This was a little sample size I received with The Lilac Box's Decleor box and it's the first product of its kind that I've used.

Forst off, I adore Decleor's packaging! It's simple, yet beautiful and sophisticated. Yellow is my favourite colour, so it appeals to me aesthetically as well! 

A quick look at the instructions show that this product can be used on the eye area as well, which I love! All too often, we mask out faces but miss your on the essential eye area which has far thinner and more sensitive skin. 

The whole concept behind this made me very excited. It comes out of the tube as a white cream, but as you massage it into your skin, it turns into an oil! If it doesn't turn into an oil, you know you're being a little too stingy with it! I feel a little bit like I'm channeling divinity when I use this!

[From cream...]

[ oil!]

Not only does this smell wonderful, it feels amazing on the skin as well. The oil it turns to doesn't feel greasy at all and it isn't a pain to remove. 

Once you wash it off (I've tended to use a muslin cloth for this purpose), your skin feels amazingly well hydrated and plumped. 

I'm a bit sad I've reached the end of my little sample and if I didn't have 300 million masks in my possession, I would go out and repurchase this for sure. 

This mask retails at RM168 for 50ml and you don't need a lot of it to work on your face and neck. My little 5ml size lasted me 4 maskings which is really very decent!


  1. I was a little excited after reading this review because I thought I had a deluxe sample in one of my Vanity Troves but it wasn't to be - mine is the moisturising cream. They almost look the same.
    I like it when you talk skincare because I have oily skin issues too (especially around the T-zone but mine is also dry in parts (outer cheeks, around the temples) so I guess Combination (sensitive) Skin would be the more correct term. I've never had just dry skin and the concept of Normal Skin is like the Holy Grail of skin. Is it even possible for anyone but the blessed few?! I can't even think I've ever met but a handful of people who had perfect skin without having to fake it.

    1. Their entire Hydra Floral range is packaged this way and they're all the same size when it comes to samples so I have to put everything in different places by category so that I don't reach for the wrong thing! Hopefully VT puts this in the their rotation because you need to try it and I want more!
      I have the same problem. I'm mostly oily but the sides of my face are dehydrated. Why can't my skin just behave?! The sad part is that I know so many people who don't really look after their skin and it's still so much nicer than mine is. Life isn't fair at all!
      Lots of skincare upcoming in the next couple of weeks now that school is over for a fortnight! Hopefully you'll find a thing or two to help because I feel like I'm inching closer to what I need.