Yes, another Origins event, this time at Parkson in 1Utama on the morning of the 5th of October (Saturday). This was affectionately known as the "MAD+" workshop, as an acronym for their "Make A Difference" range. 

[Make A Difference Display]

As with all their workshops, this was priced at RM50 for a fully redeemable voucher. Clearly evident, the purpose of this range is to ensure hydration is at its optimal level within your skin, and this range promises to ensure that this ability is boosted.

The group was smaller this time, and it was run in a slightly more informal way, which was quite nice. 

While the Make A Difference range has been around for ages, in the last year or so they've infused with with new ingredients like lychee and watermelon to make it more effective, and thereby allowing them to add a nice little '+' booster to the back of the label.

I do love lychees. Is that a valid reason to buy this? No, even I can't justify that kind of stretch.

While it was clear that this range is geared towards those with dry skin, they moisturiser comes in two forms - a gel and a cream, to cater to those with oily, but dehydrated skin. 

[MAD+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser - The thicker formula]

[MAD+ Rejuvenating Treatment - The thinner formula]

Beyond these, they have a cream cleanser, toner and a serum.

[Toner and Cleanser]

I wouldn't risk either of these on my skin because they run to the more moisturising side and might turn me into an eccentrically-shaped bottle of oil. 

However, I did test some of the moisturiser out on my skin and despite the thicker texture, it absorbed extremely quickly and didn't leave any stickiness or residue. The scent is far from fantastic, but that is to be expected from a brand that doesn't really fragrance their products. It's not unpleasant, but I wouldn't sit around sniffing the jar (As I do with some of my products. Don't judge).

So, what's special about this range other than the addition of lychees? The fact that they did a demonstration with blew my mind.

The primary ingredient that aids in the hydration-boosting properties in this line is Rose of Jericho. Now, I've never heard of this, but it's officially the coolest plant ever.

As the name suggests, it is native to dry, desert-like conditions and so, much like the cactus, it's ability to retain water is insane. Unlike the cactus, however, it is far more resourceful. It looks like dead tumble weed when you first come across it.

[Rose of Jericho]

Apparently, it's so good at surviving and retaining water that it can go years without exposure to a proper water source and it doesn't die. It's got tiny hairs which absorb any water molecules in the atmosphere as well, which is absolutely insane.

I never thought Origins kept beakers of ingredients around their stores for anything other than decorative purposes and reiterate the fact that they use natural ingredients, but apparently they have demonstrative purposes as well.

They added very little water to a plate, and then placed one of these shrivelled up balls of Rose of Jericho onto it. Within 20 minutes, it had "bloomed"!


Seriously, how awesome is this?! I want to keep these in my home too! 

If this isn't a testament to using the right ingredient for the job, I don't know what is! What the combination of the ingredients does is to repair your moisture barrier over the period of use and make your cells more effective at retaining water. Even more impressive is the claim that it's meant to do show results in just 28 days. 

Someone attending the workshop was nice enough to voice her concerns over whether stopping the usage of this product would cause a decline in the hydrating productivity of skin once its been boosted, and we were assured that there would be gradual decline, but not to the point where you will be back at square one. That's definitely comforting. 

I did exercise some self-control and purchased one single item that I had decided on prior to attending the event. However, this is a line of serum and moisturisers I'll be looking into in the future when I'm no longer stocked to the brim with skincare.

Of course, there were door gifts!

[Origins' Loot]


[Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Cream]

[Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask]

[Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Serum]

I'm so glad they gave us some of the serum! 

Though I asked for more samples before seeing what we got.

[Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment and Serum]

For reference purposes, each of these sachets can be used twice.

[Origins' Notebook]

This is definitely new. I love notebooks! Yes, I still subscribe to the ideology that technology can never replace the physically written word. After all, there's nothing in the world more romantic than receiving love letters, is there? Love letters via e-mail are a lie. 

[Hippie Bracelet]

While the charm is extremely pretty, I'm a little traumatised by the message. Why are they trying to turn me against their brand?! 

And of course, the item I purchased.

[A Perfect World Cleanser (RM110)]

Everytime I've gotten a mini facial at Origins, they've used this cleanser on me and I've always felt the need to get it. No time like the present, right? This smells amazing and it feels extremely refreshing on the skin. It foams up very lightly so it cleans very well without stripping the skin. Plus, white tea. Had to be done! Also, after using the RM50 voucher, this was RM60. So we'll just pretend it was RM60.

More importantly, it's safe for the eyes. This has apparently become my new obsession - Cleansers which are safe for the eye area. 

In any event, if you're looking for something ultra-hydrating, check this range out. And if you want an awesome cleanser, get what I bought!

If you're in the hood, go look for Pat in 1Utama. She's my favourite Origins person ever because she's always fabulously nice! 


  1. As I've told you previously, I didn't appreciate the scent or texture of the Origins products under the Andrew Weil collab so I've stayed away from this brand since but it seems you have a soft spot for this brand.
    Makes me want to give them another chance.

    1. I can't blame you where the Dr. Weil line is concerned. It's far from something I would ever recommend anyone trying. They do have good stuff though. It's not the best stuff out there, but it gets the job done at a relatively reasonable price and it's very gentle. I've only done the reviews on the stuff I don't like, but there are a couple of products I will repurchase no matter what is in my collection.
      Specifically, this cleanser is lovely, as is their Modern Friction scrub. The latter is like heaven. It's the only product of the sort I've seen on the market, and it uses rice (it even smells like rice) to draw out excess oils and impurities, but more importantly it acts as a gentle microdermabrasion thingamajiga. It's the one product I think everyone should own.
      I'm still waiting on comments from someone with a different skin type regarding how it worked for her before I put my review up. Yes, I gave her a bit and told her that if she didn't use it, I would come to her house and use it for her. Such is the faith I have in this!