Since I'm in a Sephora-loving mood, what better time to discuss more of their fantastic products!

One in particular.

As I've droned on about dry shampoo, the issue I've always had is how absurdly priced the stuff is in Malaysia, primarily because it's most accessible in places like Sephora. The range there tends to run between RM60-RM80 for the spray versions. I personally wouldn't go near the powdered form, so that's not what I will be talking about. 

In any event, Sephora has their own in-house brand of dry shampoo that's RM29. My first reaction was extreme excitement because that seems rather decent. Then I thought about it, and it's only a 75ml can. Percy & Reed's is 150ml and runs at RM65, while Alterna's is 135ml and is RM70+. Matrix (owned by L'Oreal) also has dry shampoo (not in Sephora) that retails at RM39 for 103ml. So, there's isn't that big a difference in actuality when you're buying the Sephora brand product. Which I'm a little sad about. 

However, that is tempered by the fact that it's a really, really good product!

[Sephora's Express Dry Shampoo (RM29)]

As with all dry shampoos of my choice, this comes with a spray nozzle, and it works extremely effectively.

It does come out white, but it's amazing how quickly this disappears from sight! I had no issues with a white or grey cast in my hair not just after letting it sink in, but basically immediately, which I was extremely impressed with.

It smells absolutely amazing as well and leaves your hair feeling like you've just washed it. Not only do you feel like you're scalp is freshly cleaned, but it doesn't dry your hair out at all which is such a boon! I truly do love this product and I don't doubt that I would repurchase it even though it doesn't seem even remotely sensible. 


  1. Oh, I really need this product - not only am I cursed with oily skin but I am also tethered to slicky tresses . Things are not great for me, I know :P
    It looks so much easier to use than the shake-in powder type. I will visit you soon, Sephora!

    1. It really is! The shake-in powder doesn't bode well for my lack of coordination. The sprays are infinitely awesome but the Alterna dry shampoo I'm currently using dries my hair out terribly. Steer clear of it!