[Nuxe's Serum Merveillance]

If I hadn't been introduced to this at the Nuxe event, I would never have even picked it up because it looks very extremely thick. In fact, my enthusiasm for Nuxe is very recent, but it is clear at this point that this is going to be a life-long affair. 

Nuxe's Merveillance range is meant for those of us (me...) who have visible expression lines, and these tend to be fine lines under the eyes, or laugh lines cost commonly. Over the last few months, I've started noticing creases in my forehead when I frown...and they are taking longer to uncrease...definitely in need of anti-aging products! 

In any event, over time, this serum is meant to work from the inside out in terms of fixing the muscular depressions which cause permanent lines. In other words, it "detenses" the muscle which has been bent out of shape, thereby causing the line. 

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I love that this product is suitable for both the face and eye contour because a number of serums, including the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, aren't. This makes things a lot easier and makes me a lot happier. Besides, it contains hyaluronic acid, which is my new favourite love in products! Anything that helps retain moisture, definitely helps your skin age slower! It's why us oily girls should be somewhat appreciative in that we age slower for the very fact that we have a protective layer of oil on our skin. 

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As with all Nuxe products, the packaging is impeccable. The packaging definitely reflects the simplicity and sophistication that the brand prides itself on. Nuxe products typically contain over 90% of natural materials, and the packaging reflects this in its lack of garish attraction mechanisms. It doesn't look like a product which exists as a fad, and that is a great thing. Beyond that, when you open it up and you see that the product is encased in glass and very weighty, it truly does make you feel like you're an adult and you're being responsible about your skin. I love the entire experience of Nuxe.

For those of you who are environmentally conscious, you will be happy to know that Nuxe doesn't believe in putting additional inserts of information in their boxes. Everything in printed on the inside of the packaging and can be found on their multiple websites. 

[Devoid of Inserts]

Interestingly, for those living in France, they have a loyalty programme whereby you can send your packages back (there's a little code printed on the inside of the box) and redeem gifts for them! 

[The Lovely Glass Bottle]

I've been using this for over a month now, and I've used up just under half of the product in here. The pump is extremely effective and I've not had any problems with it getting stuck or dispensing too much or too little product. It's very much in line with Goldilocks! 

As for the product itself, it's a pale yellow and comes out rather thick. When it does, however, the scent will pull you in an caress your senses. What does it smell like? Cocoa! Not just any cocoa either. I know I've raved about The Body Shop's cocoa scent, but after you smell this, you know The Body Shop artificially scents their products. This smells deep and decadent and like you are in gorgeous Parisian spa. I truly do love it.

I've been using this morning and night for over a month, and I love it! Anyone with my skin type would instinctively steer clear of anything this thick, dense and rich, but they would be wrong. I won't lie about the fact that that was my first instinct as well, but the first time I used it, I was sold! In the morning I use 1 and a quarter pumps, and in the evening I use 1 and a half pumps for my face and neck. It sinks in so quickly and effortlessly that you immediately feel the plumping effect that hyaluronic acid tends to have on the skin. You skin feels hydrated and balanced and very soft to the touch. It definitely has my vote for favourite serum. In fact, it's the first time I've actually been conflicted about Estee Lauder's serum and the fact that this is suitable for the eye area is giving it quite a bit of an edge. However, there isn't a doubt in my mind that I would repurchase this in a heartbeat the moment it starts looking inadequate in quantity.

I'm not someone who can stick with products for very long if I don't absolutely love them, and for me to religiously use something twice a day for over a month is a testament in itself. Even I am surprised by this. All other serums have been banished to the "extras" box and they're all jealous by now. But it's fine! 

However, this serum isn't without its issues and it mostly has to do with the packaging. There are 2 things we need to talk about, Nuxe. First of all, this is definitely not travel-friendly. It's because I love this product so much that I wouldn't take it away with me because I'm not someone who is careful and it will surely break at one point or another. Secondly, the nozzle leaks ever so slightly. When I say leaks, I don't mean it drips, I mean that there's always a dot of product peeking out from it no matter whether it's in the open or closed position. I suppose the fact that it is this thick means that it will gather at an escape point for sure. But these undoubtedly make it a nightmare for portability.

[Leaky Nozzle]

I do think it's time for Nuxe to start selling these products in travel friendly containers so that I don't need to change my skincare when I travel. I certainly never thought I would want to stick with a regime, but apparently it's happening.

Nuxe is sold at SaSa and 30ml of Serum Merveillance retails at RM198.


  1. Arpita.... here we go again !!! Luck,lucky you :) This is a new product to me.. Nuxe has quite a huge range of products it's quite easy to lose track of what is what and what something does...but I do think this is pretty exciting...I'm also on the road to lines under my eyes ..no doubt from roaring out in laughter more often than not and there's a permanent crease on my right cheek that does not look that it's going anywhere...but recently I used some of my mother's ROC wrinkle filler and was flabbergasted on the results..will pinch some of her and do a review when time permits

    1. Poor Sharon will never get over missing out on the Nuxe event. Don't worry, Sharon, I'm sure Nuxe will catch your passion and have other events. I am curious about the ROC wrinkle filler but in person, I am rather poker-faced and deadpan and have no laughter lines to speak of but really, I'm very bubbly - inside.

    2. Sharon: I know how you feel because this was truly the jackpot of product introductions. I do believe they are coming out with Christmas sets, so let's hope they're going to promote those too. I may have a bigger problem than I initially thought because their UK site is promoting a Christmas set with a candle that's scented like their Rose range! I've never been into candles, but there's a first time for everything, I guess!
      ROC! It's another brand I've never really explored and I think it's time I stopped by-passing the counter. I'm currently using Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream and Eye Serum and they are the biggest let downs ever. Their face serum is so amazing that I expected far more!

      ShopGirl: We are so similar! In person I'm very quiet and people think I might be a serial killer. I do have laugh lines, but mostly from mockery and not true laughter! It's quite terrible. It's what's inside that matters!