Yes! A new trove! Their offers this time round were insane! Between Clarins, Nuxe and Lierac, I simply couldn't be saved!

First off, look how pretty! I love yellow and this trove came in a lemon-yellow/ochre-y box! Love!

[Oct 2013]


[My Goodies]

Yes, I'm completely smitten by Nuxe, so much so that I was little portable bits and bobs just in case. 

[Skinz's Eye Revive Therapy]

If you read this blog, you know I couldn't resist it if I tried!

[Lierac's Initatic Fluid]

So, what is this exactly? It's meant to be an anti-aging fluid that helps with fine lines, wrinkles and evening out of skin tone. More importantly, it's meant to be mattifying! New primer perhaps??

[Lierac's Coherence]

More anti-aging products! This is supposed to be amazing for firming skin from the inside out, as well as minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While I doubt I'd be up for going under the knife or getting botox, I am not averse to lotions and potions. So why not?

[Neesya's Overnight Radiance Kit]

Reading Sharon Sree's post on Neesya made me feel like I needed some too, so when I saw this in the batch of stuff VT was offering, I snapped it up! 

It's so wonderful that they added a RM10 voucher to the kit in case you feel like you need another fix! 

[Neesya's Overnight Radiance Kit]

[Neesya's Brightening Overnight Mask, Illuminating Essence & Brightening Enzymatic Refiner]

Certainly sounds like it will make your skin look more radiant overnight! Can't wait to give this a shot! 

Then, there was the Nuxe-acquisition! 

[Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse]

Yes, I do have the full size of this, but you can't put the full size in your purse to sniff. It truly does smell that good! I'm starting to worry that people are going to assume I've got liquid cocaine in here.

[Nuxe's Nuxellence Jeunesse]

While Nuxe did kindly give me the full size of this, I really wanted the Enabler to try it too and I refuse to share mine so I ordered one of these for her. From my week+ of testing, I'm loving it thus far! 

And all that for RM50. It's truly a steal! Oh Vanity Trove! You truly make me covet!

While in the past I have expressed my distress at not being able to buy stuff because it doesn't pop up due to my skincare questionnaire not fitting in with the products, I bumped into Aidan Chan of Vanity Trove as an event yesterday and when I brought this up to him, he said that if you actively like and review products and brands within their interactive aspects of their site, they get factored into the algorithm for more options to pop up as well. This is definitely news to me and you can only imagine how I spent last night obsessively liking and reviewing products and brands on their site! 

He also mentioned that come November they have some very exciting stuff on the cards, so stay tuned for sure!

Of course, bumping into him has to be some sort of sign because I came home and lo and behold, their FB page announced that I had won something I was truly coverting! An Origins lip balm! Love it! So girls, stalk their FB page and please participate in the little Beauty Genie contests that they've got going all the time.

If you'd like more information on Vanity Trove, please visit the following sites:


  1. We need to run a competition among ourselves to see who ends up with the most bottles of the Nuxe Oil - but I still love it and I especially love it in the miniature form.
    Some people collect Evian bottles and coke bottles - we two happy to collect Nuxe Oil.
    Great selection and I hear you on the frustrating part regarding the samples. My sample selection in pure c**p at the moment and I can't pick anything out. I did think it was purely a hoax that the selections vary from person to person but when you start seeing everyone else get access to the cool stuff then it starts to dawn on you that you have to go through the 'homework'. Just goes to show - no free lunch. I immediately went to the VT site and clicked like a woman possessed after reading this post. maven, you!

    1. I think we should! By the end of this madness we could sell the bottles back to Nuxe in a claim of recycling! They are far more adorable, and portable, in their minis. It makes my desk at work feel far more festive.
      My selection at present is a bit sad too, so I'm hoping my liking and wishing pops up more lovelies next week! I'm feeling a bit shamed that this didn't even occur to me, though it makes absolutely sense. In this case it's actually quite a brilliant system.