So, I was unexpectedly invited to Nuxe's Bloggers' event at SaSa in BSC this Tuesday (1st of October) by CosmoBox, and I cannot really express the extent of the excitement that I felt about it. I would be a little shocked if anyone who reads this blog regularly doesn't understand how much I enjoy these skincare talk/workshop sessions. They are the stuff of ever-present pleasure! 

[Nuxe's Display for the Event]

As I have mentioned previously, Nuxe has ousted Caudalie as SaSa's francophile brand of choice, and while that did upset me initially, it has lessened somewhat since the event. Why? Their stuff is actually quite fabulous in itself, and Caudalie has popped up in a few other locations (including <3 Sephora <3) since SaSa replaced them. 

[Nuxe's Permanent Display]

Nuxe is currently in promotion mode for their newest release. A pre-serum to rule the rest!

[Nuxellance Jeunesse]

Of course, there were some refreshments laid out for the ladies:

[Selection of Petit Fours]

And because I have a love affair with food as well, here are some close-ups:

At present, SaSa is having a few different promotions going on for Nuxe, and these are some of the oh-so-tempting value sets they currently carry:

Now, on to the less pervy lust-filled bits! 

The event was run by Nuxe Regional Education Manager, Ryan Lau:

The event itself was structured in such a way that we were introduced to products from 4 different ranges that they carry, all of which cater to different age ranges and skin conditions. I absolutely adore the fact that it was also structured according to the steps of usage. 10 million points for organisation!

So, of course, we kicked things off with a little bit of background on Nuxe and the necessity for appropriate skincare.

According to Ryan Nuxe owns over 30 patents (36-39, my memory fails me), and the majority of their products are natural ensuring that they are suitable for sensitive skin as well. The manner in which this is confirmed is through a dual-testing process whereby post-production, it is sent to government laboratories in France to ensure that it meets the strict criteria of being safe for sensitive skin as well as as natural as possible. Further, Nuxe bases itself on the ideology of aromatherapy, which means that you absolutely know their products are going to smell divine! 

Ryan also gave us tips on cleansing, especially the fact that it is extremely important to double cleanse. Now, I really love toners, but I never understood the actual rationale behind cleaning your face with a toner after cleansing. So, why is it essential? Because we don't have pure water flowing from our taps. So, cleansing with a toner helps to remove the dirty residue from the water. Therefore, yes, you do need a toner! Or 10! 

Then, we got into the first stage of skincare, the pre-serum. 

[Nuxellence Jeunesse - Pre-serum]

The only other time I have encountered a pre-serum is with Chanel, and I was quite a fan. This seems to be rather more promising and I'm quite stoked about seeing whether it delivers what it promises. I'm currently using a Caudalie serum, so I'm a bit sad that I too will be replacing it for a while to see how this pans out for me. I'm such a skincare hussy!

The Nuxellence Jeunesse serum contains 10 different patented ingredients, 3 of which are brand new to Nuxe's products. According to Ryan, this has shot to the No. 1 selling product in France, which is saying a lot. If it truly does repair the DNA of your cells, then it is no wonder why. 

The 3 new patents it contains are passionflower, anchusa and poppy (see, drugs solve everything!). The combination of these three ingredients has been tested to repair over 43% of damaged mitochrondrial DNA (No, I can't go into detail as to what mitochrondrial DNA is. I understand that it's important to cell regeneration and repair, but my only answer would be, "Because science"). 

In addition to these, this pre-serum contains calendula petals which is meant to fight visible signs of aging, wrinkles and loss of elasticity (my favourite toner from Kiehl's has calendula petals in it, so I'm already sold on this bit!), araucaria seeds which help to protect against cellular stress, natural-origin hyaluronic acid which moisturises the skin and instantly smoothes and re-plumps fine lines as well as galanga leaves which stimulate the enzyme that produces hyaluronic acid.

Now, I'm sure you have to be aware at this point that hyaluronic acid has become the catch phrase with every single brand in order to sell their products, and there is good reason for it. It acts as a magnet for hydration which everyone needs in order to prevent pre-mature aging. The fact that the Nuxellence Jeunesse has a dual aspect on this front makes me very happy! 

There's also other stuff in here, but I shall stop the madness and give you the underlying results! The claims of this product are that in just 28 days you will see diminished fine lines and wrinkles, re-plumped skin and a more even complexion. 28 days? Definitely worth a shot! I will report back on this!

Next, we were introduced to 3 different products in their range, each of which target a specific subset of skin concerns, ranging from first lines of aging to full-on aging. 

In order of aging concerns, we have:

[Nirvanesque Collection - To erase first expression lines]

[Merveillance Collection - Corrects visible expression lines]

[Nuxuriance Collection - Restores loss of density & radiance]

Of course, post-pre-serum, we were given a serum to try and this was from the Merveillance range. It's meant for use on the face and eye contour, and contains hyaluronic acid, oak extracts, althea root (You'll never guess what this is: Marshmallow!), calendula petals, mimosa seed, malt extract, etc. Sounds good. It certainly smells divine enough! It's also meant to slow down collagen breakdown, which I'm beginning to realise is a must for me. 

This range is meant for the intermediates among us who aren't quite old, but want to stop that process in its tracks. It's for the pre-aging crowd which I think I happen to fall into. Since it's meant to correct visible expression lines, this will hopefully be a plus for the fine lines under my eyes. Fingers crossed! 

Thereafter, we were given some the Creme Nirvanesque to try. This range contains blue lotus seeds, poppy seeds (more drugs!) and althea root. Seriously. This has poppy and marshmallow in it. It's like opium for children. I love it! It certainly explains why it smells good enough to eat! 

