Nuxe's Serum Merveillance

[Nuxe's Serum Merveillance]

If I hadn't been introduced to this at the Nuxe event, I would never have even picked it up because it looks very extremely thick. In fact, my enthusiasm for Nuxe is very recent, but it is clear at this point that this is going to be a life-long affair. 

Nuxe's Merveillance range is meant for those of us (me...) who have visible expression lines, and these tend to be fine lines under the eyes, or laugh lines cost commonly. Over the last few months, I've started noticing creases in my forehead when I frown...and they are taking longer to uncrease...definitely in need of anti-aging products! 

In any event, over time, this serum is meant to work from the inside out in terms of fixing the muscular depressions which cause permanent lines. In other words, it "detenses" the muscle which has been bent out of shape, thereby causing the line. 

[All Skin Types]

I love that this product is suitable for both the face and eye contour because a number of serums, including the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, aren't. This makes things a lot easier and makes me a lot happier. Besides, it contains hyaluronic acid, which is my new favourite love in products! Anything that helps retain moisture, definitely helps your skin age slower! It's why us oily girls should be somewhat appreciative in that we age slower for the very fact that we have a protective layer of oil on our skin. 

[4 Nuxe Patents Within]

As with all Nuxe products, the packaging is impeccable. The packaging definitely reflects the simplicity and sophistication that the brand prides itself on. Nuxe products typically contain over 90% of natural materials, and the packaging reflects this in its lack of garish attraction mechanisms. It doesn't look like a product which exists as a fad, and that is a great thing. Beyond that, when you open it up and you see that the product is encased in glass and very weighty, it truly does make you feel like you're an adult and you're being responsible about your skin. I love the entire experience of Nuxe.

For those of you who are environmentally conscious, you will be happy to know that Nuxe doesn't believe in putting additional inserts of information in their boxes. Everything in printed on the inside of the packaging and can be found on their multiple websites. 

[Devoid of Inserts]

Interestingly, for those living in France, they have a loyalty programme whereby you can send your packages back (there's a little code printed on the inside of the box) and redeem gifts for them! 

[The Lovely Glass Bottle]

I've been using this for over a month now, and I've used up just under half of the product in here. The pump is extremely effective and I've not had any problems with it getting stuck or dispensing too much or too little product. It's very much in line with Goldilocks! 

As for the product itself, it's a pale yellow and comes out rather thick. When it does, however, the scent will pull you in an caress your senses. What does it smell like? Cocoa! Not just any cocoa either. I know I've raved about The Body Shop's cocoa scent, but after you smell this, you know The Body Shop artificially scents their products. This smells deep and decadent and like you are in gorgeous Parisian spa. I truly do love it.

I've been using this morning and night for over a month, and I love it! Anyone with my skin type would instinctively steer clear of anything this thick, dense and rich, but they would be wrong. I won't lie about the fact that that was my first instinct as well, but the first time I used it, I was sold! In the morning I use 1 and a quarter pumps, and in the evening I use 1 and a half pumps for my face and neck. It sinks in so quickly and effortlessly that you immediately feel the plumping effect that hyaluronic acid tends to have on the skin. You skin feels hydrated and balanced and very soft to the touch. It definitely has my vote for favourite serum. In fact, it's the first time I've actually been conflicted about Estee Lauder's serum and the fact that this is suitable for the eye area is giving it quite a bit of an edge. However, there isn't a doubt in my mind that I would repurchase this in a heartbeat the moment it starts looking inadequate in quantity.

I'm not someone who can stick with products for very long if I don't absolutely love them, and for me to religiously use something twice a day for over a month is a testament in itself. Even I am surprised by this. All other serums have been banished to the "extras" box and they're all jealous by now. But it's fine! 

However, this serum isn't without its issues and it mostly has to do with the packaging. There are 2 things we need to talk about, Nuxe. First of all, this is definitely not travel-friendly. It's because I love this product so much that I wouldn't take it away with me because I'm not someone who is careful and it will surely break at one point or another. Secondly, the nozzle leaks ever so slightly. When I say leaks, I don't mean it drips, I mean that there's always a dot of product peeking out from it no matter whether it's in the open or closed position. I suppose the fact that it is this thick means that it will gather at an escape point for sure. But these undoubtedly make it a nightmare for portability.

[Leaky Nozzle]

I do think it's time for Nuxe to start selling these products in travel friendly containers so that I don't need to change my skincare when I travel. I certainly never thought I would want to stick with a regime, but apparently it's happening.

Nuxe is sold at SaSa and 30ml of Serum Merveillance retails at RM198.

