[Tarte's Amazonian Clay BB Cream]

I got this from Sephora in the States, and it's a product I was really, really looking forward to trying out. Tarte's Amazonian Clay range has gotten insanely awesome reviews, and the word "clay" always makes me hope it's the miracle product that will leave my skin shine-free for hours on end. There is always hope, no? The fact that this is oil-free definitely added to that hope as well!

What's so special about Amazonian Clay? Well, it's meant to be pretty multi-faceted in that it doesn't dry out dry skin further. It hydrates and nourishes it in fact. How? I don't know man. Geology is not my thing. However, the box does state that it has skincare benefits, is antioxidant rich and visibly brightens and hydrates skin.

"This illuminating tinted moisturizer goes above and beyond what an illuminator can do. It visibly brightens and hydrates skin as it delivers a sheer veil of illumination with subtle coverage, in a universal tint, to diffuse small imperfections." - All true! 

I should also really read product descriptions before buying stuff because it does state that this is an "illuminating tinted moisturiser" which can be used on its own or added to foundation to provide luminosity. This is definitely my fail!

So, I went through my semi-rigorous 2-day testing procedure with this. Let's take a look shall we?

DAY 1:

The first day of testing involved the BB cream powdered down with MAC's MSF. I did use a moisturiser under it since there were no directions against it. I do feel a little naked without moisturiser, so I feel like I have to use it unless specifically directed otherwise by a product.


[BB Cream On]

[Undereye Concealer & MAC's MSF - Check!]

[11:45 am - Good to go!]

My first impression of this is that it wasn't as matte as I was expecting it to be. It definitely settled with a luminous, slightly glow-y finish. As for application though, it was a breeze. It didn't require any real blending whatsoever even though I was sleepy and forgot to tap it in and rubbed it in instead. It sank into the skin without any effort on my part and the colour was spot on! So far, so good!

[3:45 pm]

Yes, this is my terrible resting face! Ignore it!

As for the performance though, my T-Zone was definitely shiny and I had to blot the madness! Other than that, my makeup was pretty much in tact and there wasn't much disarray.

[7:20 pm]

Tired. Very tired. My T-zone was definitely oily but my make up was in pretty decent condition. I was definitely a little disappointed that there wasn't more oil control on this.

DAY 2:

The second day of trial involved using Rimmel's Stay Matte just to test whether it would fare any better in the oil-control department. Also, I AM wearing clothes in this picture. I'm not doing outfit of the day, so you can ignore me from the neck down. I don't just hang around my room with nothing but BB Cream on. I haven't gone that far in my loss of sanity yet.

[I'm up alarm! Stop ringing!]

[BB Cream Sorted]

[Concealer & Rimmel's Stay Matte Sorted!]

[12:55 pm - Ready to Rumble!]

Similar to Day 1, what struck me most was how easy this was to blend into the skin. I tapped it in because I remembered and it settled in very nicely. Switched up the moisturiser and still a dewy finish. You lie clay! You lie! I love the seamless colour match though. It makes me very happy!

[2:25 pm]

When appraising the situation in person, there wasn't really any visible shine. Apparently my camera's flash wasn't willing to be forgiving, so this is definitely not a mattifying product. So yes, shine on the T-Zone, but other than that the makeup was undisturbed. 

[6:55 pm - Post-Blotting, Fallout central!]

There was quite a bit of shine along my T-Zone by this point. In general I felt a bit greasy and oily, so I blotted the heck out of my face. For some reason there was some random fallout under my eyes. I suspect it's the YSL Kohl I was using...I'm quite appalled by it! Lesson learned! Other than that my makeup was in tact. There was surprisingly little undereye creasing at this point which I was quite pleased with.

[9:25 pm]

First of all...the fallout. Seriously! What madness is this?! I look like goth-fail. Other than that, my T-Zone was oily, but no worse than pre-blotting during the afternoon. My blush was still semi-present. I'm unsure as to whether its wearing off had to do with the blush itself (new) or the BB Cream, though I didn't have the same problem with the blush I was using on Day 1. 

Overall, it's not a bad product. It evens out the skintone and has buildable coverage which I tested on my chin on Day 2. It's definitely not the solution I was hoping for where oil control is concerned which was absolutely on me, so I'm quite drastically disappointed in that. Surely a pleaser for those looking for luminosity because it delivers quite splendidly on that front! It's definitely light to medium coverage and feels quite weightless so those who are fans of those sorts of textures would be very satisfied with this. 

I shall eventually test this out with milk of magnesia as a primer and get back to you guys on how it fares.

P.S. The give away is still on! More details here.


  1. I applaud your commitment to the Better BB Cream cause, Arpita. You should be knighted.
    Although I have to say, at times I think your fantastic makeup skills give more credit to the final result than some BB Creams deserve.

    1. You are too kind in using the word "commitment" instead of saying "You need to be committed". I have had to physically lock myself up at home to avoid buying more BB Cream. It's an illness.
      My makeup skills are actually really basic. I'm far too lazy to spend more than 10-15 minutes doing my face. If it's a REALLY special event, it might stretch to 30 minutes, but I draw the line at that.
      A little goes a long way, don't you think?