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WonderBox very kindly invited me to the Bio-essence Tea Party on Thursday evening, and when you put skincare and tea together, it's almost like what heaven sounds like to me. Absolutely could not resist.

[V-Shape Face Celebration Party]

It was held in the "outdoor atrium" style part of Ben's, and the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic! Between the decor and the enthusiasm everyone involved in the brand had, you knew it was going to be a good evening the moment you stepped through those doors! 


Naturally, there was a set-up of their skincare, but I found it absolutely adorable that it was labelled according to sequence of use. I do love organisation!

[Product Display]

As this was an event for their Royal Jelly + ATP range, they didn't have their entire collection out. These are the products launched this year in a series of new and improved formulations. 

[Deep Cleansing Milk]

[Deep Exfoliating Gel]

[Nourishing Deep Cleanser & Nourishing Foamy Cleanser]

I couldn't be happier about the fact that even though this is a range of products, they have done their due diligence in paying attention to different skin types where the cleanser is concerned. Their Nourishing Deep Cleanser is for those with Normal to Dry skin, while their Nourishing Foamy Cleanser is for those with Combination to Oily skin. This is very often overlooked when brands come out with an entire range of products.

[Deep Nourishing Toner]

[Radiant Youth Essence]

[Face Lifting Cream]

The Face Lifting Cream is truly meant to be the star product in this range because it provides results in just 10 minutes, and over time it does shape your face with the provision of sharper angles. It does this by burning fat and aiding in the elimination of water retention over time. I like that it is meant to be used for long-term results as opposed to a purely cosmetic, short-term effect. 

The brand pegs its claims on products as "efficacies", and there are 8 associated with the Face Lifting Cream, which include firming sagging skin through improvement of elasticity, reducing double chin, lifting facial contours, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing expression lines, nourishing and moisturising skin, and maintaining youthfulness and enhancing feminine charm. I'm not entirely sure how the shape of your face is associated with your "feminine charm", but we'll take their word for it.

Now, let's backtrack a little, because the event in its totality was quite a lot of fun.

There was even Polaroid camwhoring! 


As mentioned, the atmosphere was very welcoming and quite laid back.

[To Lounge...]

[Product Display]

[Table Seating]

Bio-essence was kind enough to ensure that we were entitled to order anything we wanted to drink and I was beyond grateful for this because I was in a severe caffeine slump by the time I got there. Coffee was definitely in order!


And there were snacks!

[Glorious Food]

[Chocolate Dipped Strawberries & Chocolate Truffles]

[Scones and Pastries]

[Assorted Sandwiches]

[Iced Lemon Tea]


[Chicken Wings]

[Human Interaction]

[Comes as a thick cream for massaging into the skin...]

Seriously, just look at the lid of the Face Lifting Cream! It's a little honeycomb! 

[Presentation Win!]

And so the event got started with a little background on the company. And I do mean little. They spared us the slideshow because they wanted us to actually see the products in action which I think is quite the testament to an effective brand.

Bio-essence has been around in this part of the world since 2002, and in 2004 they first released the Face Lifting Cream. Since then, the abundance of research has yielded multiple new and improved versions of it, and this year's launch will be its 4th. In 2008, they launched their Pine series, and that was what was incorporated into their products. In 2010/2011, they began using Royal Jelly in their products, and for very good reason. 

Royal Jelly is fed exclusively to Queen Bees, and they have the ability to live up to 40 times longer than regular bees! You know what that means. Anti-aging heaven! I have absolutely no issues with trying to compete with bees on this front, and if the Queen Bee has it, I want it too! Not to mention it's also a substance which is rather laborious to produce...all the better! 

ATP has been the product of much debate, mainly because it seems like no one knows how to pronounce it. Basically what it does is repair the ability for cells to communicate and replicate. In human terms, as we get older, our cells behave a little like Meth addicts in that they are having completely different conversations with each other and thereby failing at their ability to keep our skin in optimal condition. Substances like ATP reboot these barriers to communication which aids in cell regeneration, i.e. younger skin. 

