I am livid beyond words with this! 

Okay, let's have a little background. In the wake of Cosmobox shutting it's doors on us beauty lovers, I felt the need to get hold of something which would fill that void. And I've been buying stuff off BestBuy World Malaysia for YEARS because prior to beauty boxes, it was the best way to try out sample sized products by all the biggest brands. Yes, they even have samples from La Mer, Chanel, etc. 

So, when I came across the fact that they had something within the "beauty box" concept, I naturally jumped onto the purchase. They do, in fact, offer 3 separate sized "pouches" (yes, lots of quotation marks are going to be used in this post) with varying price ranges. It starts at RM50, the next is RM100 and the last is RM160. Since I could find absolutely no reviews online, I thought I'd start with the RM50 pouch and see where it goes.

Why would I purchase something there were no reviews on? First of all, the company has the best samples ever on the internet so I figured that these would find their way into the Pouch of Love and I would be beset with too many awesome samples to count. Secondly, it's called Pouch of Love. And with how much I love Bag of Love, can't I be forgiven for hoping the name would bring good things? 

Boy was I wrong. Holy shit! 

I will say one thing for them. My delivery arrived the day after I placed the order! It was insanely efficient. 

Mind you, on top of the RM50, they charged me RM10 for delivery and the product didn't even reach my house. The dispatch dude sent me an SMS saying he left it with the guards in my condominium. I was not impressed especially since I had paid for delivery "to your doorstep". 

So, things started off on a bad note because I had to run around my condo looking for the guard who he had left it with. And what I got was a plastic bag. A cute plastic bag, but a plastic bag no less.


When I took the package out, I thought things were definitely looking up because it was wrapped in L'Occitaine paper with a very pretty, gold L'Occitane gifting tag on it.

[L'Occitane Wrapping]

The logical conclusion from this would be that there would be something from L'Occitane within, yes? Am I crazy? 

So, you can imagine my utter confusion when I unwrapped this very carefully to find an extremely cruddy set of products, no L'Occitane and nothing resembling a pouch. What? 

[The Contents]

Before I go any further, let me cut and paste what they described their "Pouch of Love - October" to comprise:

Brands Include: 



Natural Republic 


BBW Selections 

Selected BBW orginal items included. 

Delivery Begins immediate after we receive your order 

Picture for illustration purpose only. Items will be packed in pouch


This was definitely not what I was expecting when they stated that RMK would be included. RMK is a very good skincare brand, so why would I even contemplate that there would be some random bag from them in here? 

And for the record, this little bag cannot possibly be their definition of a pouch. It does not fit the embodiment of one and is just plain ridiculous. What on earth would I even use it for? To carry my hedgehog in?!


This product I was happy with because I've yet to try anything from TonyMoly and they are meant to be amazing! Alas, I won't know how it fares for me this time.

[Random Eyelashes]

I have never used false lashes, and I currently don't have any intentions to do so. This is a misstep on a whole other level.

[Nature Republic]

This was something I was quite intrigued by as well because I love stuff that will help with my eyes, and Nature Republic has some pretty good reviews, though I've never personally tried anything from them. Once again, not this time!


Nothing particularly exciting where the Clinique product is concerned.

Honestly, in my book, the "pouch" doesn't warrant the RM60 price tag (including the lack of proper delivery). So I sent them a very long and nasty message that very day demanding a refund on it and to their credit, they got back to me within 2 hours of the mail going out and heard me out then agreed to send someone to pick the package up and refund my money. 

If nothing else, their customer service was incredibly polite and handled my situation very well. I would recommend the company if you want to try samples of high end brands before taking the leap, or just want mini-makeup, etc. but steer clear of their Pouch of Love. Absolutely not worth it.

They currently have a weekend sale on for some of their products, so do take a look:


  1. you got it sent back!! that's crazy!!

    1. I had to! Look at this nonsense! It's the same price as the Nuxe lip balm which I can now buy instead!

  2. Thanks a lot for reviewing and alarming me about this..I was going to try this as they says there would be a cool products inside...They wrapped it so nicely but for RM50 to get all of that wasn't worth a cents..but thank God they agree to refund..hope they'll improve after ur complain...


    1. I'm so glad I saved someone else the trauma. Absolutely not worth it! Maybe if it were half the price I wouldn't have thrown such a fit, but this isn't working for me at this price range. I genuinely do appreciate their taking it back though.

