So far, my journey with Nuxe has been nothing short of amazement and pleasure, and this was no exception. This particular moisturiser is meant for those in their early to late 20's who are starting to get first expression lines, and I do feel like I fall into this category somewhat, but I'm sliding very quickly into the necessity for anti-aging catgory. This isn't an anti-aging product, it's more for the younger group who want to start early in the prevention of aging. 

As I've mentioned previously, Nuxe owns over 30 patents and there are 4 of them within this little tub of loveliness. Some of the ingredients contained in here are Blue Lotus, Poppy Seeds, Althea Root, Acmella, Calmosensine, Amaranth and Musk Rose Oil. I find it entirely fitting that there is lotus in something called The Nirvana Cream, and I'm very happy it's all very thematic in that sense. On top of this, there are poppy seeds in here, which has other exciting properties aside from being addictive. If you're not smoking opium, the consumption of poppy seeds in moderation has a multitude of health benefits, including detoxification, drainage and aiding in blood flow. None of this has been claimed by Nuxe, but this was what I learnt when I studied the effectiveness of poppy in combating pain such as headaches, etc. I can only assume that a concentrated and targeted form would do wonders for the skin.

As with all Nuxe products, the packaging is exemplary. It screams simplicity and sophistication, and that precisely mirrors the ideology behind their products. They use only the best and don't use fillers to make up the difference. 

Within the gorgeous, weighty tempered glass you will find a cream-coloured cream which is so very thick and luscious. 

Without a doubt, when I first pulled it open and I was rather apprehensive about 2 things. First of all, I'm not too keen on the scent this has. It's not unpleasant, but it lacks the distinctly floral notes that both the Pre-Serum (Nuxellence Jeunesse) and Serum (Serum Merveillance) I use with it contains. Secondly, the consistently made me a bit wary of how it would sit with my combination/oily skin. It's very thick, creamy and emollient, and seems completely counter-productive to the wave of information cautioning against the use of such products on my skin type. I've since learned that this caution is only to be heeded if you are using products which contain fillers like parabens in them. If the cream mirrors compounds found in your natural cells, the absorption rate and extent is extremely efficient. 

And so I dabbed a bit onto my skin and I was rather shocked by how quickly my skin lapped it up. It sunk in like a dream and immediately, my skin felt nourished and cherished. I've been particularly loving how it makes my undereye area feel less dehydrated than it usually does. It's the only part of my face that I can truly state suffers from dryness and dehydration, and this makes it feel comforted. 

The thing you will notice once this cream has sunk in completely, maybe an hour or two later, or the next morning, is how pillowy soft and plumped up your skin feels. I kid you not, it is truly amazing! I've been using this cream day and night for over a month now, and while it has the potential to leave my skin a tad greasier than it usually is, I've learned that lightly blotting a piece of tissue over my face about 10-15 minutes after I've put the cream on will remove the excess oils, leaving me in a very comfortable state. 

I absolutely adore this cream and while most moisturisers of this consistency expire within 12 months, this expires within 6, which is a true testament to the fact that there's nothing in there that's going to harm your skin. 

Of course, being me, I do have issues with this other than the smell. The packaging is absolutely not conducive to travel, clumsiness or hygiene. With a glass tub like this, it's impossible to ensure it won't break while you are travelling, though the 50ml of contents will allow you to hand carry this. It would actually be ideal for using on a flight due to its thoroughly lovely texture and density. Secondly, it's very creamy when you first apply it which means that your hand will be oily and you are more likely to drop it. I am extremely clumsy, so I've had to be extra careful in my handling of this product. Which brings me to my final gripe. You don't want to be sticking your fingers into products you're putting on your face! Granted, I wash my hands after every step of products being placed on my face, but if you don't, you are going to get unwanted bacteria in there and the texture of this is a dream for multiplication I would imagine. So, what I do is to use my knuckle, dip it into the pot and dot the product on my face before using my finger tips to rub it in. 

And a final tip for those like me with combination/oily skin. The trick to ensuring less oiliness is to ensure each later has sunk in completely before adding another. There is plenty of conflicting opinion on whether you should allow your serum to sink in before applying moisturiser, or you should apply your moisturiser while your serum is in the process of sinking in. It's true that they bind together and will sink in rather effectively together, but if you have issues with oil control, you will want to allow each layer to sink in before adding another. It's worked for me so far, as has patting off any excess oils. 

The verdict on this? I would definitely buy this again, but I think I want to try the moisturiser from their Merveillance range since it is more suited to the current concerns for my skin.

Nuxe's Creme Nirvanesque is priced at RM160 and is sold at SaSa. 


  1. Haha Sharon will be pleased to read this post. You teaser, you!

    1. Lol I don't doubt she will! Though the upcoming Nuxe post will leave her a little happier because it's rather disapproving!