ (which is between RM70-RM80), but is supposed to be of far superior quality than anything you will get anywhere else for that price. So, so, so excited! 

[A Little Sample]

[Thann's Hair Mask]

Even the packaging is simple and pretty because it's made mostly of natural ingredients, etc. I'm so excited to try this out!!! Thank you Abandoner! 

Finally, we have something that's been on my to-buy list for a while now. Let's talk about terrible sales staff first, shall we? Everytime I go to Chanel, I end up staring longingly at this. On my last trip to the store, as I was looking at it, the sales assistant decided she would misinform me about its uses. As she was explaining it, I pre-empted her and said that you're meant to leave it on, instead of washing it off (which is the sole reason that I wanted this!), and she corrected me and informed me you couldn't do that and it needed to be washed off, as well as being unsuitable for use around the mouth and eye area. Everything here is a lie. Everything!

I spend enough of my life on the internet looking of products which I covet to have a decent repertoire of knowledge about what I'm buying, so when people representing a brand insist on something that is completely wrong, it irks me terribly. 

In any event, she WAS wrong, and the instructions in the packaging state as much! 

[Chanel's Hydramax+ Active Moisture Mask]

No, I didn't buy it on the day because these purchases shouldn't be made in anger.

It's just over RM180 (which is cheaper than it is anywhere else in the world, as Chanel skincare tends to be, for some reason) and it's absolutely amazing! I discovered it when I was travelling with the Enabler in June, and I fell in love. 

[Instructions for a Stress Relieving Massage]

For the record, the instructions on this state that you are meant to put a thick layer on, leave it for 10 minutes, then tissue off the excess and leave it to soak in overnight. You don't need to tissue off the excess if you don't mind a bit of stickiness (which I don't). It's an absolutely fantastic leave-in mask and I haven't found anything quite like it. Origins has a product which comes close (Drink Up Intensive - Review will be up soon), but Chanel wins because of the scent, and because it doesn't leave as greasy a feel on the skin. The Origins mask is pretty spectacular, too, though!


  1. ShopGirl was right..the term Shopaholic belongs exclusively to you.... I dont know anyone who comes as close to you and as for this haul, I'm absolutely envious... lovely, lovely choices. The thisworks looks really tempting, kind of reminds me of the BodyShop Deep Sleep which despite my reservation actually works... and the MAC and Chanel are both going on to my wishlist... I've seen so many Lipstick swatches recently that I have to ask..just how many lippies do you own?

    1. I will proudly wear that label too! I have long left the shame aspect of it behind! I did check out Body Shop's version, as well as the version that Origins has, but I wasn't too keen because they had a strong peppermint-y smell and that's just not for me. I can barely get peppermint tea down my gob. That package I purchased on a whim from Aveda has been relegated to a facial treatment that's unfit for ingestion! I'll let you sniff the rollerball when we meet (yes, it's on me at all times), and you will fall in love too!

      I have 21 lipsticks on display, but there is a beauty box behind that display with the rest. We shan't discuss that.

  2. Replies
    1. No! It appeared in my room >.>

      I don't know where 1Utama or the internet is...

  3. You're welcome, I can think of no better person to carry that badge with pride. It certainly justifies this blog of yours ;)
    I hope you enjoy the foot mask - you'll see, it will be magical and as far as my aversion to all things feet go, that is saying a lot!
    As for a comment on your haul - I think I will be permanently stapling my jaw to the floor.
    And finally, I can't believe Puffy has her own hat...and a stetson at that! Too cute for words. I'm hanging out for a photo shoot now. Go Puffy!

    1. Puffy is loved by all! She's a lucky girl!
      I've yet to get that hour to sit still, so I'm crossing my fingers on this weekend. I'll definitely put up a full review. I'm so intrigued by the shedding!