Vanity Trove - Nuxe Exclusive Trove + Extra Goodies

A month or so ago, Vanity Trove came out with a dedicated Nuxe box retailing at RM50, which is an absolutely steal as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure anyone who reads this blog has noticed my growing dedication to Nuxe, because they truly are that awesome! I do think that you should stop right here, head over to Vanity Trove and pick one up for yourself. You need it. You deserve it. 

Anyway, I initially did refrain from purchasing it until I tried out the products I received at the Nuxe event I attended. I'm just glad they hadn't sold out by the time I came to the realisation that I need this brand in my life! So, a couple of weeks back, after much deliberation, I made the purchase. I'm not sorry at all.

Just a little background on Nuxe. It's a French pharmacy brand which is beloved by all and sundry for good reason. Their products are all over 90% natural, and they own 36 patents which are incorporated into their products in concentrated forms. Almost everything I've had a whiff of smells absolutely divine because they embrace the idea of aromatherapy, which is the foundation for the brand. 

[The Gorgeous Trove]

[My Nuxe Goodies]


I'm really happy that this Trove comes with an array of deluxe samples from 4 different lines out of the many that Nuxe carries, because it allows you to get a good feel for what range would suit you. 

So, what's in the box?

[Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream]

I currently own the lip balm stick from this range and I'm lusting after the potted version of it terribly. This hand cream is really quite lovely and what surprised me with it, as with all Nuxe products, is the fact that it comes out of the tube reasonably thick, but it sinks into the sink ever so quickly without leaving you feeling greasy. This is definitely a trend I'm seeing with all their products.

[Reve de Miel Face Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel]

The packaging states that this is for dry and sensitive skin, but that's really not going to stop night at least. This is in fact a cleanser, and not a dedicated make-up remover, so you can use it purely for the purpose of cleansing if you fit one of those two skin types. The site (Yes, I did a bit of detective work. I need a Sherlock hat) also recommends that you add a bit of their Gentle Exfoliating Gel to this product and use them for gentle exfoliation! It just so happens that Vanity Trove provided that product as well, so you know this is happening!

[Gentle Exfoliating Gel]

And here it is! This is from their Rose collection (it contains rose petals), and it's dedicated primarily to sensitive skin. I've recently been using an exfoliator by Michael Todd True Organics that is suitable for sensitive skin, and I must say that I love it too much to be healthy, so I think gentler exfoliators might be growing on me. I'm very curious as to how this fairs.

[Clarifying Cream Mask]

This, too, is out of their rose line for sensitive skin. I have to say it: These products smell divine! I'm using their Face Mist from this line as well and it truly leaves me feeling pampered and refreshed because it smells so comforting and decadent. Yes, I am sitting here sniffing the mask. Don't judge. The site recommends that this mask be used once or twice a week for sensitive combination to oily skin, and once a week for sensitive dry to very dry skin. This definitely has to do with the fact that it's clarifying which may have a slightly stripping effect on the skin. I'm very curious as to how this compares to fresh's Rose Mask. 

[Creme Merveillance]

Their Merveillance range is for people with visible expression lines, i.e. me. I'm currently using the serum from this line and I love it! LOVE! I'm more than happy to report this cream smells identical to the serum which means that it's going to be very well loved, but only at night because it's meant for normal to dry skin.

[Creme Fraiche Light]

Now this is a range I have no exposure to and I'm very curious about. It states on the packaging that it's a "24HR SOOTHING AND MOISTURIZING EMULSION". It's also meant to de-thirst and mattify. It sounds like this may be my holy grail moisturiser and I fully intend to find out! 

I absolutely love this Trove! Words cannot possibly express how much! 

The only thing I haven't actually tried from Nuxe is a dedicated cleanser that's suitable to my skin type and an eye cream, and I might have to go pick one of each up because I feel like my hoard has glaring holes in it! 

Now, for the extra goodies! A few weeks back, I won an Origins lip balm (which I had been eyeing in-store for awhile), and it was meant to come with this Trove, but they accidentally sent over the wrong lip balm (which turned out to be absolutely lovely in any event). So, Valerie very kindly allowed me to keep the other lip balm and sent my Origins balm over as well. It's from their Drink Up range and is hydrating.

Both of these will be featured in an upcoming lip balm review in the near future. Stay tuned!

If you're interested in Vanity Trove, they have 3 modes of sale currently ongoing: Exclusive Troves, Pick-Your-Own-Samples and Surprise Troves. Vanity Trove really hasn't disappointed, though I've yet to be a recipient of a Surprise Trove. It's definitely on to cards. 

For more information, check out the following sites:

The Balm's Balm Voyage Palette

My birthday is next week, and since the Enabler will be out of town and she feels guilty and sad that she won't be around, she gave me an early birthday present! 

[You're never too old to get excited about birthday presents!]


