Yes, I'm a little late on this one, but there are 2 very valid reasons for that. First, GDExpress thinks delivering stuff at 8 pm is a good idea, and secondly, I wasn't entirely sure how I felt about the box and I wanted to mull it over.

First off, the box itself. I adore the polka dotted ribbon on it! So very chic in its black and white splendour! 

[The Lilac Box - Cult Box #1]

And as always, opening up a beauty box is so very thrilling especially when you're met with the gorgeous packaging The Lilac Box always provides.

[I know you girls know the feeling of peeking behind the veil!]

And as always, the confusion/excitement that comes with prying the curtain away from the goodies!

[Cult Goodies]

[A Note from the Guys]

So, the concept behind this box was to introduce us to cult products which are loved by many, but known to few. And in a very considerate move, they've only given us brands which are available in Malaysia. As the concept of cult products is very different here from the general understanding of the term, there have been multiple outcries of how people are unhappy with the box. And it seems that this is purely due to the fact that a lot of people haven't actually heard of any of these products/brands...which ironically, is the point of this. 

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

The first product has the most adorable packaging I have ever seen! I love it!

[Yes! Nurse's Protect Your Lovely Hands]

This is an all natural product that smells very fresh and soothing. While I'm not someone who has an affinity for hand cream, this is something I wouldn't hesitate to pop in my bag to take with me should I become one of those people who do such things.

[Malu Wilz's Eyeshadow]

There's no name on this for the shade, and it's a rather small square with rather odd packaging. It's literally a square of eyeshadow. Besides the awkward and difficult to store nature of its aesthetics (unless you own a Z Palette or something similar), everything else is fantastic. Between the colour, the colour payoff, the creaminess and the ease of blending, I'm a very happy camper! I don't have anything like this shade in my collection, and it's a very pleasing addition to the mix!

And a sample sachet...

[essentiel's Radiance Serum]

I do wish this hadn't been a sachet, but other than that complaint, I do enjoy serum, so it's a good addition.

[Vagheggi's Equilibrium Cleansing Milk and Toner]

These products certainly look very decadent and pampering, and I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy them. The term "cleansing milk" is a little misleading in that my first impression was that it would be far more suited to dry skin, but this is in fact meant for all skin types. It's got some very exciting ingredients like natural glycolic extracts and rice bran oil. I'm so curious about how this is going to work that it's easily my favourite product in the box! 

[essential's Anti-Aging Shampoo]

It's rather interesting to me that this range apparently has different types of shampoo. This is the anti-aging version, but the Enabler got something different. Is it that obvious that I'm growing old?! 

In any event, it's too tiny a size for me to even get a feel for how it would work because my hair doesn't respond to tiny bottles of shampoo, so I'm not too pleased about this one.

[Vagheggi's Oligominerale Magnesium]

So, this too comes in many different mineral bases, and it's meant to restore the equilibrium your skin craves (the pH balance, I would imagine). Unfortunately, the Magnesium-based version of it meant for dry skin. I do wish TLB had accounted for our skin types in sending out these products.

However, if nothing else, the instructions on this are very entertaining. They're so specific about using up to 30 drops on your whole face. It's also suitable for the eye area, so that might be my primary use for it since my undereye area is rather dry.


[Mistral's Verbena Shower Gel]

This smells pleasant enough and while I love shower gels and creams, I always get very annoyed about 1/4-1/2 way through them because there's just so much in there and I get bored of using the same stuff for extended periods. The size on this is perfect!

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this box. While I've never heard of any of these brands, and I'm really excited about trying it all out, I do wish they had sent us stuff that was more targeted to our needs in terms of the shampoo and magnesium minerals. At RM49.90 for the box, it's definitely worth a bunch of new stuff to try out! I'm sure I'll find a love or two in's just a matter of time before we figure out which. It's been an interesting road on this one. Now to see how they perform! 

If you're interested in The Lilac Box, stay tuned to the following sites for more information as they don't have a regular subscription process:


  1. I have good news and bad news, Arpita...
    I'll start with the good - you have to love the Vagheggi products!!! They're great! These made my day.
    But, the bad news is that both you and I I got the Eugene Perma in a sachet sachet when others got a tube of mask :(
    I am trying very hard to believe less is more so let's hope it's a supersonic serum that makes it worthwhile that we drew the short straw.

    1. They did?! Masks > Serum under all circumstances. Especially sachets of serums. Now I'm sad...even more so than when I saw the sachet!

  2. Sorry :( you can have mine too if you want.
    Still, the Vagheggi products are super enough to make it all better. Trust me on this. I've been in love with them all week. I also do love the Yes Nurse and everything else so it's still a thumbs up. I'm really excited about the Bag of Lice though. A girl needs a good bag of lice, don't you think?

    1. Haha no no I'm good. I have infinite sachets of stuff lying around my room. It's rather like an episode of Hoarders. I still don't think there's anything out there that's competition for the Nuxe Serum I'm currently using, so I'm actually quite content at present.

      I am too! We know the Bag of Lice will be out before Halloween, so that's just over a week away! Everyone needs a Mimi's brand of bags of lice. The teaser is almost too much to bear, though I'm a little concerned that the shampoo might be from L'Oreal again.

  3. They will feature you on Hoarders soon. Probably all of us. I am tripping over my beauty samples as we speak.
    You must get over your fear of L'Oreal Liss Ultime. You must face it head on. Stack them all nicely in front of you and kiss them goodbye as you give them all away in one glorious single brand/ line giveaway! I have no doubt someone will appreciate the great hair day.
    I confess, however, that I'll be sitting this one out.

    1. I'm pretty sure my mother has already secretly contacted the show. She is exasperated by the fact that everytime she answers the door, there is new package for me.
      I have embraced Liss Ultime as the ultimate "sharing and caring" scenario. I've managed to covertly give all but 1 set (which I used personally) away to multiple people! Success!

  4. My eugene perma is in tube, not in sachet. btw i jut love the Yes Nurse and eugene perma the most. Eugene perma smell so great. love it :)

    1. I think you got the mask which is why it was in the tube and not the sachet (serum). LUCKY YOU! The stuff is all quite lovely!

  5. lilac box seems amazing...i really wish they opened it to east msia too :((

    1. I feel a bit sad on your behalf too. I can only imagine how upsetting reading the posts are. I would be really sad too!

  6. This was a box that restored my confidence in TLB... I loved it even though I ended up with a Indian festival in mine. You're right SG! the Vagheggi and Yes Nurse were excellent choices... and I received the tube cum bottle of Eugene Perma hair products so that had me grinning like a chesire cat ... I cant say much about the eye shadow though .... i received a deep purple that kinda made me look like someone had given me a shiner but I'm so loving the shade you got Arpita.... the pink looks lovely :)
    As for the Mistral... I love my bath products so this will be joining others on the bathroom shelf... but scent wise, the lemon verbena is definitely appealing

    1. It's really a shame that yours exploded! Did they sort it out for you? Purple is absolutely gorgeous in the crease with brown eyeshadow! Don't give up on it! I finally used the pink today and I can testify to its happiness-inducing properties!
      I'm going through box-envy with everyone who received a tube of the mask, but I'm quite happy with everything else so I should stop being one of those people.