Yes, I got my box yesterday! I was dashing about so I saw it and you can't imagine the stress of not being able to open it up and perv on its contents! I did, however, meet Chuang Yik (one of The Three Guys who make us happy) at the Malu Wilz & Eugene Perma event, so it had to be a good sign! 

[Chuang Yik of TLB]

I did try strongarming him into giving me information on the upcoming concept box, but I was unsuccessful! Apparently my powers of persuasion leave much to be desired! 

Now for the box itself!!! 

[Yes, I always reuse these boxes! Love them!]

First off, this box was particularly exciting because they mentioned that they were going back to the roots of their boxes, and since I missed out on the first few boxes, I absolutely couldn't wait!

[A Little Note...]

And here we are...




Closer examination? Yes please!

[Calvin Klein's Down Town Shower Gel]

I promptly opened this up to take a sniff of it and it smells amazing! Right up the alley of the perfume, but more subtle. I love it!

[Guerlain's Abeille Royale Youth Serum]

This is so exciting!!! I've actually been eyeing this serum and lusting after it, so this is perfect! It's an anti-aging serum, which just makes me even happier!

[My little tube of lust...]

And then there was Aveda!

[Aveda's Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray]

This is the only product in this box that I'm indifferent to because I don't use styling products in my hair. It's up for grabs if anyone would like it. 

[Aveda's Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment & Daily Hair Repair]

I love these! I've tried a couple of things from Aveda by this point and I've yet to be disappointed! Happiness! 

Next up, we have the other addition that has me over the moon!

[acedemie's Micellar Cleansing Water]

If you haven't heard of micellar water, your life is not complete! It's the stuff of dreams! The product which has swept the world is Bioderma, but there are plenty of them out there, and they I love! I'm currently a devoted fan of Caudalie's micellar water, but I'm always willing to be converted! 

Let's be a bit fangirls for a moment! Micellar water is water with a few oil particles in it so that it helps to break down makeup, dirt as well as draw out excess oils on the face. It can actually be used in place of a cleanser if you're willing to be generous about it, so on lazy days you can just clean everything off with this stuff, and follow it up with a toner. A good micellar water won't leave your face feeling like it needs additional cleansing, and in fact it shouldn't. It can also be used as a toner after cleansing to ensure all your makeup has been removed and cleansed properly. Miracle product? Absolutely! 

[Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer & Tinted Moisturiser]

These are deluxe sample sized and they are both amazing products! Laura Mercier is the Queen of tinted moisturisers because they were the first mainstream brand to make it popular. Absolutely awesome! I got the shade Nude, though, which is too light for me, which is very misery-inducing!

[Alqvimia's Body Sculptor, Anti-Cellulite Body Oil & Reductor]

TLB's FB page has been running amok with hints about acedemie and Alqvimia, so I'm really glad both of these brands found their way into the box! These look fantastic and I'll wager they're definitely worth a shot if these are your areas of need! 

And with that, we have an amazingly successful box (once again!). It was sold out in just 2 days, so you really do need to keep your eyes peeled for the next concept box! It's proving to be a box I'm already dying to get my hands on. I just can't get enough! 


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  1. Wow..what a spread..cant wait to get mine :)

    1. I know! I can't wait for you to get yours too!!!

  2. OMG! Super nice content! I'm jealous already but good job lilac!

    1. Yes!!! Can't wait for the next box now! The countdown begins...tick tock...

  3. Was looking forward to the post ^.^ Saw the box when I came back yesterday too - was so happy with the products! <3

    1. Definitely one of the more exciting Saturdays!

  4. Omg, I'm out of town...and this is my sneak peek! Could not resist! Love it already. So sad that I can't have it right NOW!

    1. At least you know an amazing package is awaiting your return!

  5. Very nice content and interesting box deco!! =)

    1. TLB's presentation is always spectacular!