I'd never actually heard of Ren until the Enabler mentioned them. She also informed me earlier this week that they were having an introductory event to their brand and of course, as curiosity kills the cat, I had to go. 

It was held at Ken's Apothecary in Bangsar Village II, and as Sharon Sree mentioned, I did pop by the dedicated Caudalie counter they have extended to the outside of the store. Yay for that! 

More importantly, however, Ken's Apothecary has opened up a new store in 1Utama which is going to be the death of me. No good can come of this.

Anyway, back to the event! 

They had set up an island of products in the middle of the store, and they certainly do look inviting! 

[Sensitive Skin Range]

[Radiance Range]

And, of course, the obligatory "fresh" ingedients:

I would love to have beakers like this spread around my house! 

[Food Never Hurts]

[Our Host]

It was all laid out in a very holistic, organised fashion. While the Enabler has given me very good reviews on their stuff, it's still difficult for me to get excited about them primarily because the a large chunk of the event was spent discussing how good for the environment their products are. I cannot deal with people who insist that not using plastics and recycling will save the planet. The planet doesn't need saving, you do. It's such a self-absorbed load of nonsense. The Earth is going to go through global warming whether or not you use that plastic bag, so please stop the spread of uninformed nonsense in order to increase sales on products. 

Anyway, in order to help perpetuate the nonsense, I'll just repeat what we were told. Their containers can be segregated into two separate types of plastics so you can recycle them individually, and they have stopped producing the royal jelly range because the bees producing that type of honey are endangered. Nevermind that 90+% of the species which have ever lived on the planet have gone extinct. Apparently evolution is not relevant to these companies. 

Okay, rant over.

On to the products themselves.

Ren prides itself on the use of clean products, and what that means is that they don't use parabens, etc. in their products.

[Just Say No]

Our host also mentioned that they avoid the term "organic" because where skincare is concerned, it only needs to contain 5% of organic ingredients for them to put such a label on it. I wasn't aware of this, and I do love how lax regulatory authorities are about such things.

Probably because this is a large factor in their skincare production, they are most popular with individuals requiring skincare for sensitive skin. This is precisely how the Enabler came across their products. She has terribly sensitive skin, and if it doesn't irritate her, we're all safe!

However, they have consistently won awards (10 years worth of them) in the UK for their body care range which is made of Moroccan Rose. According the our host for the event, Moroccan Rose is priced along the lines of the pricing for gold, which is insanity. Prior to the start of the event, I did ask one of the SAs to test the Moroccan Rose scrub on me and it was lovely! It's also around RM205, so it better be lovely. Why wouldn't I buy it? Because she told me that Moroccan Rose is only found in Morocco. Apparently I look like I am incapable of forming logical connections in my head. If you're in the market for a high end scrub, however, this would definitely be worth looking into. 

Their latest range is that for radiance which is meant to work in 28 days. How that works is that you use it for a week, take 2 weeks off, and then use it for another week. It involves a "peel" which contains natural AHAs (from fruit), so this method is definitely an interesting concept which would undoubtedly be more gentle than regular peels. 

That's right. You need to put the peel on for around 10 minutes, and follow it with the rest of the system, and you're good to go! They did give us a little to try on our hand, but I personally saw no difference on my hand. The Enabler's, however, was definitely slightly more radiant and there was a very slight disparity between the bit she used it on, and where she didn't. Surely this would show more results with prolonged use.

It's good that they have dedicated systems for multiple skintypes (Sensitive, Combination, Aging), and they have a dedicated starter kit tailored to normal skin as well. 

While I was rather indifferent to their products in general, their Frankincense Night Cream did catch my eye.

[Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream]

Ever since I've discovered the wonders of Frankincense, I've been on a hunt for a night cream that's infused with the stuff. This definitely seemed worth a shot, but with a price tag of RM205 for a brand I was just discovering, it simply wasn't going to happen.

A definite plus point for Ren, though, is that they do sell starter kits for all their ranges so that you can try their products out for a decent amount of time before purchasing them. Apparently they've lowered their prices from what they previously were, but they're definitely nowhere near a cheap brand. They're currently between mid-high end. 

However, their starter kits are basically full of travel-sized items and they should last you between 3 weeks to a month with regular use. They range from RM89-RM99 for between 3-4 products which is pretty decent. 

Overall, it was a pretty informative event and I'm intrigued enough to give the brand a shot. I think the only thing holding me back from being enthusiastic about it is how tree-hugging their philosophy is. Let's hope the stuff makes up for it!

The RM50 voucher for this event was fully redeemable against Ren products, so of course I didn't leave empty-handed.

[Ren Goodies]

First off, we were given a door gift upon arriving at the event.

[Moroccan Rose Body Wash & Body Cream]

Remember, Moroccan Rose is only found in Morocco.

They also had in-house labelled bottled water which I found absolutely adorable.


If you know me, you are well aware that there is some magnetic force in the 4th dimension that requires me to spend money whenever I enter a store. I opted for the Normal Skin Kit instead of the Combination Skin Kit partially because it contained the Frankincense Night Cream, but also because I'm guessing this kit contains some of their best stuff. For those of you with oily skin, like myself, the Combination set is priced at RM89.

[Ren's Kit for Normal Skin (RM99)]

Look how pretty the packaging is!

I'm actually quite excited about this because it's been a while since I've discovered a completely new brand, and since the Enabler has told me it's good stuff, it probably is. A new life-long love perhaps?

Of course, we requested more samples, and the SA that the Enabler frequently deals with snuck us some despite the fact that she wasn't supposed to. 

[Ren's T-Zone Balancing Day Fluid]

[Caudalie's Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid]

I feel so fulfilled. I imagine Columbus had a similar feeling on his voyage. Except that his skin wouldn't have fallen off if he took the wrong route! 

In any event, this is definitely a review that will turn up in due time. Are you as curious as I am? 


  1. Made hubster deal with the stressful parking options around Bangsar just so that I could get me some Caudalie. I got mine..he got a new pair of Birkenstock's..so everyone went home happy :)
    The Ren's kit for Normal Skin looks tempting especially the Frankincense Repair Cream... will wait for your review on this one

    1. What did you get? Share please! I frequently bribe people to go shopping with me in that manner as well. A quid pro quo is always effective!
      It's a little depressing that this is priced as such because in the UK these little kits are only GBP 12-13. But yes, review definitely upcoming. I'm waiting for it too hehe.
      I've been reading up a little more on Ren and it has quite the cult following.

  2. I have the kit for combo skin and am going to try that soon! But first, I gotta recover from my collagen episode :( I got my Ren Kit at the Luxasia sale for RM20 and no, it wasn't expired.

    1. This really does sound like a terrible flare up. I've recently been getting breakouts from the La Prairie set I've started using, which I'm more than disappointed with needless to say. A review is upcoming.
      Hopefully the Combination Skin set works out better because it looks like a dream come true. Since Ren is meant to be gentle, it might actually help with the effects of what did this. After all the reading I've done over the last 2 days, they have a cleanser specifically for congested skin that I'm lusting after. I need to be locked in a cave.