However, they have ensured that testing was done on all age ranges, not just those who are drawn in by the anti-aging aspect of it. At the end of August this year, they held an event in Singapore with 100 participants, many of whom were in their late teens/early 20's where they used their Royal Jelly & ATP range on them and measured the before and after contours and angles on their faces to find that there was a drastic difference even in the younger crowd. The average difference tends to be between 5-15 degrees, which means that we're talking about an immediately visible difference.

As their sales where this line is concerned has been rather outstanding (for good reason as you will see), they even brought out a cake in order to have us celebrate with them!

[Themed no less!]



Thereafter, we got to the crux of the matter - The demonstration!

Meet our 2 volunteers:



Of course, things kicked off with all the requisite measurements being taken to ensure we had a guide as to the extent of the change.


We all know that the first step to effective skincare is to get all the dirt and grime off your face! Enter: Deep Cleansing Milk:

[Deep Cleansing Milk (RM36.90)]

Their Deep Cleansing Milk is safe for the eye area as well, which makes thing a whole lot easier in life. It's meant to be extremely effective at removing makeup and impurities, and I really can't wait to test this out against the hoard I already own. 

Aside from Royal Jelly and ATP, aloe vera, cucumber extract, ginseng, angelica and wolfberry. It certainly sounds like it'll do wonders for your skin. 

Of course, with all cleansing milks, you apply it straight to your face without adding any water and massage it in to remove your makeup. 

[Massaging in the Cleansing Milk]

Then you wipe it off with a tissue just to aid in the cleansing process.

[Wipe it off with a tissue]

And rinse with water...


Next up, we have their Deep Exfoliating Gel:

[Deep Exfoliating Gel (RM75.90)]

This is not meant for the eye area! It's an exfoliator, but not one which contains exfoliating beads. If you've heard of similar products like Marvel Gel by Ginvera or Natural Aqua Gel by Cure, it works in the same way. You apply it to completely dry skin, and the gel gently removes the dead skin cells. I did quite enjoy Ginvera's Marvel Gel when I used it, so I'm very curious to try this since it's meant to be gentle enough for daily use. I suppose these products fall between exfoliators with beads and chemical peels.

This is meant to be absolutely fantastic for treating and preventing serious blackhead issues, so you might want to look into it if you have that issue. I am extremely excited that it can be used daily because I have an issue with congested skin and regular exfoliation is definitely the key to helping that problem out. From a cursory glance of the ingredients on this, the majority of it is made up by sugar and citric fruit extracts which means it's reasonably natural. I do think it might be worth a try for people with sensitive skin, since Ginvera's Marvel Gel is rather harsh and isn't necessarily suitable if you fall within that category.

[Apply to dry face and massage it in]

As you massage it in, you should see your dead skin cells balling up and flaking off. Very exciting stuff indeed! 

Thereafter, you rinse thoroughly to ensure the product is cleansed from your skin.


Thereafter, you will want to go in with a cleanser that's suitable to your skin type:

[Nourishing Deep Cleanser & Nourishing Foamy Cleanser (RM26.90 each)]

The essential difference between the two is that the Deep Cleanser doesn't contain soap so it doesn't strip the skin as much as the Foamy Cleanser would. Having said that, the product claims that despite the fact that the latter foams up, it doesn't strip the skin or leave it feeling tight. I can attest to this since I've used the Foamy Cleanser before. It really is quite a nice cleanser. 

Of course, when you cleanse you want to get a bit of water on your hands and lightly massage your skin in circular motions to get the grit off. In this case, it's particularly essential to cleanse because you've used an exfoliator which might have left residue on your skin. 

Bio-essence recommends spraying some of their Miracle Bio Water on after cleansing and before toning. 

This is another of those products with multiple purposes. I've always seen it in-store but I've never really looked into it so I've never purchased it, but it has multiple uses in that it can be used for your face, body and hair! HAIR! I really think I need to go out and get this and that is the plan tomorrow (*Hint* There's a multi-product review on facial mists coming up!). What was rather exciting was that they did before and after measurements with their moisture-measurement-thingamajiga and found that moisture levels go up by up to 100% once this is sprayed onto the skin! I was there and I was shocked! I need this! 

