First of all, let me apologise for the state in which this concealer is. It's absolutely horrible, I know, but it's years old and everytime I use it I get too upset with it to bother cleaning it because I always swear that I'll never use it again! 

[Creamy Concealer - Old Packaging]

When this came out, it was my first foray into Bobbi Brown and the packaging sold me on it somewhat.

It was so sleek and pretty, and definitely very travel friendly. We all know how I am about travel-sized products by now.

[Double Tiered]

First of all, when they say "creamy concealer", they mean it! It's so creamy and the slightly peach undertones work fantastically for concealing dark under eye circles (which is my primary use for concealer). Unfortunately, this creases like the world is ending. 

[Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer in Honey/Pale Yellow]

[Yes, it is indeed creamy!]

It makes me so very sad because it blends like a dream, but within 10 minutes, it's settled into my fine lines and within an hour, my concealer is all blotchy and creased up. Yes, I do set my concealer and I never have as terrible an effect with the stuff as I do with this particular concealer.

If this had worked, it would have been the perfect kit. It does work on regular blemishes as well, but if you have oily skin, it has the tendency to separate and the colour tends to oxidise a little, which is the same issue I had with their foundation. It was my first liquid foundation, and the oxidisation and oiliness is just terrible. I always get tempted by their bases though because the colour match is fantastic! Until it oxidises!


In any event, if you'd like to give this a shot for yourself, and you maybe have better luck than me if you don't have fine lines already coming through under the eyes, they've repackaged it and it's a flat, even sleeker design. For now, I'm just using the powder in this kit for my undereye area. 

[Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer Kit (RM138)]

This is a product I'm really sad about because I've heard that their Corrector is the best thing in the universe for correcting dark circles under the eyes, but I'm quite hesitant to try it out because of the luck I've had with Bobbi Brown.


  1. I know, just as breaking up is hard to do so too is tossing out old makeup we never use. We're so sentimental, you and I :P

    1. We are! I can't even imagine what I'm waiting for. I know for a fact that the lines under my eyes aren't going away!

  2. How do you blend it babe? It works for me though.

    1. I've tried my finger, a concealer brush, sponge, beauty blender, as well as setting it with various types of powder. I'm pretty sure it's just too creamy not to settle into my fine lines.

      How do you blend it? Maybe I need to re-approach this.