A month or so ago, Vanity Trove came out with a dedicated Nuxe box retailing at RM50, which is an absolutely steal as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure anyone who reads this blog has noticed my growing dedication to Nuxe, because they truly are that awesome! I do think that you should stop right here, head over to Vanity Trove and pick one up for yourself. You need it. You deserve it. 

Anyway, I initially did refrain from purchasing it until I tried out the products I received at the Nuxe event I attended. I'm just glad they hadn't sold out by the time I came to the realisation that I need this brand in my life! So, a couple of weeks back, after much deliberation, I made the purchase. I'm not sorry at all.

Just a little background on Nuxe. It's a French pharmacy brand which is beloved by all and sundry for good reason. Their products are all over 90% natural, and they own 36 patents which are incorporated into their products in concentrated forms. Almost everything I've had a whiff of smells absolutely divine because they embrace the idea of aromatherapy, which is the foundation for the brand. 

[The Gorgeous Trove]

[My Nuxe Goodies]


I'm really happy that this Trove comes with an array of deluxe samples from 4 different lines out of the many that Nuxe carries, because it allows you to get a good feel for what range would suit you. 

So, what's in the box?

[Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream]

I currently own the lip balm stick from this range and I'm lusting after the potted version of it terribly. This hand cream is really quite lovely and what surprised me with it, as with all Nuxe products, is the fact that it comes out of the tube reasonably thick, but it sinks into the sink ever so quickly without leaving you feeling greasy. This is definitely a trend I'm seeing with all their products.

[Reve de Miel Face Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel]

The packaging states that this is for dry and sensitive skin, but that's really not going to stop me...at night at least. This is in fact a cleanser, and not a dedicated make-up remover, so you can use it purely for the purpose of cleansing if you fit one of those two skin types. The site (Yes, I did a bit of detective work. I need a Sherlock hat) also recommends that you add a bit of their Gentle Exfoliating Gel to this product and use them for gentle exfoliation! It just so happens that Vanity Trove provided that product as well, so you know this is happening!

[Gentle Exfoliating Gel]

And here it is! This is from their Rose collection (it contains rose petals), and it's dedicated primarily to sensitive skin. I've recently been using an exfoliator by Michael Todd True Organics that is suitable for sensitive skin, and I must say that I love it too much to be healthy, so I think gentler exfoliators might be growing on me. I'm very curious as to how this fairs.

[Clarifying Cream Mask]

This, too, is out of their rose line for sensitive skin. I have to say it: These products smell divine! I'm using their Face Mist from this line as well and it truly leaves me feeling pampered and refreshed because it smells so comforting and decadent. Yes, I am sitting here sniffing the mask. Don't judge. The site recommends that this mask be used once or twice a week for sensitive combination to oily skin, and once a week for sensitive dry to very dry skin. This definitely has to do with the fact that it's clarifying which may have a slightly stripping effect on the skin. I'm very curious as to how this compares to fresh's Rose Mask. 

[Creme Merveillance]

Their Merveillance range is for people with visible expression lines, i.e. me. I'm currently using the serum from this line and I love it! LOVE! I'm more than happy to report this cream smells identical to the serum which means that it's going to be very well loved, but only at night because it's meant for normal to dry skin.

[Creme Fraiche Light]

Now this is a range I have no exposure to and I'm very curious about. It states on the packaging that it's a "24HR SOOTHING AND MOISTURIZING EMULSION". It's also meant to de-thirst and mattify. It sounds like this may be my holy grail moisturiser and I fully intend to find out! 

I absolutely love this Trove! Words cannot possibly express how much! 

The only thing I haven't actually tried from Nuxe is a dedicated cleanser that's suitable to my skin type and an eye cream, and I might have to go pick one of each up because I feel like my hoard has glaring holes in it! 

Now, for the extra goodies! A few weeks back, I won an Origins lip balm (which I had been eyeing in-store for awhile), and it was meant to come with this Trove, but they accidentally sent over the wrong lip balm (which turned out to be absolutely lovely in any event). So, Valerie very kindly allowed me to keep the other lip balm and sent my Origins balm over as well. It's from their Drink Up range and is hydrating.

Both of these will be featured in an upcoming lip balm review in the near future. Stay tuned!

If you're interested in Vanity Trove, they have 3 modes of sale currently ongoing: Exclusive Troves, Pick-Your-Own-Samples and Surprise Troves. Vanity Trove really hasn't disappointed, though I've yet to be a recipient of a Surprise Trove. It's definitely on to cards. 

For more information, check out the following sites:
Website: www.vanitytrove.com/my


  1. Congrats on your VT win and you really, really, really love Nuxe, Arpita.
    They did not invite the wrong gal to their shindig. I was tempted to get this but I have so much Nuxe at the moment it is in every drawer.

    1. Thank you, and yes I do! It's a brand that's really working out for me and I adore the fact that it's so natural. It means that it keeps the negative effects to a minimum!
      Hahaha mine too. My dressing table is littered with all things Nuxe and Caudalie. My room looks like it belongs to a crazy person with all the boxes and sachets lying about!