I recently got this from India, courtesy of the Enabler's enabling, and it's been a very long time (years in fact) since I've been excited about trying out a foundation. The only other foundation that I'm coveting on par with this is Chanel's Perfection Lumiere. One day, my precious. One day.

This retails at about Rs.700 which is roughly RM70-80, which is pretty decent for a foundation of this quality. By Indian standards, though, it's insanity. For those who aren't familiar with Lakme, it's not some random brand that India is trying to kill us with, it's actually produced in Germany, and the packaging shows it. Look how sleek it is! 

A really odd aspect, besides how it looks, is the fact that it has an SPF of 8 which is both very random and very redundant. But we shall let that slide.

However, when you open it up, it does look a bit dodgy.

[01 Ivory Fair]

Because it's a mousse, it doesn't sit pretty in the pot, but I can't complain! The unsightly nature of this is definitely made up for by the scent though. It's not very heavily scented, but it has a subtle rosy undertone to it that's just lovely. Anyway, I just want the stuff, so unsightly or not, it's mine! Enough faffing about. Let's get on with it!

[How to terrify small children...The natural natural]

The coverage on this is pretty good. It's definitely got medium-full coverage going on, and it's buildable. The texture itself, being a mousse, is unlike any foundation I've ever used, so it was a little strange. The packaging suggested application using fingers so I did just that and odd texture aside, it blended it fantastically easily and didn't require very much at all. In fact, I had to put some of what I took out back into the put. And therein lies the reason why you always wash your hands before applying makeup! 

[Foundation On]

Since it was meant to be a full coverage look, I opted for my favourite setting powder - MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish (MSF) Natural. I buffed it in using a kabuki brush just to get as flawless a finish as possible without going crazy with the concealer. As always, I did conceal under my eyes, only.

[Concealer + MSF to complete the base]

And the finished look!

[Ready to Roll at 7:20 pm - I wasn't late!]

It definitely sits as a very natural matte, and it didn't feel greasy at all. I like how the my bindi accentuate how uneven my eyebrows are. Perils of being Indian. 

So, I didn't do any touch ups or even check my makeup throughout the night. It sat extremely comfortably and felt like there was barely anything there. In fact, this was far more comfortable than any BB Cream I've tried which stresses me out a little because I don't want to walk around with foundation on everyday! 

How did it fare with being ignored?


Extremely well! Other than a very slight, natural, not quite shiny, sheen, there was barely any change to the makeup. There was a little creasing under my eyes, but that always happens so I'm not faulting this foundation for that. 

I'm so impressed with this that I have no words! Surely it's the perfect foundation for us oily girls?! It's mattifying without being too unnaturally flat, and it feels fantastic on the skin. So much love for this foundation! Almost 5 hours without a need for even a check definitely gets my vote! 


  1. Another item on the 'To Try To Buy' List..this really looked good on you.. 5 hours later you were still rocking it. Will need to google swatches and selections... but for someone who does not wear foundation I'm tempted to try this one and it looks to be a small pot so even if I dont finish it and it goes rancid...I'll live

    Oh and perhaps a typo on the title made it Lanke and not Lakme

    1. Definitely worth a shot! I'm a little sad Lakme isn't more readily available outside India. They really do make some quality products. I rarely wear foundation too so at present this is the only liquid-y foundation in my possession. I'm so happy with it. One of the better impulse purchases on my part!

      Thank you for pointing out the error! The perils of blogging at 3 am.

  2. I'm going to admit, I know nothing about Indian beauty products. I'm sure there's is plenty of good stuff out there but really, I think there's a calling here for you - to bring Indian brands to the fore for your Malaysian reader.
    I'm really quite impressed with how this has worked so well on you - very flattering. And you are right, in the jar it does look rather ...unappetizing?
    Given the great coverage and mattifying qualities...you could probably throw out your other foundations but I know you won't - the lab rat in you shall trod on in never ending search of the Holy Grail of Foundation.

    1. Sadly this is true! I have an umpteen number of products which could be considered HG but I just keep going. I think I need a lab coat...just because. I've always wanted one!
      Most of my face was done with Lakme, including eyeshadow and lip liner. Truly this is the one area in which India excels...but I still wouldn't go there to get the stuff. I'll just send my representatives.