So, the Enabler was out of town for a while, and she came back and promptly suggested a trip to Sephora. I couldn't possibly refuse. Especially since Sephora sent out e-mails offering double points and a free mask! I'm not even going to pretend that willpower is my forte in any facet of my life. We all know it's a lie.

Yes, this happened. 


First off, in true form, she bought me stuff from India (which I requested) and I cannot wait to try it out!

[The Enabler...Enabling...]

Now, if you're not Indian, or you've never checked out Indian cosmetics, you're really missing out on something awesome. I am, generally, someone who loathes India beyond comprehension, but when it comes to the food and cosmetics, I'm happy to covet them from the comfort of my Malaysian lifestyle.

[Lakme's Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse in 01 Ivory Fair]

Yes, the picture doesn't look particularly pleasant, but trust me. The scent of this is absolutely lovely and I'll be doing a review on it this weekend! I find it very entertaining that this shade is "Ivory Fair". India. It's a country beyond words. In any event, this is a mousse-y foundation which is meant to be mattifying so I'm extremely curious as to how it performs. It's also formulated with Indian skin in mind, so I do have very high hopes which I'm hoping won't be dashed!

[Lakme's Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal in Black]

Yes, I promptly broke it upon attempting to upon it, as always happens. Especially so since this is extremely creamy and back as all hell! I love it! It's meant to be waterproof, smudgeproof and moisturising, so we shall see how that goes. I also find it highly amusing that this is manufactured by Schwan-Stabilo Cosmetics. I didn't even know they had a cosmetics line! I was under the impression that they sold stationery only! 

[Lakme's Absolute Forever Silk Lip Liners]

[Lakme's Absolute Forever Silk Lip Liner in Poppy Red]

[Lakme's Absolute Forever Silk Lip Liner in Merlot]

These are extremely creamy, and yes, I did break the tip on Merlot as well. It's a good thing that these are twist up. They seem like they would be non-drying, so I'm curious to test them out this weekend!

And, yes there's other stuff which she has donated to my incorrigible-hoarder fund.

[butter London's Trout Pout]

Such a pretty shade! But she doesn't want it, so it's now mine! Love!

[Caudalie's Fleur De Vigne Shower Gel]

She got hold of this as a gift and she isn't as obsessively Caudalie-smitten as I am, so to avoid my raiding her room she voluntarily handed this over, which is much obliged! Needless to say, it smells the way all of Caudalie's stuff smells - The way heaven does!

Of course, there was the obligatory trip to Sephora, where I actually went in thinking I wouldn't buy anything. Always. Every time.

[The Murderer of Willpower]

[Should I feel shame?]

In a bid to justify this somewhat, I did have 10% off lying in my account and there are double points ongoing until the 13th of October!

[Ole Henriksen's African Red Tea Face Mist (RM79)]

For the record, "Ole" is pronounced "Ooo-la". I don't know why, it just is. I have been lusting after this for months now, and I feel like I need to look after my skin, so I needed it (*ahem*). It's such an exciting product! Not only does it smell amazing and leave your skin feeling extremely refreshed, it also tightens pores! Plus, there's tea in it! Both red and white! How could I not get it?!

[Soap & Glory's Beauty Sleep Accelerator (RM100)]

It seems as though Soap & Glory has come out with a whole new range of stuff, and that they've revamped their packaging to make it more appealing than it already was! This does not bode well for my future! In any event, just look at the tag line on this! "For night & flight"! What made it irresistable, though, was the fact that this smells like peaches. Not in a sickly sweet way, but in a deliciously fresh and relaxing way. I do love sleep masks and the extremely thick, luxurious texture on this screamed out for me to buy it! They also have a 3-in-1 cleanser which smells similar and I foresee future ownership of such a product in due time. I can't wait to try this out. A review will be up as soon as I do! 

[Sephora's Retractable Eyeliner in Black (RM34)]

Clearly I have yet to find the perfect liner, and this looks like a good bet! It even has a sharpener on the other end under the smudger tip, so it is a definitely contender! Plus, it's waterproof! Liners never stay on my waterline, so fingers crossed on this!

As for the free mask, on the 3rd of October, Sephora launched a line of sheet masks which look fantastic. If you're a White Card member, just go over to any outlet and give them the names of 3 different masks (e.g. Rose, Pomegranate, Lotus, Green Tea, Ginseng, etc.) and they'll give you one free! They retail at RM10 each in any event, and they come in packs of 4 if you so choose to purchase them as such, or they are sold individually as well so that you can try different ones.

[Sephora's Pomegranate Sheet Mask]

And because we go to Sephora so often, and they're tired our bitching about not getting samples, she gave us some stuff at the counter.