For those of you who are like me, with oil-control issues, this is meant to be a fantastic product for mattifying the skin. This is the one aspect of it I really, really want to test out and you will have an answer soon!

Another fun fact is that an off-label use for this is on wounds. It aids in calming irritation and helping to heal. Now I know you want this too!

[Spray all over skin...]

[Tap it in...]

As with all mists, you don't want to rub it into the skin. You just don't! You would lightly tap your skin to stimulate blood flow and activate your skin into absorbing the product you've put on it.

Next up, we have toning! 

[Deep Nourishing Toner (RM42.90)]

Okay, honestly. This has olive oil in it! Olive oil!

Can you tell by now that I'm extremely excited about this product?

First of all, I detest toners which can't be used on the eye area because I really don't want to use a separate product for that purpose. At present I'm forced to because my toner doesn't specifically state that it's not for the eye area, but it smells like it has too many chemicals in it, so I'm not risking it. Instead, I've been using rose water for that purpose. This, however, has made me very happy! Olive oil! That means that it has the potential to strengthen your eye lashes as well! The other ingredient which it contains that has me very happy is hyaluronic acid! Yes! It's like everything I love in one product. This could very well be holy grail material and I can't wait to try it out! 

[Onto a cotton pad and swipe it over your face...]

Next up is my other favourite skincare product: Eye Cream!

Well, in this case, eye gel!

[24k Gold Eye Gel]

Look how pretty it is! LOOK! Not just that, it's meant to be fantastic for lifting and tightening the eye area. You know I'm going to go out and buy this, don't you?

[Dab some on and tap it in...]

The next step in the recommended process is their Radiant Youth Essence:

[Radiant Youth Essence (RM95.90)]

For those of you who are more familiar with serums, this is Bio-essence's replacement product. They did, however, at some point have a serum which could be used by those with combination/oily or oily skin purely because when you put this on, it is initially oily, but it absorbs extremely quickly and leaves a very nice sheen to the skin (as tested on my hand). They found that over time, this actually helped to balance the skin and control oil so they phased out the serum entirely. 

Interestingly, one of its key ingredients is green tea extract as well, and we all know that green tea has anti-aging properties due to its extremely high anti-oxidant content. On top of that, caffeine is a natural sunscreen, so I'm not entirely sure if they have excluded the caffeine in the extract, but if it is included, that's just an added layer of protection under the sunscreen you should be wearing!

[Massage the essence in...]

[Don't they look thoroughly relaxed by the massage?]

And finally, we come to their stellar product:

[Face Lifting Cream (RM115.90)]

The question was asked whether this was suitable for skin with breakouts, and in fact it actually helps to reduce them because honey and royal jelly are anti-inflammatory and anti-septic in nature. Don't you love products which do it all?

My only concern with this is whether it will be too rich for my skin during the day. I'll definitely have to give this a shot to see whether it makes me shinier than normal.

In any event, it's recommended that you massage it in for as long as you can, but 3-5 minutes would do the trick. And yes, you do need to actively massage this is in upward strokes in order to shape your face accordingly. Since it's meant to work on double chins as well, and you should want a firmer neck, go all the way! 

[Dot it all over your face...]

[And pamper your skin with a little massage...]

The girls did mention that they felt some tingling for a few minutes, but neither of them turned red which means it's probably just the fat-burning properties and diuretic effect which causes the tingling. 

And finally, time to measure!

[How do we do it?]

I know you're curious! Because I was extremely curious! While the results were definitely apparent, nothing convinces me more than math that it is effective! 

[Definitive Change]

[Lovely Christine]

So, these were the results:

Before - 11.5 cm ; 73 degrees
After - 11 cm ; 67 degrees

Before: 11.8 cm ; 75 degrees
After - 11.5 cm ; 67 degrees

The figures speak for themselves!

And after seeing the results, we had 2 more volunteers who Bio-essence very kindly repeated the process for!

[2 More Volunteers!]

