So, this happened! Yes, yes it did!

I have been a little sad all day because the lovely guys at The Lilac Box sent out these packages yesterday and not receiving it meant receiving it only on Tuesday due to Monday's public holiday. And you guys know I don't do well with anticipation at all! But when I got home, my mum told me it was sent to her room instead of mine, and my night instantly took on a much more exciting tone! I'm really not someone who goes clubbing, so this is like my drug!

Anyway, last Saturday was truly a mad dash to get hold of this box, and with it selling out in 35 minutes, the stress of it all definitely needed some pampering to get rid of, and this edition of The Lilac Box didn't disappoint at all!

[The Non-Descript Covert Package]

And how does one open packages? With the trusty end-of-the-world knife!

[Meet "Discussion" - My Pet Knife]

[A Blue Ribbon to Match the Theme]

I absolutely know you guys are on tenterhooks the way I was!


Presentation truly is half the battle, and it's almost enough just to open up the box and see the lovely colour-coordinated packaging!

[H2O Loot]

Yes, it is absolutely insane! If you didn't get hold of this box, sucks to be you! Wake up on time next time round! 

The stuff here is really quite diverse as they span over 3 different ranges that H2O carries - Aqualibrium, Oasis and Waterwhite. I've never tried H2O before, but their stuff looks really interesting and effective (if that makes any sense - I'm a sucker for packaging!). What better time could there be to try them out?!

Shall we take a closer look?

[Marine Cleansing Gel]

This smells really soothing and lovely and since it's a gel, it would undoubtedly be perfect to end a long day with! 

[Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser]

You know I have an affair with exfoliators and I absolutely cannot wait to give this a shot! It's also oil-free, which is always a boon if you have skin akin to mine.

[Marine Toner]

This states that it's non-drying, which is absolutely essential. Too many toners strip the skin violently, exacerbating the problems you already have. Promising!

[Moisture Replenishing Eye Treatment]

This is a gel formula that sinks in very quickly without leaving a residue. It states that it should be used morning and night but I prefer something thicker for the night, but this would be perfect under makeup because it doesn't leave any residue that would cause concealer, etc. to slip around and settle into lines and whatnot. If there's an excuse to wear concealer, it's to test this out for that purpose!

[Ultra Hydrator]

This seems like a serum since it's meant to be applied to cleansed skin and has "nutri-spheres" which will dissolve. Doesn't it sound exciting? Definitely need to do some research on exactly how to do this. My next stop is going to be The Lilac Box's site to garner the necessary product information. 

[Oxygenating Rejuvenator]

This too is oil-free, and it states that it's meant to revitalise tired skin overnight, to be applied after cleansing and toning. It seems like mask or serum, but I'm not entirely sure. I shall have to explore this a little more. Either way, I love it! I have a mild obsession with products which work overtime overnight to sort your skin out because you refuse to treat it well. 

[Brightening Hydrator Cream]

This is from a different range than the abovementioned stuff. It's from their "Waterwhite Advanced" range and it's a moisturiser to be used day and night. It states on the packaging that it's meant to provide luminosity and even out skin tone over time. Love! 

[Advanced Age Repair Night Cream]

Is the fact that I get excited about/attracted to anti-aging stuff these days wrong? I'm not that old, but I don't think there's a better option than prevention. This feels quite luxuriously divine and I'm quite keen to explore how effective it is.

[Hand and Nail Cream]

This sinks into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave residue at all. It's always useful to have a 2-in-1 product because I've never used a product specifically for my nails. Yay for enabling laziness! 

[Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter]

Could this sound more like you're dipping yourself in the ocean? I cannot describe how wonderful this smells! It's definitely a body butter, but it doesn't sit on the skin the way of body butters do. Time will tell how the hydration bit works out, but for now I'm a happy camper! 

Honestly, this is a truly obscene amount of stuff for the RM58 price tag and I cannot express my sheer delight at the product range. Definitely another overwhelming success by The Lilac Box. I know it isn't legal (yet) to marry corporations, but they can be charged for murder, so I'm sure it's a matter of time before I am allowed to be maritally conjoined with The Lilac Box. I am currently on cloud nine! 

Thank you guys once again! Definitely worth the cursing associated with waking up to wait for the release of the box last weekend! 

If you are interested in The Lilac Box, keep tabs on them on the following sites:

P.S. The giveaway is still on and details can be found here.


  1. I agree, a great deal and a steal for only RM58 but I was having one of those insane work situations where I had absolutely zero energy to grab this. Lots of regret for not making the effort but I resign myself to the fact that life will bring me more boxes.
    Fancy taking only 35 minutes to sell out the stash - unbelievable. If there were Olympic Gold Medals for buying beauty boxes - this country would come out tops in the medal tally. The TLB guys must have the fastest selling beauty subscription the world over. Please review H20 when you have the time. Would love to hear your no-holds-barred analysis.
    P.S. Googled hedghog images - they have such knowing little faces, don't they? So cute!

    1. Truly a shame you didn't get your hands on it! I wouldn't have thought that half an hour would make a difference, but I am glad I didn't risk it! They're already starting on the cult box and I'm already dying to get my hands on it! There's no such thing as too much is there?
      I'll definitely do a review. I'm starting my test of the products during the week so a review should be up in 2-3 weeks.
      Haha they do! They are just too adorable for words. I miss Puffy whenever I see other hedgehogs haha.

    2. I know, I am slapping myself in epic proportions over losing this which makes me think that come rain, shine or whether hell freezes over...that cult box is...*cackles evilly*...mine, mine, mine! Sorry, getting into early Halloween-mode here.
      Knowing my luck though - it shall be lacklustre if I do manage to get my hands on it but brilliant if I miss out . Those TLB guy must derive such pleasure in driving us all mad.

    3. It's never too early for Halloween! I'm reasonably sure both of us have enough makeup to last us several Halloweens throughout the year!
      I do hope nothing comes up that causes me to miss the cult box. My life will be incomplete! Send positive vibes out there! Cult products are usually far more satisfying than the regular stuff, so fingers crossed for some Caudalie!

    4. I like how you named your knife. Very good name too!
      I have names for a lot things too. Including makeup brushes and people.

    5. It's good to know I'm not alone in this! It's so much easier to personalise materialism than to treat them as things.