I received this product from SaSa at their Cosmeceuticals Fair last month, and because it's such an interesting looking product, I really couldn't wait to try it out. Yes, it's a BB Cream, but it comes in a compact! I've never tried a BB Cream in a compact before, and my initial impression was that it would mirror the kinds that companies such as Maybelline have available which are in powdered form. Needless to say, I was rather surprised when I found that it was in liquid form. Definitely innovatively packaged! 

Of course, as we all know, I am not one to read packaging, so it wasn't until I took the pictures (after usage) of the packaging that I realised that this BB Cream is targeted to people with dry skin, i.e. not me. I'm not entirely sure whether they have formulations for different skin types, or multiple shade selections, but I suspect not. 

In any event, BRTC is a Korean brand, and their products are meant to be absolutely amazing for the skin simply because Korea requires products which fall within the "cosmeceutical" label to be prescribed by pharmacists. 

[SPF 50]

[Patent which aids in moisture retention]

[Can't help you there...]

[The Compact]

Within the compact is  little flap which separates the puff from the product. I think this is pretty fantastic because it avoids over-saturation and maintains some semblance of hygiene. 

[The Puff]

It's not even one of those regular sponge-y puffs, and it seems like the only possible puff that's tailored to BB Creams. The problem with using brushes and sponges for BB Cream is that the product is meant to sink in so it tends to work best through use of your fingers. This puff is textured very interestingly in that it soaks up just enough product to give you a flawless finish without over-distribution on your skin.

[The flip side of the sponge...Proof of use...]

Underneath the flap, it gets even more interesting! There's a sponge in there in which the liquid BB Cream is contained, so you would press down on it to get product out. I'm so fascinated by this design! I do think it's fantastic.

[BB Cream]

Now, on to how it fared!

DAY 1:

For the first day, I used the BB Cream with MAC's MSF in order to test how it would function without a specific means of oil control.

[No Makeup - A few spots on my forehead]

Because I hadn't actually removed the seal on top of the sponge containing the BB Cream and I assumed it was in powder form, I applied concealer first. Lesson learned.

[Concealer + BB Cream]


The product itself applied flawlessly. I used the puff provided and it worked like a dream. It helped with distribution and absorption of the product because you would avoid adding too much to your skin. Approval! The finish itself is demi-matte, bordering on dewy, which makes sense now that I'm aware that it's formulated for dry skin. Unfortunately, the colour was definitely noticeably too light for my skin tone. This seems to be the general consensus where most BB Creams are concerned. As for coverage, with use of the sponge it applies to a light to medium finish which will help with colour correction and spots to some extent. I didn't need concealer for the spots on my forehead thereafter. 

In order to counter the colour issue, I buffed the powder in to neutralise is a bit, and it helped that over the next hour, the BB Cream oxidised a little, making the discrepancy less noticeable. 

[10:00 am]

By 1 pm, my T-Zone was definitely getting a little oily, but not horribly so. For a product targeted towards dry skin, the fact that it wasn't worse is downright impressive.

By 4 pm, there was more oiliness peaking through, and some undereye creasing had set in. So, I decided this would be the best time to test out the oil control claims that Bio-essence's face mist had.

[4:30 pm]

Personally, I saw no improvement where oil control was concerned, but there was a freshening effect. 

[4:30 pm - Post-face mist]

7 pm signalled the end of the day and overall the BB Cream fared decently. My blush had worn off a little and there was definite oiliness in the T-Zone, but other than that it was pretty much in tact.

[7:00 pm]

DAY 2:

The second day saw the introduction of oil control in the form of Rimmel's Stay Matte powder. Yes, the colour of the powder is still not a shade match, but it works for the purpose of oil control. I'm looking into a different product.

[BB Cream]

I applied concealer after BB Cream this time, and there were no issues with it on that front. 

[Concealer + Powder]

Because the Rimmel powder isn't as good a shade match for me as the MAC powder is, the colour discrepancy was more noticeable, but it left me with a more matte finish than the day before. 

In order to deal with this issue, I added a little bit of bronzer around the perimeter of my face (I used Tarte's Park Avenue Princess...it may have been because I really wanted to, as opposed to a necessity).

[11:35 am - With a touch of bronzer]

[For the record, I was testing out all my new stuff and I'm so happy with it! Full reviews will be up in due time!]

At 1:22 pm, a quick check revealed that the colour had settled in a little making it more comfortable to look at. It was definitely still too light, but it just looked like I was one of those people who doesn't know how to pick foundation. Other than that, there was just a touch of oiliness on the tip of my nose showing through, with everything else perfectly in tact. 

I was severely lacking in sleep so I had an early day. I removed my makeup at 4 pm, and the results were much better with oil control. While there was no complete colour match possible in terms of oxidisation, there was very minimal creasing under the eyes and oiliness only on my T-Zone. My blush was perfectly in tact, and I think it held up pretty well.

[4:00 pm]

Overall, I love the innovation of the product and I think it's a nice BB Cream if you are a colour match and have normal to dry skin. Unless you're using extreme oil control, people with combination to oily skin will definitely have to touch up more often. As for wear, it's extremely comfortable and very hydrating indeed. It's also got broad spectrum SPF 50 which is fantastic! I quite like it, but I don't think I would use it thereafter or repurchase purely because of the colour and oil control issues. Other than that, it's a very good product. 


  1. I was mesmerised by this post - it seems so impossible to have a BB Cream in a compact but here it is. Thanks for guinea-pigging this for us, Arpita. I love you to bits for your BB cream reviews because they save me so much time. I can't possibly have enough face for all the BB Creams in the world. You're doing half my work for me.
    Do you think the BRTC BB compact would dry out very quickly. It's an unusual format for a cream that seems to expose all the contents to air more than is usual for BB creams.

    1. Hehehe I wish I could say this was purely a public service, but I would be lying. I'm reasonably sure I was a lab rat in my past life and had wonderful makeup tested on me. I'm just re-living the dream, but with opposable thumbs!
      The flap on top actually clicks shut, so I think that would prevent it from drying out. The entire packaging is quite fantastically thought out. I really wish they had multiple shades in this because I would quite readily use it more regularly. For now, though, it's been stashed. If creams and sponges could be easily disinfected, I'd give it away.

    2. LOL, I do believe I was in the next cage!

  2. why that's a great product, but to be honest i never heard of this brand before.

    do feel free joining my dress giveaway

    1. I hadn't either but when I got this I started reading up on them and found great reviews...especially for their eye cream! Which I am definitely eyeing.

      The quality of their skin care is definitely fantastic judging from my experience with this.