I can't tell you how excited I was when I won invites to 'F's anniversary party! As has been their ongoing modus operandi, they have competitions on the Facebook page every now and again, and this was their latest!

They've been around for 3 years now, and even then not many people who I know have been exposed to them. This is possibly due to the sheer volume of F&B outlets in Bangsar. Nevertheless, now you know. Should you pay 'F' a visit? Let's take a look shall we.

[The Inconspicuous Entrance...]

[Up a flight a colourful stairs...]

[Obligatory anniversary bouquets]

Now, the entire concept behind 'F' has always intrigued me. The restaurant is by far the most open plan I've come across and has a very informal, visiting-a-friend's-house feel to it.

Indeed, even the event today was extremely welcoming and had the homey feel of being at a friend's house with a table laid out with food which you could go over to for seconds or thirds. It was all quite lovely.

[Sticking with the informal theme...]

[A pop of fresh colour...]

They had an open bar which was serving iced lemon tea and wine for the afternoon. I was a little sad they weren't serving up coffee as they do a fabulous job of brewing the stuff. Their latte art is nothing to sneeze at either. A while ago, on Facebook, they were taking requests for latte art, and they obliged my request for a Star Wars version with this. They truly are extremely faithful in their interactions online which only reinforces the atmosphere in the restaurant.

[The Bar]

You know how iced lemon tea frequently lacks anything but a watered-down, overly-sweetened flavour? This was miles from the case here. I will say it. This was one of the best iced lemon teas I've had in KL. It made me rather ecstatic as I have an unrequited affair with the stuff. Well, up until now at least! I don't drink, so I can't give you even an inkling of the state of the wine.

[Perfect Iced Lemon Tea]

If there's an aesthetic reason for you to visit 'F', it's the open kitchen. By open, I mean literally in your dining area, without the glass which sections off the chefs in most restaurants. The first thing that struck me about this when I first checked the place out a couple of years ago was how amazingly brilliant their hobs must be! Despite this set up, I've never left the restaurant smelling of food and you don't smell what's cooking until it hits your table which I find fantastic because you cannot deny the olfactory element present in food. Too many scents will mess with how you perceive the taste of food.

[The Sexy Open Plan Kitchen]

I will undoubtedly be plagiarising the concept of the kitchen if I ever get the chance to design my very own with no restrictions on space and finances!

Now, on to the main event: The Food.

While I love most things which are edible, I love the simple things more than most others: Bread and butter are the two things I could live on without complaining for the rest of my life. However, when you add cheese to the mix, it's like everything else in the world is redundant. Glorious, glorious cheese. As with all good cheeses, there isn't the need for butter, so there wasn't any present. 

Lunch was due to be served at 12 noon, but when I got there (and I was unashamedly one of the firsts because I was so excited), and prior to that starters of cheese, olive and bread were laid on the table.

[Could there be a prettier sight than fans of cheese?]


[Freshly baked bread]

I really do need to say it, the bread was divine! It was soft, crusty and had lovely pockets of air which allowed it to soak up the flavours of any liquid it came into contact with. Perfection! I will truly never understand people who don't like carbohydrates. Their lives must be so devoid of love!

I was rather surprised, and pleasantly so, that there was live music arranged. The musicians played a series of mellow, well-tuned music which moulded itself quite perfectly to the atmosphere and time of day.

[Live Music]

[A Table Full of Food]

There was flavoured cheese as well once the lunch ball got rolling!

[Spiced Cheese - Delectable!]

[Shrimp Cocktail]

I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture of the actual shrimp. However, this was a very interesting concoction because there was very distinct flavour of fruit in this which worked very well with the fresh shrimp. 


[Too much Hell's Kitchen leaves me assuming this is a take on Beef Wellington]


[Beef Tartare]

[Seafood Risotto]

While everything on the menu was cooked to perfection and an absolute must try if you get the chance, I really need to wax lyrical about the risotto. Not only was the risotto cooked to perfection - rich, creamy but still retaining enough of a bite to know that each grain is individually coated (anyone who has ever tried knows how daunting a task it is to achieve this balance), but the fish was spot on. It was not only extremely fresh, but the flavour was impeccable! I have to say it - I've never been keen on seafood risotto prior to this. They've always been lacking in terms of flavour or freshness. Is it wrong that I'm already craving this?

When we first got there, they handed us two items, which I initially thought was a menu for the event. However, it was much better! Door gifts!

[Door Gifts]

[Tiny Vouchers]

I love that there's so much coffee in this little leaf! I'm already there in my head. Hopefully there will be risotto involved. 

[More Vouchers]

Since sharing is caring, and you too need to go try their food out for yourselves, the first person to request it gets the purple envelope of 10% off at 'F' and the RM60 Shawn Cutler voucher.

Trust me, you won't regret it!

'F' by Buffalo Kitchens
69-1 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri - 11:30am-12:00mn; Sat-Sun - 9:30am-12:00mn
Tel: +60322011710 / +60122090226
['F' is located right above Chawan in Bangsar]


  1. Oh, I love open kitchens. The chefs can't hide anything hahaha
    Too bad this post wasn't actually edible...
    I love your food posts. I really do! You approach your meals with such gusto and love your butter as much as I do. I can only read food posts written by people who love butter!

    1. Exactly! I have a bit of an OCD-addled streak and reading stuff like Kitchen Confidential makes my skin crawl!
      I have a nephew who isn't a fan of butter and I do think it's because his parents didn't beat him as a child. There is no excuse!
      Would you like the vouchers?