Before we go into a review, let's ask the question: What is it?

Well, I'm glad you asked *ahem*...

It's a pre-serum. A what? Exactly! Prior to the latter half of this year, I had never heard of pre-serums, and then I encountered Chanel's, which I'll give you a verdict on in comparison with this. 

Do you need a pre-serum? That really depends on whether you like your cells. Basically, you use a serum to help the rest of the products you use to penetrate easier, and serums tend to contain highly concentrated ingredients. Therefore, they are richer, more concentrated moisturisers. If you are using the same brand/range of  serum and moisturiser, the ingredients tend to overlap turning the serum into something like a magnet which binds to all the similar ingredients in the moisturiser, pulling and locking it into your skin. 

Now, on to the fun bits. What does a pre-serum do? It's basically the skeleton key to skincare. While serums permeate the skin further and deeper than moisturisers do, pre-serums are meant to work on a more fundamental level in that they permeate DNA and heal your skin from within. So, all the goodness of the serum and the moisturiser start working on a cellular level that goes beyond skin. It repairs the building blocks of your makeup. 

A write-up on an introduction to Nuxe can be found in this post which I did when I received the products, but the basis of the brand is that they use over 90% of natural ingredients in their products and while they own around 36 patents, 10 of them are found within this product itself, 3 of which are new to the brand (passionflower, anchusa and poppy). 

Now, on with the review! 

First of all, the packaging. Seriously. I said it before, and I'll say it again. I cannot get over how awesome the mechanism on this is. 

Yes, the pump twists up! I love it!

In order to cover your whole face and neck, you need 1 to 2 pumps, depending on your specific skin type.

It comes out of the tube as a beige, rather thick liquid and I was initially somewhat skeptical about how effectively it would sink into my skin. More importantly, it was so thick that I figured there was no way this would work for me because it would make me greasy.

The thing you're bound to notice after the consistency is the scent. Oh my god! I may actually be addicted. The fact that Nuxe is based on the idea of aromatherapy means that their products smells divine! 

The next thing you will notice is that your skin drinks this up like it's been waiting for a water drop in the dessert! I kid you not! You're meant to massage it into your skin, but by the time I'm done dotting it so I can rub it in, my skin has already started absorbing it. It feels absolutely amazing as well. You will notice that it makes your skin feels much more hydrated the moment it sinks in, and it personally makes me extremely happy. 

I've been using it for a month now, but after the first 3 days, I started using it only at night because it did leave me somewhat shinier than usual. I suspect this has to do with the fact that I went full-on Nuxe, and became a convert while I was at it, and there were too many layers on my face during the day. However, I've been using it religiously at night for almost a month now and my skin is definitely softer and happier for it. While, if your skin type mirrors mine (combination/oily), you may see some shine, it doesn't feel even remotely greasy and that's what matters to me personally. In any event, the fact that it's ensured a less dehydrated feel to my skin makes me extremely happy and it's undoubtedly something I would buy again once I'm done with this tube. 

As I mentioned above, prior to this I had used the Chanel pre-serum - Le Jour de Chanel.

[Le Jour de Chanel]

It comes out of the tube a clear liquid with the consistency of water, and while I loved it while I used it prior to Nuxellence Jeunesse, it's questionable that it left me shinier than something roughly 6 times thicker in consistency does. While it has the absolutely gorgeous signature Chanel scent to it, it has nothing on Nuxe. 

[Le Jour de Chanel]

Le Jour de Chanel retails at RM250 for 50ml, where Nuxellence Jeunesse retails at RM180 for the same amount, which is a no-brainer to me since it's a far superior product in my opinion. 

Am I in love? Absolutely! In the last month, I've become a Nuxe convert, and I don't even feel guilty for cheating on Caudalie anymore! 


  1. Arpita, I will probably be a green jelly bean every time I see a Nuxe Post and berate myself a million times more for taking a break from events for the time being..this one was one I should not have missed because I love Nuxe soo... I only have a small tube of this which i got off my VT and i simply adore it... was a little skeptical at first when I saw the beige tint because I'm quite a stone's throw away from that colour..but it blended out so well and evenly and hardly left a trace..... Two thumbs up for an Amazing Pre-Serum

    1. I almost couldn't make it that morning and I'm oh so glad I did. I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the event before they started explaining the products, and now I'm hooked! It really is a shame that you couldn't make it, but yay for Vanity Trove having a dedicated Nuxe box as well! I bought that box as well as a trove when this was offered as a sample because I wanted to spread the love!
      So, so awesome! Chanel has nothing on them and this is something I never thought I would say since I have quite an extensive portion of my heart dedicated to Chanel's skincare line!

  2. Wow, pre-serum? I have this as a sample and haven't had a chance to look at it yet. It's amazing how many layers of product we modern girls indulge in, my head spins from it all.
    If this has your seal of approval then I'm in because from one lab rat to another - bring it on!

    1. When I first heard of pre-serums, that was my thought too! What? Another layer! Scientifically, it makes sense, so why not? But I can't use pre-serums during the day because my skin won't allow me more than 2 layers of product before getting shiny! It's quite a diva that way. But for nightly use, it's wonderful! Please do dry it and let me know how it works for you!

  3. Oh a pre-serum!

    I have yet to sample mine yet but after reading your review, I can't wait to get my 'Nuxe' mode on and try it!

    Love the products from Nuxe- have to admit that they come up with pretty amazing stuff! <3

    1. Oh you definitely do! Very few skincare brands blow Chanel out of the water, and you won't be disappointed!

      So far there's nothing I'm disappointed with, so I'm sure you're going to love everything you haven't tried yet too!