When I went to check whether SaSa was carrying this palette, she was with me. It had just been released for Christmas and I had plans to pick it up next week. I cannot express how excited I was when I pulled it out of the bag! 

[Birthday Message!]

This card is awesome! They sell sheets of it in Borders, and it's all black until you scratch your message into it! All the random scratches at the side were my doing because I was fascinated by it!

Also, Shime = Shopping + Partner in Crime. I don't think there's a better description for our relationship!

Now, for the palette! This is my first birthday present of the year, so it suddenly feels like the festivities are on!

[The Balm's Balm Voyage Palette]

[The Sleeve Matches the Palette!]

[Palette sans Sleeve]

First of all, The Balm has the cutest packaging ever. It's always so terribly adorable. But beyond appearances, their products are of such amazing quality that I don't understand why more people don't wax lyrical about them. It truly is a shame! Without a doubt, The Balm > Urban Decay! Without a doubt! 

Now this palette has 2 of the best things ever going for it in terms of palette design. Firstly, the lip products and the eye shadows are separated by different flaps. Secondly, the mirror is encased within the outline of a lady's head. Too awesome! 

[16 Shadows]

[2nd Flap]

[3 Pigmented Glosses]

I really hate palettes that don't separate their lip and powder products because it's inevitable that you will get eyeshadow into your lip gloss over time, rendering the gloss useless! The design on this is so well thought out! And look at the names on the glosses! They're truly laid out like the seating arrangement on an airplane! 

[Glosses: Second Officer, First Officer, Captain]

Aren't they gorgeous? They are SO pigmented! These were barely swiped over the shades and look! 

Now for the shadows. 16!!!

I love that there's a good mix of glitter, shimmer and matte shades in here because it's an extremely well-rounded palette in terms of colour selection. Needless to say, these colours weren't really swatched excessively so the payoff is ridiculously amazing, as with all shadows from The Balm. It's not even just the pigmentation. It's the fact that they shadows are so creamy and buttery that they are a dream to apply and blend. I cannot wait to use this palette!!! 

If you'd like to pick one up for yourself (and I strongly suggest that you do), SaSa carries The Balm and this palette retails at RM180.

Thank you Enabler for living up to your label on my blog! 

Bag of Love - October 2013

The much anticipated Bag of Lice (as it was affectionately known this month) arrived today and as always, there's no disappointment to be found within!

[Bag of Lice - Oct 2013]

[The treats within...]

[Product Description Sheet]

Don't you just love the little caricatures of MiMi every month? I do! Part of the reason I upload these sheets is because the pictures are always so cute and very on-point! 

[Chocolate Spa Voucher]

Now this is one of the few times that I've received vouchers and gotten beside myself with excitement! CHOCOLATE SPA!!! I've heard really terrific things about JoJoBa spa, but I've yet to try their treatments for myself. What better way to get acquainted?

[Wella's System Professional Color Save Shampoo & Repair Mask]

I don't have coloured hair, but my sister-in-law does and she always profits from these shampoos coming in. Sharing is caring afterall. I am, however, totally stoked by the mask! Hair masks are one of the things that's been getting me very excited lately and I can't wait to try this out! 

[Collistar's Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate]

I would be lying if I said I didn't need this. We all would. I received one of these in a previous box, and I've yet to try it out, but I will!

[Definite's Smudger Brush]

There were 2 different brushes given out in this month's bag, either the smudger brush or the definite brush would be received. I got the smudger brush and I'm very pleased because I have multiples of most brushes, but not a smudger brush. I couldn't help noticing that it's extremely similar to MAC's 219 and it certainly seems like it would function just as well!

[MAC's 219 & Definite's Smudger Brush]

Next up: CC Cream!

[Nano White's Infinity CC Cream in Light Beige]

Yes, it's in Light Beige and I was a little apprehensive when I saw that, and a little more so when I noticed that it came out of the tube as close to white as something could be. However, it does a pretty decent job of switching to a more skin-like colour, so even if it is a couple of shades too light, it's nothing bronzer can't fix! Also, it's SPF 50! 

[Decent Pigment Matching]

And finally...glow in the dark nail polish! 

[Splassh's Mini Glow in the Dark Nail Polish in 62]

I haven't test it out, but if it works, I'm going to be so excited! 

All in all, this was an absolutely wonderful bag and definitely the highlight of my month once again! I do love the fact that this is the only subscription that goes all out when they promise a theme. LOVE LOVE LOVE! It never hurts that the bag is utterly adorable as well, and that it's something you will enjoy reusing without fear of disintegration. In fact, this bag is completely perfect for running around extorting candy in! 

If you're interested in the Bag of Love, Monthly (RM39.90) and Quarterly (RM119.70) subscriptions are available (Annual subscriptions have been suspended).

For more information, check out the following sites: