I have a very weird relationship with Sothy. On some levels I covet their products, on a practical level though, I'm not really a fan. What I don't understand is why everything is so heavily scented. I don't see how skincare that is excessively scented could possibly be good for your skin.

In any event, let's talk about this shower gel.

[Sothys' Lemon-Lime and Patchouli Escape Shower Gel (RM118)]

Yes, RM118. No, I did not purchase this. I won it at The Lilac Box's Sothy's event and I have used it up, though I probably should have gifted it after smelling it. Honestly, the only good thing about this product is that the smell doesn't linger.

Basically, whenever I use it I feel like I'm trapped in a room with Janis Joplin. At least, I assume she would smell like patchouli with the amount of weed she smoked. It's not even mildly tempered by the "lemon-lime" lie. It's full-on patchouli. Horrible.

While I can get over the smell, or I would have if this product had anything else going for it, I won't because it's a rather pointless shower gel. It does nothing. Well, yes, it does clean you up. But can you truly feel clean when you smell like patchouli?

It's not moisturising or hydrating, in fact, it left my skin feeling rather dry and unnourished. I like multi-tasking shower products which actually make you feel like you're doing something nice for your body, and this definitely doesn't make the cut.

It's quite foamy, which is probably why it strips the skin of moisture as much as it does.


I'm just glad that tube is over and done with and I was all too happy to see it go in the trash. 

On a side note: It's a miracle I finished a product! I deserve 10 points!


  1. Oh, I am struggling with one of my products too because of the offensive smell so yes, you deserve credits for finishing. Mine is only a sample and I can't bear to even use it and it would be sin to give away something I despise so much.

    I haven't actually smelled patchouli - is it anything like tobacco? Janis Joplin was a human chimney, no? That's pretty dreadful. Goes against the whole concept of being a shower gel if it reeks.

    1. I really wish they would tone the fragrances in their products down a notch. They're nowhere near subtle. Patchouli isn't like tobacco, and I do believe some people love the scent, unfortunately I am not among those people. More importantly, it's frequently an incense used to mask the smell of marijuana because they are reasonably complementary scents.