My birthday is next week, and since the Enabler will be out of town and she feels guilty and sad that she won't be around, she gave me an early birthday present! 

[You're never too old to get excited about birthday presents!]


When I went to check whether SaSa was carrying this palette, she was with me. It had just been released for Christmas and I had plans to pick it up next week. I cannot express how excited I was when I pulled it out of the bag! 

[Birthday Message!]

This card is awesome! They sell sheets of it in Borders, and it's all black until you scratch your message into it! All the random scratches at the side were my doing because I was fascinated by it!

Also, Shime = Shopping + Partner in Crime. I don't think there's a better description for our relationship!

Now, for the palette! This is my first birthday present of the year, so it suddenly feels like the festivities are on!

[The Balm's Balm Voyage Palette]

[The Sleeve Matches the Palette!]

[Palette sans Sleeve]

First of all, The Balm has the cutest packaging ever. It's always so terribly adorable. But beyond appearances, their products are of such amazing quality that I don't understand why more people don't wax lyrical about them. It truly is a shame! Without a doubt, The Balm > Urban Decay! Without a doubt! 

Now this palette has 2 of the best things ever going for it in terms of palette design. Firstly, the lip products and the eye shadows are separated by different flaps. Secondly, the mirror is encased within the outline of a lady's head. Too awesome! 

[16 Shadows]

[2nd Flap]

[3 Pigmented Glosses]

I really hate palettes that don't separate their lip and powder products because it's inevitable that you will get eyeshadow into your lip gloss over time, rendering the gloss useless! The design on this is so well thought out! And look at the names on the glosses! They're truly laid out like the seating arrangement on an airplane! 

[Glosses: Second Officer, First Officer, Captain]

Aren't they gorgeous? They are SO pigmented! These were barely swiped over the shades and look! 

Now for the shadows. 16!!!

I love that there's a good mix of glitter, shimmer and matte shades in here because it's an extremely well-rounded palette in terms of colour selection. Needless to say, these colours weren't really swatched excessively so the payoff is ridiculously amazing, as with all shadows from The Balm. It's not even just the pigmentation. It's the fact that they shadows are so creamy and buttery that they are a dream to apply and blend. I cannot wait to use this palette!!! 

If you'd like to pick one up for yourself (and I strongly suggest that you do), SaSa carries The Balm and this palette retails at RM180.

Thank you Enabler for living up to your label on my blog! 


  1. hai Arpita. i totally love ur blog, i just found your blog last 2 days ... ohsemmm review. i suggest you would have FOLLOW button so i could follow you and i didn't miss any of your new post.

    1. Hello Gadis! I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying the blog! At the top of the opening page there's a little tab where you can enter your e-mail address and it will automatically have you following me. It's be lovely to have you doing so :D

  2. Oh, you're a November baby! Happy (forthcoming) Birthday. I need to get me an Enabler of my own too. What a great gift!

    I recently picked up some products from The Balm and it was only because of a review you did. I always thought of them as a Benefit knock-off but I saw how you did a comparison with the UD palettes and was convinced that I had overlooked what is a very decent brand. Shame on me!

    1. I am! Thank you! You definitely do need an Enabler. Everyone does! I think our relationship kicked off in Sephora, Singapore too which is why it's such a key feature for our shopping hehe.

      I do hope you weren't disappointed in the products you got! What did you get? That was my initial impression of The Balm as well, but their products are so much better all round than a lot of brands which are far more lauded, including Benefit. I'm really quite upset with my UD Naked Basics palette. I've used it once and didn't like it at all. The shadows are just so chalky. I don't understand why people love their palettes so much. I suspect it has a lot to do with the packaging. The Balm's Nude'Tude > Naked 1, 2, Basics!

    2. I like how you want an Enabler too! it's fun for everyone except your bank balance!!

    3. I'm going to add an Enabler to my Christmas wishlist LOL

      I made sure I got the Nude'Tude palette but it's kind of shimmery but I do like that it is very pigmented. I honestly don't have the right eyelids for eye makeup - they are neither quite single or double but weird and completely annoying for eye makeup.
      I was this close to going for UD but your words made think of The Balm. So there you go, you maven. See how much I love you and your blog!

    4. I'm so glad you listened! Please don't buy Urban Decay's palettes. Everytime I see them, the packaging is so tempting but when I swatch them it's just not worth it. Everytime I see the Naked Basics palette, I get a bit upset because it was such a waste!
      The colours are somewhat shimmery, but they come off as a more of a sheen than a full on shimmer. Do try it out though. I adore that palette as well! Meet Matt Nude is completely adorable as well!

  3. yay! so happy you like it shime! happy burday <3

    1. Thank you! We Shime together when you get back! <3 :*

  4. You're right ShopGirl.. we so badly need an Enabler too :)

    Arpita , this is a great review... love the gloss swatches and the darker shimmer shadows, they look very pigmented . When I first saw The Balm at Sasa , did not give it a second look especially since it's price range was right up there with Benefit and UD but sans the hype. However lots of good reviews later and a love for their outright quirky labeling has got me piqued. Will need to score some soon .... as soon as I find my very own Enabler :)

    1. The Balm is so much better than Benefit or Urban Decay will ever be. Honestly. Their pigmentation and staying power have all the makings of the most underrated brand ever. I truly don't understand why more people don't rave about them but I suspect it's because it's not a brand that's found as readily as the other two. I'm currently eyeing their blushes because they're multipurpose products which can be used as shadows as well. Needless to say, the packaging is definitely a selling point! Do tell me if you pick anything up and how you find it!