This is ongoing from the 23rd-27th of October, 2013 in 1Utama, so if you are so inclined, you need to make the trip now! 

Let's cut to the chase. Should you? Yes, you need to!

Now, on to the event itself. They had their media launch yesterday, and it was extremely informative and quite a blast.

The term "Cosmeceutical" is a hybrid of "cosmetic" and "pharmaceutical", which means that all the brands focus more on skincare and prevention than on correction through cosmetics. Why is this so appealing? Because I adore BB Creams for these very reasons! The majority of the brands featured during the event are Asian, and so this could be your best bet for skincare that works if all else has failed. Asian skincare is tailored to the specific climate and skin types that go with the region, ensuring that you're more likely to find a better fit under one of these brands to address your concerns than with something totally unsuited to your skin type because it's been produced for a completely different region.

As I've mentioned, the event was held in 1Utama (how could I resist) and the setup was lovely!

[Facial "Room"]

[Consultation Table]

There were 10 brands encapsulating this event, and each of them had a little set up around the perimeter of the stage. It was like a skincare cocoon, which couldn't be more fitting because one can only hope that they will emerge with a gorgeous new facade, much like the butterfly!


[Dr. Wu]

[Skin Peptoxyl]

[Skin Doctors]

[Dr. Jart]

[Dr. G]

[Dr. Young]

Yes, all the Doctors were in the house!

[b.liv by Cellnique]


Just look at those masks! Everytime I'm in SaSa I want to buy them because they look so nice! And apparently they are quite amazing too. BRTC is one of the best selling skincare lines in Korea, and I didn't know this before the event, but cosmeceutical products are only available by prescription in Korea! This means that the pharmacists need to approve of these products, which can only be a good thing! 

This reminds me a lot of how pharmacies in France work, where the pharmacists vouch for all the products sold in-store so you know you're getting quality products.

Definitely time to start looking seriously into BRTC. A haul is surely upcoming!

[GoodSkin Labs]

GoodSkin Labs has a dark circle corrector within their top selling products called "Circleplex" and I think I might need it in my life. What is so awesome about it? It looks like a contact lense case, and it contains both day and night formulas. But! The day formula is tinted! YES! It retails at RM175, and when I swatched some on my hand, it sank in very easily and I quite liked it. Yes, I think I need this.

While we were waiting for the event to kick off, there were lovely gentlemen roaming around with trays of food! 

[Watermelon & Lychee Juice]

[Hors d'oeuvres]

[Finger Food]

[Not Finger Food - Aglio Olio]


[Mini Cinnabons!]

[This is how you pretend to be healthy]

So things kicked off with a welcome note by SaSa's Director of CMPD.

[Welcome Note]

Followed by all the youthful looking ladies up on stage to launch the event with somewhat of a witch's brew!

[The magic of finding the right skincare?]

Thereafter we were treated to a tour of the brands by our hosts with information on the brands, swatching of their best sellers, and explanations of where and why they are lauded for their excellence in skincare. I must admit that prior to the event I hadn't heard of most of these brands, or I'd heard of them but never really looked into them, but I'm starting to wonder. They've all shown good clinical results. Worth a shot, no?

[Tour of Brands]


Post-our little run around the middle of 1Utama, Rachel Sua (Mrs. Malaysia International 2012) was invited onto stage to give us an insight into why she looks so amazing. She was asked how old she is and it's unbelievable that she's 42! If I look that good at her age, you know I've had surgery! Her secret is no actual secret. She started looking after her skin when she was very young, and she started by figuring her skin type out. She also exercises and eats healthy! No quick fixes! She looks truly amazing! 

[Sharing is Caring]

For the duration of the fair, SaSa has brought in a machine from the US used by doctors in their profession, as well as researchers to test the condition of skin. My first impression was that it was nothing special, but I was sorely mistaken and you need to go check it out because I am suitably traumatised by the condition of my skin to actually start wearing sunscreen regularly.

[Introducing the Machine]

[The Scanning Process]

We were shown a live demonstration of the scanning process as it was occurring. The volunteer was by the side of the stage having this done and it was magnified for all and sundry. For the record, the machine works without you having to remove your makeup, so if you have that as a concern, don't fret!


[8 Problems Targeted]

What the machine does is to pinpoint 8 areas of common concern and test your skin for where it stands according to peers of your age range and sex. The closer the figure is to 100%, the better your skin is.

Thereafter, she was invited up on stage for a mini-facial targeted to the concerns for her specific skin type as picked up by the machine.

This truly is the way to go if you need to understand what skin care you should be looking into! 

[Facial Done!]

[The Scanner]

It takes all of less than a minute to scan your face! The person manning the scanner will input your age and skin tone into the database, and the machine will scan your face to compare your results with people of the same age and gender to ensure and accurate reading of your specific skin concerns. She informed me that the database was extremely extensive because it's used by researchers as well as skin doctors, ensuring a very accurate reading of what you should be worried about and where you are falling short in your skincare.

Yes, let me traumatise you with my scan as well!

[Oh the horror!]

[Dark Spots & Wrinkles]

Apparently I need to have a serious chat with my wrinkle-forming mechanism because this is not working for me. I'm at 3% which is extremely low for someone of my age. This is terrible! Anti-aging creams...I'm coming for you! [To appease my vanity, the big green line across my forehead was a strand of my hair which refused to behave, not an emerging wrinkle].

[Texture & Pores]

I'm a bit shocked that my wrinkles are more of an issue than the texture of my skin because my pores have always been the bane of my existence, and oh my god will you look at that dense splattering of colour! It looks like I got hit in the face with a paintball! The pore issue naturally contributes to the texture of skin as well. I can't remember the last time I had smooth skin, so we shan't discuss it.

