Okay, yes, I cheated this month! I spent the afternoon Google-ing the November bag and was met with mixed feelings about it. However, the feeling when you're opening your own Bag of Love is totally different, and as always, I am beyond satisfied by my latest acquisition! In fact, I renewed my subscription just a day (mere hours!) before the cutoff, and lots of people missed out on this bag, for which I feel sad for them, but not sad enough to share!

[My Bag of Love + Mystery Gift]

As I mentioned, I renewed my subscription for another quarter, and with all quarterly subscriptions you receive a bonus, mystery gift. The last two times have been met with Murad sunblock samples (very generous ones indeed) as well as Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream sachets, which are incidentally the only form of hand cream I have ever used up, and they leave me with a feeling of satisfaction! This month, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the switch up! I've never tried Murad's primers before, but I've heard very good things!

[Murad's Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy Finish]

I have heard the matte finish primer works wonders, so I don't doubt this would too. While I do have oily skin, you know it's not going to stop me from trying it because I'm stubborn like that. So exciting!

Now, on to the Bag itself.

Seriously. SERIOUSLY. When I first saw the bag online, I thought it was such a cool idea because I have a smaller version which has gone missing. This is infinitely cooler than my small version too! I love the shape, and the quality truly feels like a good, comfortable pair of the jeans you live in. Gorgeous!

But just look at the inside!

OMG! This bag makes me a little nostalgic because it reminds me of the first Sweet Valley High book I ever read (yes, the shame!). It involved a farm and there was denim and plaid on the twins on the cover. I'm absolutely going to carry this bag with jeans and a braid to relive my childhood! 

Okay, enough of the embarrassing stories my life is comprised of. Let's get down to the goodies!


Okay, there is a reason I didn't unwrap everything and arrange it all nicely before taking this picture and that is to teach companies like Mivva a lesson in packaging. Everything that can be spilled is wrapped in individual category-specific packaging to ensure that there isn't a mess in the event of unexpected leakage. You should ALWAYS expect leaking! Mivva...please take note! Stop sending me boxes which are less than sanitary! 

[Product Description Sheet]

As always, there is the ever-adorable caricature of MiMi on the sheet, and I truly adore these! Sadly, no caricature to be found on the bags this month, or next, but we know she's lurking there!

First of all, we have the product everyone went mental about when they found out it would be in the bag!

[Panasonic's Pocket Doltz Toothbrush]

Am I the only one who has never owned an electronic toothbrush? I'm so excited by this!!! If you're not a fan of the idea of an electronic toothbrush, it conveniently states on the packaging that it vibrates...so, go figure. I, however, will be using it for its intended purpose! 

[Convenience, personified!]

I haven't done my bit of research on this, but I hope the heads are replaceable so that they can be re-used when the bristles wear out. What makes this even better is that it comes with a lid! More sanitary concerns...more awesomeness! I love it!!! 

For those of you who missed out on the bag, but want this, it retails at RM99.

Next up, we have a little vial of perfume. 

[Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Aura EDT + Voucher]

These little samples used to be confounding to me, but I've recently figured out that they actually have a purpose. Unlike sachets of skincare which can't really tell you much about the effectiveness of the product, one of these provides you with the requisite knowledge about staying power and whether the scent suits you, so you can actually purchase it. Yes, I'm probably late to the game on the logic behind these, but it's starting to make sense!

[Dove's Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner]

These are both in their full size, which is fantastic. I've never been a fan of Dove's hair care because I tried their conditioner when they first started doing hair products and hated it! I do understand, however, that they reformulated and put more research into it so their haircare has become pretty fantastic of late. Sadly, their dry shampoo isn't available here. Back to the point. My hair has been dropping insanely, and I don't know what it is because I don't use styling products or heat on it. Let's hope this does something for the problem!

[Clarins' Double Serum]

This is meant to be the best thing since Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair, so I've been on a mission to accumulate sachets of these till I have enough to test it out for a decent amount of time. With this set of a week's worth, I have 13 sachets, which is just enough for a week of use, twice a day. Yes, this will definitely be the serum I'm using once my Nuxe serum (which is seeing its last days) is over and out.

[A Surprise Gift]

And MiMi wouldn't be MiMi, without a few little extras thrown in, so this is what you'll find at the bottom of the serum hoard! Guess where I'm headed soon? I do love Clarins, which means I'm deathly excited about this whole aspect of it!

I truly don't know who does it better than Bag of Love, because of the whole playful, personal touch every month is met with. I've been culling my beauty subscriptions of late, but this is the single subscription that will be a no-matter-what. Plus, December's bag has been bared for all to see in the Press and on Facebook, and I'm already itching to get my hands on it!

Bag of Love offers single (RM39.90), quarterly (RM119.70) and annual (RM478.80) subscriptions. 

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  1. Too bad I missed out on this BOL ..it looks as good as the previous months... Mimi is indeed doing a fine job.

    1. It is a shame, but Dec looks is equally as fantastic! Aren't you just tingling with excitement about it???

  2. Oh no, the comment I laboured over has completely disappeared :(
    It's going to be one of THOSE days...
    Anyway, Sweet Valley High?! I'd like to say I never heard of it but that would be a lie *SG bows head in shame as she discreetly builds a bonfire just for cheap paperbacks in her backyard*

    1. The Internet always does this to me too so I always copy my comments before Publishing, just in case!
      No girl can pretend she hasn't heard of Sweet Valley! I still have that very copy of the book I mentioned for nostalgic purposes. The rest of the evidence is long gone!