The Nirvanesque range is meant as a destressing range in the sense that it's meant to prevent your cells from being stressed into deformation. I completely approve of this! A need? Definitely! 

Finally, we were introduced to their Nuxuriance range which is for advanced aging concerns. Primarily due to the fact that everyone there was in their 20's, we were introduced to the eye and lip anti-aging cream. It contains hyaluronic acid, tetrapeptide dermican, araucaria seeds, maca root, bakau plant extract and plant caffeine. No, I don't have a clue what half of these are, but I do know that it smells like chocolate! The benefits of use involve anti-puffiness and lightening to brown circles and brown spots. 

Ryan mentioned something very interesting when talking about the eye and lip cream. Apparently lack of sleep causes pigmentation/darkening along the contour of the lips. I've been noticing this with my lips because I have been devoid of proper sleep for over a month now, and it's been stressing me out because I had no idea why my lips were getting discoloured since I don't smoke. This actually makes perfect sense since I get horrifying dark circles sans sleep. It's good to know that it's reversible. This is definitely meant to help as well, and I am extremely curious as to its effectiveness. 

A little tip provided was that you're meant to roll eye creams onto your undereye area much like those eye rollers do. I'm so used to tapping it in that it's going to require conscious effort to change it up. 

And finally, the Huile Prodigieuse! These are Nuxe's dry oils and they come in their regular oil, as well as a shimmery version of which I currently have 2 mini bottles from The Lilac Box and Bag of Love. 

I don't think I need to express how amazing the original smells. It's so deep and luscious that you want to drench yourself in it and sit around like Cleopatra. If you've never smelled this, you need to. I'm very, very curious as to how this compares to Caudalie's Divine Oil which is my currently obsession for multipurpose oils. 

If you've never been exposed to multipurpose oils, they do just what their name says: Everything. You can use them on your hair, on your body, on your face! Fantastic!

Ryan suggested using the oil under a moisturiser on your face overnight, everynight, for treatment purposes. I love it! 

[The Products]

And of course, they sent us home with everything they exposed us to in its full-size to try out.

[The True Meaning of "Swag"]

The bag itself is of fantastic quality and is definitely going to be my default travel bag from now on. What makes it even more awesome is the addition of a mirror!

[The scratches are on the protective sheet over it]


[Nuxellence Jeunesse]

I didn't notice how awesome the packaging of this was when they showed it to us in-store, but you just twist the cap to get the pump to pop up!


[Serum Merveillance]

You know I have an obsession with serums! Love!

[Creme Nirvanesque]

I was sold at marshmallows and poppy!

[Nuxuriance Eye & Lip Global Anti-Aging Cream]

Dark circles be gone! Hopefully!

[Huile Prodigieuse]

I love this! While in-store, they pumped a bit of it onto our hands and so I put it in my hair and it was amazing. Not only did it soften my hair, but can you imagine me spending the day sniffing my hair? Yes, I am a crazy person, and I'm fine with it. 

All in all, I am really quite intrigued with Nuxe and I'm very curious to see how effective these products are. Reviews will definitely be upcoming. 

For reference purposes, the retail prices for each range is as follows: 

Nirvanesque Range: RM140-RM160
Merveillance Range: RM168-RM198
Nuxuriance Range: RM188-RM240

If you're interested, drop by SaSa and the Sales Assistants will be happy to test a multitude of wonderful smelling products on your skin, and you can see for yourself why I am suddenly enamoured. 

I do feel like I'm cheating on Caudalie since there is a full-on movement away from their stuff with Nuxe right now. Why are the French doing this to me?! 


  1. I love the fact they give you everything in full size for you to try!!!! And I love their Huile Prodigieuse too. Haven't tried the original one tho. Only in Shimmer...

    1. I know! I was a bit shocked by that, but very grateful! And of course I've started using everything as of today and I'm really happy right now!

      It's my first exposure to the Huile Prodigieuse as well and it smells a lot nicer than the shimmer version of it. It's just more earthy and lovely!

  2. Am kicking myself big time for turning down the invitation on account of ill-health.. had I known that it was going to be full sized goodies in that bag I would have got the doctor to prick me with a needle so that I could have made it... Hope you had fun at the event ... and please put up reviews soon so that I can torture myself for daring to fall sick :P

    1. I managed to wrangle my way out of work just to go for this and I am so happy I did! A true shame you couldn't make it. This is as good a reason as any to start drinking more green tea and popping vitamins during flu season!

      Reviews will definitely be up once I've tested the stuff out for an appropriate amount of time.

  3. In one fell swoop, you just out-Nuxed me :P!
    Fantastic post and wonderful (free) haul! If you weren't such a sweetie I'd wrestle you in mud for it.
    Oh, good news that we will finally see this brand in full glory at SaSa. Very convenient!.

    1. This is justice because I was very sad I didn't get hold of the special Bag of Love edition containing Nuxe! I was all green-eyed about it too!

      How's the stuff working for you by the way? Judging from your excitement about it's easy access, I'm guessing you're as pleased as I currently am!

    2. Yes, I am excited. I also think that the Nuxe Oil would make a nice gift for any one. Its so versatile.
      There is, however, one product that I am not too keen on in the Nuxe fold and I'll talk about that soon in my blog.

    3. It is! I will confess that I ordered a mini version of it on Vanity Trove a few days ago. However, I went a little heavy-handed on it and made my freshly washed hair look extremely greasy. I used the same amount as I would Caudalie's Divine Oil and I think this is a testament to how much richer Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse is which I'm guessing would make it a lot better at moisturising/hydrating the body than the Divine Oil is. Very exciting times!
      Ooo I cannot wait to read your review on this shady product! Shall keep my eyes peeled for that!