Got my Mivva box yesterday, and this month I was rather excited about it because the theme was "BFF Sleepver Kit". Doesn't it sound terribly girly and exciting?!

[The Pretty, Pretty Box]

Shall we look inside?

[Product Description Sheet]

[Ta Da!]

I'm a little stressed about what's going on with these boxes because last month there was spillage of the hair spritzy thingy, and this month there was an actual hair in my box!

[Can you see it?]

I am definitely traumatised by this and I don't really know what to make of it! Do they hate me for the lack of stellar blogs about them?

However, once the hair was removed, and my hands washed, the other contents of the box made me quite happy!

[Contents, sans cheveux...]

So, what do we have?

[Nuela 2-in-1 Tea Tree Oil Control Cleanser]

Recipients of November's Mivva box would get one of three things from Neula: Cleanser, Lotion or BB Cream. I would have liked the BB Cream, but it probably would have been a bad idea since I seem to be receiving shades which aren't suitable for me of late. However, the cleanser is something I'm quite excited about. Oil control means I'm sold, and blemish control makes it even better! There's also Vitamin B3 in this, so I'm really quite intrigued! Let's keep our fingers crossed that this as exciting as I'm hoping it will be!

[Antipodes' Joyful Hand & Body Cream]

Antipodes has been all over the place recently, and for good reason. TNS Skinlab has been around for ages, and I've never been disappointed by anything from them. However, this Antipodes line of products has gotten rave reviews of being even better than their original line. Though I'm a little disappointed this wasn't actual skincare, it still smells nice enough and I can't say I don't really like it.

[Antipodes Voucher]

And the voucher will enable me to try a product of my choice anyway! Yay!

[dermost's MOISTAY Fresh Gel Cream]

[dermost's MOISTAY Cream]

I've never heard of dermost, but I'm glad they gave us samples of both the gel cream and the cream to cater to all skin types. However, sachets mean I'm highly unlike to actually use them. 


It's soft and fluffy and I'm happy!

[UGB's Facial Essence Collagen Mask]

Never heard of this either, but it has hyaluronic acid, collagen and "various Botanical extracts" in it, so it can't hurt. It looks like it would be quite effective though so I'm excited to give this a shot!

And the thing I'm happiest with:

[Stage's Nail Colour in Winsome]

Look at the colour! I have similar shades, but nothing exactly like this and I'm so happy! 


This was just one coat, which went on incredibly easily and smoothly! Now I want more of these! 

All in all, I do think this was a really good box, and definitely one that's on point with the theme. I could have done without the random hair, but these things do happen and the nail polish makes up for it! I think I've still got a month to go on my subscription, so it's still hanging in the balance whether I would resubscribe to Mivva boxes. We shall see!

If you're interested in Mivva, they have Monthly (RM38 + RM10 shipping), Quarterly (RM44) and Bi-Annual (RM228) subscriptions available.

For more information, you can visit the following sites:


  1. Loved the nail polish! But the hair thingy kind of ruined everything :(

    1. Definitely! I'm glad I'm not the only one disturbed by such things!

  2. Ew, random hair but thank god this is a beauty box and not a food box! This box is definite improvement on the others. The colour gods were good to you - the nail colour is stunning. The Antipodes/ TNS is cool too. I missed their opening at Avenue K and wished I could have made it. Would you re-subscribe to Mivva?

    1. I was in Paradigm Mall earlier and I had no idea they have a TNS there. I guess they're really in expansion mode at the moment, which is a good thing. They aren't spoken about nearly enough!

      This box is without a doubt an improvement on the last few, and I'm happy with that. I still have no idea whether I'm re-subscribing because I think I really need to pare down the subscriptions. I've got a final box in my current subscription next month, so we'll see how it goes. It's looking unlikely though.

  3. I was quite happy with this month's box too.. the only thing that annoys me is the fact that they gave us 1 / 2 sachets of dermost product to try... There is no way we can see any result from it! It's kinda useless..

    1. Exactly! This whole concept of samples in sachets is absurd! Whoever came up with the idea is a fool!