This is one of the first BB Creams I purchased, aside from the multiple samples I had amassed by the time it happened. I spent 3 weeks in June in London, and I used this for almost the entire trip. Perhaps due to the weather being a little more forgiving on oily skin, I found it to be a rather perfect specimen of a BB Cream. It retails at around RM180, and it's an SPF 50 with all the works, so if you're someone who walks around in the sun a lot, this will give you the kind of protection that you need.

As for shades, this comes in a single shade, and it's quite impressive on that front because when I used it in London, I went into full on make-up mode and really buffed MAC's MSF in over it ensuring that there was absolutely no discrepancy between my face/neck and the rest of my body. For the purposes of this review, however, I used a very light hand on both the powders, so there is a very slight discrepancy, but nothing particularly alarming.

Now that the story of my life is out of the way, let's get down to business!

This is what the BB Cream looks like when it comes out of the tube:

Yes, it's one that runs along the grey spectrum, which is more typical of Asian BB Creams than the Western lot, and it's definitely not a runny consistency. 

DAY 1:

For the first day, I applied MAC's MSF over this with a very light hand, focusing particularly on the T-Zone.

[Why am I alive at this hour?]

This BB Cream tends to go on a little tacky, though it blends supremely easily into the skin. I tapped it in, as opposed to rubbing it into my skin as I did throughout June and got a very decent medium-coverage out of it. While it does start off slightly grey, it settles into a reasonable match for your skintone relatively quickly, and provides quite a natural finish. It's definitely not a matte finish however, but it leaves a rather healthy sheen to the skin.

[BB Cream On]

While adding a powder over top helps to neutralise the shade further, without buffing it in, the BB Cream is still a shade or two light for my skin, but nothing terribly drastic. 

[Undereye Concealer & MAC's MSF]

[11:20 am - Ready to Roll!]

By 3 pm, my makeup was still completely in tact. My face was definitely starting to get a little oily, but it wasn't very bad and there was minimal undereye creasing (which tends to be the worst aspect of my makeup wearing off).

[3 pm]

At 5:45 pm, the situation was similar. My face was oily, particularly across the T-Zone, but my makeup was still quite decently put together.

[5:45 pm]

Now, this day was EXTRAORDINARILY long for me, and it ran all the way through to 5 am with my face on. After 7 pm I didn't blot my face at all, and I must say that I was quite impressed with how decent the wear on this BB Cream was.

[5:03 am the next morning]

Yes, my undereye makeup had basically worn off, and my left eye was looking disastrous. This was primarily due to the fact that I had lenses on and I had been rubbing my eyes terribly for a good few hours due to the discomfort. All in all, however, by the end of the night, some of the blush was still there and there wasn't any patchiness. My T-Zone was oily, which is to be expected, and the colour never really settled in completely. It remained a shade too light.

DAY 2:

[This is the face of insomnia]

There was no real change in application from the prior application, and it was still tacky.

[BB Cream On]

[Undereye Concealer & Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder]

As expected, the mattifying powder removed the sheen left from the BB Cream quite a bit, leaving me with a  good, matte canvas. 

[10:15 am - Ready to roll!]

By 1 pm, there was a very slight sheen on my nose, but nothing particularly bothersome. On this front however, I had switched up my skincare routine and its entirely possible that had something to do with the extended mattification, which is not usually the case for me.

[1 pm]

By 4:50 pm, however, my face was oily and I needed to blot. My makeup, however, was in tact.

[4:50 pm - Pre-blot]

And finally, by 9:45 pm, my T-Zone in particular was rather oily, and the creasing under my eyes was quite terrible...possibly due to the use of extra concealer to cover up the evidence of my sleep deficit. Other than that, however, my makeup was pretty much fine and my blush had no been distorted. As with the previous application, the colour was still a shade or two too light for me.

[9:45 pm]

Overall, this is a pretty good BB Cream. My primary issue with it is that it has a grey tinge to it, as opposed to beige undertones which does not aid in correcting the dark circles under my eyes. Other than that, however, it performed quite well, which is not something I was expecting in this weather. The coverage on this is also extremely decent and it can be built up without looking cakey. I'm also rather impressed with the fact that it doesn't go blotchy when it start wearing off, which is definitely a plus for me. 


  1. You are right, their is a slight grey cast in this BB Cream. You've still done an excellent job with it but it doesn't hold a candle to the warm coverage that the Lakme gave you.
    I don't know if it's my imagination but do you think that the Asian brands are better at BB and foundations for Asian women?

    1. It's definitely true. I think the pinkish tones in Western skin balances the grey out a lot better than the yellow undertones we have as Asians.
      This is probably why Indian makeup suits me so much better as well, it's got a slightly ochre-undertone which works with my skintone far better than anything I've tried from regular brands.
      It seems that most companies are bringing out foundations which range from pinkish to yellow undertones to match more skintones, so this is promising.

  2. * there*
    Sorry for the typo..