  3. I am so glad you did a review on this! This is pretty bad!! :( Btw I am sorry I couldn't say bye to you the other day. But had an awesome time with you!! <3

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only was who thinks this is horrible!

      I had a great time too! I guess we both got too caught up in the umpteen things ongoing! Will see you soon hopefully <3

  4. ohmygawd! now i get to know there are some boxes that cannot be trusted. 60 is not worth your money, girl! since you said there are no review about it, yours are the first one now!

    1. This is definitely the first I've come across that is this terrible. So far the rest have been reliable and logical, even though they may not be amazing.

  5. The only thing worthy was the L'Ocittane wrapping... definitely a joke for RM60 ..did think about getting this a couple of months ago but did not due to the lack of reviews..now I 'm glad i didn't .... Good thing they are willing to refund you though .. I have no idea what you said to them but it must have been sufficiently colorful to have elicited such a quick response :)

    1. I'm glad you waited on it too! I actually repacked the package the same way it came and resent it back to them. I guess this is why I've been taught to open packages carefully incase you need to reuse the package. I now understand why I agreed to cultivate this habit!
      Paying attention in contract is paying off moreso with cosmetic companies than in any other aspect of my life including my job hahaha.

  6. OMG these things cost RM50?!! Greatest joke ever!! Thanks for the review! It's the 1st time I heard about Pouch of Love LOL!!

    1. Hopefully it's the last time you hear about it too! Amazingly October's pouch was sold out after I bought it. Maybe they only had one available. I feel bad for anyone who was taken in by it and had to keep the items though.

  7. Actually those are NOT random eyelashes. Eyemazing is a good brand. Can't blame boxes for having really random stuff that you may or may not use though. I received bath oil once and I don't have a tub lol

    1. I had no idea they were good lashes! Shows that I know nothing about them since I don't use them. I'm fine with the random selections, as long as the entirely of the subscription is worthwhile. That wasn't my main issue. The problem is that this entire set of stuff doesn't commensurate with industry practice or economics. It's more or less a con job.

  8. What on earth would I even use it for? To carry my hedgehog in?! - This is funny!!

    1. I can't think of any other purpose hehehe.

  9. Thanks so much for this review, Arpita. I'm not quite sure what to say about the Pouch of Love except that it isn't quite what I expected but not as bad as I imagined.

    I think I was imagining all sorts of 'bad' like expired goods or just a bag full of sweets or something but I agree, the price point isn't exactly cheap compared with similar subscriptions so I'm not surprised you were expecting better.

    Such a shame really because this was their debut and they retail some of the best samples in town so to not be anything but stunning is a waste of a fantastic PR opportunity. I did expect better because I've heard only great things about Best Buy World and this has temporarily paralysed me from taking any leaps with unknown subscriptions.

    I think Puffy would prefer the popcorn box, don't you think?

    1. I agree that it wouldn't have been this much of a disaster had it been cheaper, too. I wouldn't have sent it back if it were, say, RM30. But this is extraordinarily exorbitant for a bag of stuff which doesn't really put their best foot forward.
      I love their company though and I feel like this doesn't do justice to how brilliant they are at allowing people the opportunity to try out products from brands which aren't all that affordable by providing very good discounts or sample sizes.
      I really, really wanted to love this and I do agree that that had a lot to do with how upset I was by the whole thing. It's put me off new subscriptions too so it's time for me to take a step back.
      Puffy would have been very displeased with this bag because she doesn't like being visible! They huffy emotional blackmail would have been unbearable! The funniest sight ever is still her in a sock and it's a picture I never managed to get which makes me sad!

  10. Oh wow, sorry you had to go through all that disappointment.. :( And to think I almost subscribed to their Pouch of Love... Pheww... Was contemplating to do so because I've always loved their customer service, fast delivery & superb discounts (on some items I love la..)

    The RMK mini bag just does not do justice! It's not even a pouch and it doesn't wrap everything in it.

    And having an RMK mini bag does not, and will never be "equal" to, and RMK product. Sighhh...

    1. So glad you didn't end up getting it! I agree about RMK since they do such awesome skincare. How on earth can they justify replacing an actual product with this random thing? Frustrating!