All in all, it was an extremely interesting event and I love the fact that there was a very thorough live demonstration. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was never particular intrigued by this brand, but I stand corrected They seem to be a rather effective skincare line which is quite reasonably priced, and I can foresee fandom on my future. What I am most attracted to is that when you look at the ingredients in their products, a lot of it is really quite natural and the chemical-ly bits are lower down on the list meaning they are less prevalent. 

Of course, they sent us home with some lovely, and extremely generous goodies from their Royal Jelly + ATP range!


There was a little extra in there that I'm so enamoured with!

[Multi-Purpose Pouch]

It's a bright yellow pouch!!! I love it! 

[Press Kit]

[Deep Cleansing Milk]

[Deep Exfoliating Gel]

[Nourishing Deep Cleanser & Nourishing Foamy Cleanser]

[Deep Nourishing Toner]

[Toner's Active Ingredients]

[Radiant Youth Essence]

[Potent Green Tea Extract]

[Essence's Active Ingredients]

[Face Lifting Cream]

[Face Lifting Cream's Active Ingredients]

[Comes with a measuring tape!]

The packaging on these products is actually quite fantastic and much better than I expected. The cream, toner and essence come in (what feels like) glass containers which are hefty and feel very luxurious. I like it! 

And, because you made it through the extremely long post, there's a little giveaway on the cards! 2 Nourishing Foamy Cleansers are up for grabs. Just leave a comment down below telling me which product has intrigued you most and that you'd like the cleanser! 


The giveaway ends on the 8th of November, 2013 at 11:59 pm.


  1. Hi Arpita!
    Are you gonna post up your before and after photos? :-D

    1. Hey Moxie!!!
      I don't know, should I? Hehehe my face is getting progressively rounder so it might yield some results!

  2. Hi *Greetings* In term of packaging, the product that actually make me go WOWW will definitely be the 24k Gold eye gel. As for the function of product, i will definitely go for the face lifting cream because which girl doesn't hope to have a nice and beautiful faceshape without all the double chin right? Afterall i really hope i can win the foamy cleanser because i always believe that cleanser which can produce foamy texture will not do harm to our skin as compared to those without. I actually quite shock when i read until the end of your post only then realised you actually running a giveaway, although it is a long and informative post, but I am proud to say i actually read them all until the end! Thank you for the informative blogpost and giveaway! Hope to hear from you soon, meanwhile, stay pretty and take care!

    1. Hello there Abigail! Thanks for dropping in!

      I'm so intrigued by the eye gel as well! Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?! I'm very glad you read all the way to the end and jumped in for the giveaway! <3

    2. Congrats dearie! Could you email me your address please so I can send the cleanser over?


    3. Thank you so much darling! Already emailed you my address! <3 Can't wait!! =D

    4. Wonderful! It'll go out sometime this week! <3

  3. I'm going to pass on entering the giveaway as I already have the cleanser but wow, you got your name in lights, babe! Well, on a honeycomb card but that's pretty impressive all the same.
    And, you know these bio-essence products contain royal jelly and that's Queen Bee-quality stuff. Looks like such a fun night, Arpita. They also fed you well, gotta love them. Food and beauty must go hand in hand.

    1. Truly! A well-fed Arpita is a well-intentioned Arpita! It was an extremely well put together event but the most fascinating thing was how keen everyone was on their products. I was having a chat with their Head of Marketing prior to the event and he told me that everyone with the company, including his wife, use their products. Even he uses the toner! I love this sort of brand loyalty because it speaks volumes.
      Did you try the cleanser out? It's the only thing I've tried out and I quite like it! I also tried their Cleansing Milk last night and I'm extremely happy with the results. They are surprisingly on par with Decleor's cleansing milk and I'm quite pleasantly surprised by this!
      Don't you just love themes? I adore them!

  4. Thanks for the very informative post. Makes me want to go get that face shaping wonder cream to rid my double chin!! Haha. I'll let you try it first so please post before and after pics! I'd also love to try the cleansers. 

    1. I need to use it on my double chin too so I'm really curious to see the results. I'm currently testing out some other products, but I'll definitely have a full review on the face shaping cream up in due time, so stay tuned! Thanks for entering the give away!

    2. Congratulations!!! Could you e-mail me your address so I can send it over please?