It's end of the month beauty subscription time, and after a hiatus through September, WonderBox is back with their October edition. I received mine today, but yesterday they posted a picture of their packing process on their Facebook page, and upon seeing it, my heart sank! The picture contained the dreaded L'Oreal Liss Ultime Shampoo and Conditioner, Neesya's Overnight Radiance Kit (Sample Size) and Dermadex. Receiving this box meant that I would be receiving a box full of stuff I already got (some in multiples) from beauty boxes in the last few months.

So, I scoured through the interactions on Facebook and WonderBox mentioned that your box would contain stuff in accordance with your personal beauty survey on their sight. 

You can only imagine my apprehension while opening this particular edition. How did it go?

[Their Very Chic Box and Ribbon Combo]

[Contents are still hidden...]

[Information sheets and a voucher]

[Product Description Sheet]

[The most wonderful feeling of relief...]

Lo and behold, beyond the absolute rush of relief I felt from not seeing those lilac L'Oreal potions, this box was actually quite a perk! 

First off, let's talk about the current WonderBox debate that's ongoing. They missed out on their September edition due to some technical difficulties which are inevitable in this edition. Heck, even Bag of Love had some trouble this month. It happens! However, upon the demise of Cosmobox, there is always that niggling concern at the back of the mind. Would they default as well? Because when they announced the lack of the September box, they did offer refunds, but promised those who didn't request on bonus gifts of Neutrogena's Ageless Essence and bloop's new Nail Kit in their full sizes. For the record, the Neutrogena product is worth RM89.90, which is just about double the price of a WonderBox. Then there's been the recent announcement that they're switching up their format next month to something mysteriously called "Little Black Box" by WonderBox. Yes, I am deathly excited about this too because I am curious as all hell! 

So, what's in this box specifically then?

[Bonus Gift: bloop's nail it!]

I don't even know how to react to this. Are you seeing what I'm seeing? I suppose they would look rather decent over black nails, but I'll have to try it out to tell. It's very different from what I was imagining because the nail strips I've come across to date have been very sophisticated, and this fell rather short of my expectations. However, if it does work out, there's a voucher for more. Maybe it's worth going and taking a look at the options available as well. 

[Bonus Gift: Neutrogena's Ageless Anti-Wrinles & Firming Essence]

While this new range of Neutrogena's has extremely promising reviews, I can't help but be disturbed by the name being "Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Essence". It almost sounds like it's anti-firming as well. Besides the semantic nitpicking, I'm extremely excited about this product! This alone redeems the rather lacklustre and monotonous box! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

[The Bio-essence Stash]

[Bio-essence's Nourishing Foamy Cleanser]

I received this in a previous beauty box as well. I can't recall which, but since I now have 2, anyone who is interested is welcome to 1 of them. 

[Bio-essence's Face Lifting Cream]

[Bio-essence's Radiant Youth Essence]

I like that they've provided a range of products from the same line since they are meant to work together better.

I will confess that I'm still a Bio-essence illiterate, but I'm hoping to learn more about them. At present I'm excited that I have an array of their products, and I'm intent on learning enough about the brand to see if they're suitable for me. We're going to learn together since WonderBox has kindly extended an invitation to a Bio-essence Tea Party next Thursday which will undoubtedly leave me with a clearer picture of whether it's a brand I will enjoy. I have high hopes! 

[RA8's Renewal Skin Creme]

Once again, this is a brand I am unfamiliar with. Moreso than with Bio-essence. The packaging on this is definitely not at all enticing. It is just slightly larger than Sephora's drams of samples which they give you from the testers when they don't have available samples and it genuinely looks like they raided Daiso's stash of little tester containers, filled them up out of the full-sized bottles and stuck a sticker of the product brand name on it. Yes, the name is stuck on with a clear plastic sticker. It's not at all inspiring me to even try the product.

Now, how does this box fare? I will say that I am extremely undecided on it once again. Putting aside the bonus gifts of the Neutrogena Ageless Essence and bloop Nail Kit, it's literally a box of 3 Bio-essence products and 1 less-than-sample sized pot with a sticker of RA8 on it. I feel like if it weren't for the Neutrogena product, I would actually be disappointed, but my thoughts may change next week if I suddenly start coveting Bio-essence. I've yet to become clairvoyant, but I do know I am less disappointed than I would have been had I received more L'Oreal Liss Ultime products. L'Oreal! It's time to start sending out Mythic Oil! Stop the Liss Ultime rain! 

While their boxes have been progressively average, but showing potential, the thing that makes me most excited about WonderBox is their value added services. They have something called "Wonderspree" where you collect points for uploading information and receipts of purchases you have made from a series of brands. Each accepted receipt entitles you to 100 points which can be accumulated to redeem their monthly subscription and/or special boxes they come up with from time to time.

My final month within my current subscription is November, so here's to hoping the box doesn't fall short during the month of my birthday where the gifts are hopefully free-flowing and exciting! 

Subscriptions for WonderBox are currently only available for single months on the site and cost RM45. For more information, visit the following pages:


  1. I'm still holding out for an entire revamp of Wonderbox before I leap. I think their earlier boxes were better and they are going down the drugstore route with these more recent boxes. Still good value but not as fun as finding new brands.
    I did hear that they are going Lilac-style and perhaps only issuing a box when they are well and ready.

    1. I completely agree and that's why I'm not totally sold on it. I had no idea what their plan was but I do hope you're right! I'd be over the moon if they went in that direction because they have a lot of potential, but they seem to be losing out to other boxes due to the companies tying up with them from the looks of it. To be seen, I suppose.