[UV Spots & Brown Spots]

Thankfully these aren't in the critical zone, but I do think sunscreen needs to be on my to-do list from now on.

[Red Areas & Bacteria]

If you look at the picture labelled "Porphyrins", that's how much bacteria is on your skin...well, my skin. It's not just what you see either. Each little yellow dot represents 1 million bacterial mechanisms. Kill me now. I want to cut my face off. And this is why you need to wash your face twice a day girls and boys! Bacteria loves us all more than we will ever love it!

And, as SaSa is always very kind, we left with some choice goodies which I'm SO excited about!

[SaSa Loves Us!]

[Gintell Voucher and Tag]

Can I say it? Can I say it? BB CREAM!!!

[Very Securely Packaged Against Tampering]

[Gorgeous Packaging]

[BRTC Aqua Rush Cover Cushion]

The packaging on this states that it's meant to "Replenish & Retain Moisture in Dry Skin with Hydrating Coverage" and it has SPF50 PA+++. Yes, I know I don't have dry skin, but it says hydrating! And it has SPF 50! It's also meant to whiten and have anti-wrinkle effects. It's like everything I need packaged into one! Can't wait to try this because I've never tried a pressed BB before. A full review is definitely upcoming.

And cleanser!

[Dr. Jart's V7 Cleansing Foam]

I've heard people wax lyrical about Dr. Jart's BB Creams, but I've not heard about their skincare and I am definitely intrigued. The packaging states that it's meant to rehydrate environmentally stressed skin, contains 7 vitamin complexes and it's a soft and gentle foam cleanser. Sounds good to me! This too will receive a review in due time! 

[SkinPeptoxyl's Daily Micro Peel Mitts]

These were given out while we were taking a tour of the brands and I'm curious to try it. I've heard good things about products of this sort, so I guess it's worth a shot.

And b.liv were incredibly generous with their gift as well!

[b.liv's Fabulous Four]

I will admit that everytime I've seen this in SaSa I've been tempted. This kit was launched for b.liv's birthday this month, and how very apt it is! I've used Off With Those Heads before and it's truly the only blackhead-ridding product that's ever worked for me so I'm definitely a fan! Their sheet masks are also quite lovely so I have very high hopes for the other two products in the kit which I've not tried.


[Contents of Fabulous Four]

I adore how this makes me feel a bit like a junkie! It truly reflects my skincare hoarding ways!

[b.liv's Off With Those Heads]

[b.liv's Hyaluronic Original & Submerge Me]

The little vial contains 100% pure hyaluronic acid and if you haven't been exposed to the wonders of the stuff before, you need it. Trust me! It's a substance which retains and locks moisture into your skin and even if you have oily skin, it may very well (very likely, in fact) be dehydrated. This is a lightweight serum, so it's actually quite perfect for everyone! 

Submerge Me, too, is meant for dehydrated skin, but has multiple other uses. It contains Ceramide which supports and improves moisture retention, as well as helping to exfoliate and retexture skin structure AND prevents bacterial infections. You saw my face in that scan! I need this! It's also got strawberry begonia extract which prevents free radical damages and signs of aging. Need it? Yes! And white mulberry root extract which is a whitening agent which also helps to promote skin elasticity.

How did I not know this existed? b.liv really need to do a better job of getting their products out there because I would have bought this set ages ago if I had known! What madness is this?!

The Birthday Pack retails at RM189, and if you are intrigued, I think you should get it! 

They're also going to be coming out with their Christmas sets soon, so I'm definitely waiting on that as well. I do love Christmas sets! Sets of any kind, really!

And I couldn't possibly leave without visiting their store! I went to both the SaSas in 1Utama actually. It's like Nuxe's Reve de Miel Lip Balm in the pot is out of stock in every SaSa! I need it! 

[SaSa Hauling]

[Avene's Mist]

[Avene's Cold Cream Lip Balm]

[Nuxe's Reve de Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick]

I'm a truly happy camper! You should definitely take a trip over to the Fair to check out the stuff and because there are promotions ongoing. 

  • For every RM100 spent, you will receive a RM20 voucher
  • Every RM150 spent will entitle you to a lucky dip with prizes worth up to RM138
  • If you spend RM200, you are entitled to a complimentary skin analysis using the machine above as well as a consultation post-scan
  • Spend RM300 and above (we all know this isn't even difficult and we actively have to stop ourselves from such behaviour) and receive a speedy facial which incorporates 4 types of treatment.
On Saturday and Sunday there will be some Beauty Talks ongoing as well, so drop by if you're curious.

26/10 (Sat): 2:30pm - Beauty Blogger Josheen Ma - Skincare Sharing
                   4:00pm - Skin Doctors: Anti-Aging Talk
27/10 (Sun): 2:30pm - Neogence: The importance of hydration


  1. Dear Arpita,

    Lovely post! Looks like such fun! I am uber fascinated by the scanner though, haha. It's amazing on how it does the facial assessment towards the skin texture :)

    1. Hello dear Shivani!

      Thank you! It really was lots of fun. SaSa never disappoints with their events...or products for that matter!

      I was rather surprised as well at how thorough a 30-second scan can be. Technology will kill our ability to be in denial!

  2. That scanner is horrifying! I am inclined to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich and be done with it. Ignorance is bliss and I have to agree...I would want to cut of my face at certain points of discovery.

    The swag bag, on the other hand, I like!

    1. Hahaha I was a little hesitant too, but I figured why not. It scans through the layers so you know what's coming in the next few years. And it's wrinkles for me! I'm fascinated by it though! It's like a little look into the future.

      I love SaSa's swag! They are always extremely generous and thoughtful in what they provide. My relationship with them is only becoming more obsessive.