This is the one Nuxe product that really threw me a curve ball. I'm not entirely sure how to react to it, and I'm not sure whether that's based on my preference and comfort zone.

While their Nuxuriance range is targeted towards those well into the aging process in terms of wrinkles which are present, it's meant to be suitable for prevention as well, and this product in particular is more applicable to multiple age ranges than the rest.

With claims such as aiding in prevention and treatment of wrinkles, slackening, brown spots, dark circles and puffiness, it sounds like a truly fabulous product in that it can be used for the dual purpose of sorting out your eyes and your skin. The love for multi-taskers is ever-present! 

I do love that one of the primary ingredients in here is hyaluronic acid, as any substance which retains hydration and plumps up the skin is definitely the way to go where anti-aging is concerned.

There are 7 Nuxe patents in here including hyaluronic acid and plant caffeine. We all know that caffeine, in moderation, when topically applied is absolutely fabulous for the skin, especially dark circles, which is something I am in dire need of.

As was mentioned during the event I attended, this is meant to be very effective on the darkness which may appear along your lip line if you don't get enough sleep. This, too, has been an issue I've been wrestling with increasingly, so it got me very excited! 

Doesn't the whole feel of the packaging - green and gold - seem very festive? It feels very Christmasy/St. Patrick's Day-ish to me! 

This comes in a rather small bottle, with a pump, which makes me feel like it would be perfect for deep conditioning on a flight!


As for the product itself, it's a beige cream that's of rather thick consistency when pumped out of the bottle. One of the first things that struck me was the fact that it smells of cocoa! It truly does! 

So, how did it fare? I'm rather conflicted and confused. Personally, I can't use this as an eye cream or lip balm on a daily basis simply because it never sinks in completely. When you put it on though, you will feel a slightly tightening effect, which is meant to occur, and it won't sink in with a plumping effect really. Instead, it leaves your lips and eye area feeling tightened, but not in a bad way. It's more of a lifting effect without drying or dehydrating. Certainly very interesting. Without a doubt Nuxuriance hydrates and moisturises both the eye area and lips very effectively, but when I wash my face hours later (even the morning after), it still washes off as a cream. This distresses me for some reason and means that I'm not comfortable using it during the day. I have a mild addiction to things which sink into the skin as completely as possible, so I've taken to Nuxuriance as a deep conditioning treatment for my eye and lip area whenever I use a mask. In this regard, it's absolutely fantastic! 

I don't think I've found a better post-lip scrub treatment than this because it leaves my lips feeling extremely soft and hydrated. Similarly, when I put a very thick layer of this on my eye area, it certainly feels like it's being moisturised, but I'll dab the area with a tissue an hour or so later and follow it up with my regular eye cream. I do think this is just personal preference and has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the product itself, because it does work. 

The only other product I've come across within this category is Unico's Eye Lip Enriched Cream. I received this in a beauty box and I wasn't a fan of this either.

[Unico's Eye Lip Enriched Cream]

They do claim to do the same thing, both contain 15ml of product, and are fitted with a pump.

Unico's, however, is a slightly less dense formula and rather more of a white liquidy-cream. 

As far as performance goes, however, Unico's cream did nothing for me. It didn't hydrate, moisturise, soothe or make any difference whatsoever. If you are a fan of products of this nature, I'd definitely look into Nuxe as opposed to Unico. Personally, however, this is something I would skip out on simply because I like a bit more of a pampering feel to my eye creams and lip balms. 

Nuxe's Nuxuriance is available in SaSa at RM188.


  1. This wasn't as negative as I imagined. The smell of cocoa is most certainly a selling a point but the beige tint and the thickness of the cream aren't appealing for a cream that is neither a BB, a CC or a foundation.
    By the way, did you know eye bags are the latest big thing in Asian beauty looks? Girls are trying to get under eye bags. It's meant to look cute. WT*...!
    All I can say that I was well ahead of this trend and have been sporting my under-eye totes for the entirety of the last decade.

    1. The thing about Nuxe is that their products seem very thick when you pump them out, but they sink in like the lightest fluid ever. It's pure sorcery!
      Are they really? What on Earth is going on? Fashion leaves me truly dumbfounded sometimes.

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