Now, I've long expounded on my love for exfoliators, and you all know how much I love trying different things so it's very, very rare for me to repurchase a product. My first brush with this was 3 years ago in New York, where I picked up a little size, and because I didn't realise it said "Facial Scrub" in big, bold letters on it, I used it as a body scrub. There is a terrible trend going with me where I don't read instructions. 

Now, this wasn't purely assumption-based on my part. When you look at the grains of salt in there, your assumption would be to use it for your body too. I don't think enormous grains of sea salt are meant for the face. 

In any event, it worked miraculously as a body scrub, and I found true love.

[Lush's Ocean Salt]

When you open this up, it's absolutely gorgeous!

[Courtesy of the Internet!]

It truly does look ocean-y, and it certainly smells that way if you're in an ocean of vodka! For any alcoholics out there, you will love this because the mixture of salt and vodka in here makes it smell like a beverage. I don't drink, so I can't hazard a guess on which beverage exactly. Nevertheless, the lemon-y scent certainly freshens the scent up and it's just all-round lovely for the senses.

So, at the end of last year, the Enabler was returning from Australia and I went onto their site to send her a picture of what I wanted. I was a little distressed when I couldn't find it under the "Body" section, so I was browsing through the "Face" section and came across the tub I was looking for!

For the face? Hmm...

Even though it had been over 2 years since I had used it, I did remember that it was rough even on the body due to the enormous grains of salt, so it couldn't have been right. But, I ordered it anyway, and I did try it on my face. Such a bad idea. I should really stick to not reading instructions. While it definitely exfoliated the living hell out of my face and it was left smooth and tightened by the vodka, it's far too abrasive for regular use because it would surely scratch your skin and strip it a little too much. Back to the body with it! Absolutely amazing stuff for that purpose!

[The End of the Tub]

While you can see the smaller grains in this picture (It did occur to me when I was taking pictures that I probably should have done so before using the entire tub up), the bigger grains run around 5-6 times this size. We're going to ignore the fact that this was ever meant for use on the face and discuss how amazeballs it is for the body. Seriously. One of my top 3 scrubs ever. It's rich and smells lovely, it exfoliates like a dream and it's good for your skin. Not only do you have the softest skin ever after you've used it, it's a brilliant means of helping with in-grown hairs, and the vodka acts as a disinfectant for those of you who tend to break out due to residue after scrubbing. Love! Love, love, love!

Lush is now available in Singapore, which is probably the only reason (along with Sephora - They count as one) for me to go back there. Yes, I'm definitely repurchasing this! 


  1. Don't worry, darling, I am hopeless with instructions too. I just don't read them. Period. They're so dull and dry and the only thing they might be good for is saving your life or preventing some godawful mishap in which case it's already too late when something bad really does happen because then it's almost impossible to understand them then anyway as instructions and panic do not make good bedfellows.

    I'm usually always so dazzled by the novelty of something new that I usually throw all caution to the wind and dive in.

    I am a bit concerned about the 'giant' salt grains in this product. Forgive me but my presently tender skin is shrinking at the mere thought of those humungous salty golf balls. Ouch!

    1. Hahaha I couldn't have put my train of thought into a more realistic scenario! After all, our legacy is in going where no man has gone before, isn't it? And this is precisely how off-label uses are found!

      They're really quite big, and if you have sensitive skin I would definitely avoid this scrub. I have skin that turns bright red, but it doesn't stay that way which is a sign of sensitive/hardy skin. I'm quite happy with this.

      If, however, you choose to brave it, you won't regret how amazingly smooth this leaves your skin!

  2. I love my scrubs..the rougher the better and there is nothing more gratifying than scrubbing myself silly after a long day. It's a shame though that Lush does not see the potential of the Malaysian market..if it was left to me....products would be flying off the shelves in record time.

    1. I couldn't agree more on all counts. I have an ever-growing list of Lush products that I need in my arsenal, and this whole travelling across the border to get it nonsense is not working for me!
      Have you ever tried Soap & Glory's thermal body scrub? I can't remember the exact name, but it heats up when scrubbed to do a rather thorough job! I don't think I've seen it in Sephora as yet, but I got it from Bangkok a couple of years back. Another one that was well loved!

    2. I have heard... and i've checked out Sephora here and they DONT have it but odly it's not even listed on the Soap & Glory UK Website..either way it's on my wishlist and a really dear friend who knows I'm looking for this one has every intention of finding it for me.... i dont know when I'll get my hands on it..but i'm so looking for a 'hot scrub' :P

    3. I'm so glad I don't need to convince you that you need this...because you do!

      It's still available on Boots UK and Boots Thailand, so if you get minions in either country, you're sorted!