[Smashbox's Photo Finish Foundation Primer]

This has been touted as a great full on primer for years but I've never tried it. I've never been a fan of primers purely because I hate the feeling of silicone sitting on my skin and clogging up my pores. I suppose it might come in useful one day.

[Laneige Water Sleeping Pack]

Now, this is something I've been wanting to try for ages! Yes, I did just mention my love for sleeping masks/packs, so I shall not delve further into this line of obsession. There will, however, be a dedicated post sometime soon on a range of sleeping masks/packs and how they fare.

[Laneige's Water Bank Essence]

Nothing too exciting, but worth a shot, no?

[Estee Lauder's Double Wear & Double Wear Light]

This has been touted as a holy grail foundation for multiple people and it's something that I've been meaning to check out. Apparently the original version has some amazingly full coverage, so a lot of people do purchase both, mix them together and get their perfect foundation out of it. This is convenience personified! Can't wait to try it out!

Do people really walk past Marks & Spencer without going in? Do they?

And when they go in, do they leave empty handed? DO THEY?!

[The Aid of Sleep]

[M&S's China Blue 3-in-1 Body, Room and Linen Spray (RM49)]

This is my absolute favourite scent out of everything M&S carries. I cannot get over the fact that I can walk around smelling like my bed. I love the thought of it! If you don't know what this smells like, your brain will not be able to comprehend any explanation on my part. You need to go smell this. Immediately. I'm hoping that the lovely scent will help me go to sleep (though the Lavender sleep aid may have been a better bet for that), but whatever! I need this!

[Cosy Ballet Socks (RM29)]

The Enabler got one of these too and we need matching socks because we will have a sleepover soon in which we have to wear them together. You know, a full-on girly night! It even has anti-slip pads on the underside for the clumsy likes of me! 

And that, my dear readers, is the continuation of my downfall and the beginning of my descent into bankruptcy. 

No, I still don't have regrets. I'm aiding the ailing economy. I deserve a Nobel Prize. 


  1. Would you believe I don't own a White Card?! I should get one but since my Sephora lippy snapped clean in two I've been a little upset with Sephora and I hate to say that I hold grudges.
    Actually, I avoid local Sephora because I have seen how wonderful Sephora US Online is! It's so good that it puts our local one to shame but I really, really hate that they only take American credit cards. It's infuriating! How can such a global company be so narrow in their attitude?!
    With Sephora all I am tempted to do is go in and play with their testers to my heart's content and buy it from somewhere else. Yes, I have no shame :P
    I did hear that they will soon have an actual Benefit Brow Bar on site but I know how you feel about the Benefit MUAs.

    1. You don't?! You have far more willpower and grudge-holding abilities than I do. I despise Sephora here, but I keep going back. It truly is the epitome of an abusive relationship. It doesn't help that my Sephora US account has a ton of stuff in the basket as well just waiting for someone to make the trip.
      Do they just accept American cards? I've had no trouble paying with my Malaysian credit card and debit cards in the past. It's unfortunate that they don't deliver here though.
      Don't feel bad! I regularly go into Sephora to paint my nails. Every single time in fact. On this trip, they had no nail polish removers out so I had to ask the BA for some. The shame!
      Benefit's brow bar is something I've yet to try out. I'm waiting for my birthday next month to pop in since it's complimentary. I have severe misshapen brow issues at present so some TLC is in order.

    2. Are you sure, I could have sworn I got to the end of the transaction process at to discover that they only took American cards?!! I tried to do the same at Ipsy and Em but Michelle Phan seems to be very afraid of the cards of non-Americans too. It's a real shame as she has so many overseas fans and probably the reason why she is a YouTube rockstar.
      Like biting the hand that feeds her, don't you think?
      I remember being so disappointed that day. When did Sephora change the rules? This is so new to me!

      I'm terrified of brow bars that shave and don't pluck. It must be a Chinese thing. Have you ever tried threading?

      But misshapen or otherwise, be grateful you have brows, darling.

    3. My last order was in July...2 orders actually with a Malaysian credit card and a Malaysian debit card, so it might be time to try again!
      Em has gotten very mixed reviews so I'm still waiting out the temptation. Her lipsticks look far more tempting than the life palettes to me because I have far too much eyeshadow for my own good. It really is surprising that she didn't launch it worldwide, but then again, it's under L'Oreal and I suppose it's reasonable for them to do their market testing in the US first.

      My default eyebrow sorting is through threading. The one time I got them waxed, they became so wonky I wanted to bludgeon the lady. It was horrifying. I am glad I have eyebrows, but the grooming is horrible. I envy people with good brow-genes! I've been noticing that some of my male friends have naturally nicer brows than I do which I don't approve of at all!