Yes, I'm still a make-up wipes loving girl! I do use a cleansing oil/milk after these but, I feel like it's a compulsory step. 

I've yet to find wipes as awesome as these and I'm a bit miserable that I'm verging on running out of them. If you ever get the chance, get hold of these! 

As is clearly visible from the packaging, I got these while I was in London and they're Primark's in-house products. 25 sheets for £1 is extremely reasonable! It's just under half the price of Simple wipes here in KL, and they have a slight edge, in my opinion at least.

Why? Because they are exfoliating! I love it!

Firstly though, when you open up the pack, you literally smell cucumbers. It's absolutely wonderful because it feels so refreshing and your skin really does feel like it's being hydrated as you use the wipe. 

On to the exciting bit! EXFOLIATION! Yes! These are little bumps on one side of them so that they really do scrub your make up off good and proper. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to avoid these, or use the reverse side which is smooth (which I use for my eye area). 

They are quite spectacular and I've not had any adverse reactions to them. They definitely leave my skin feeling clean and make up free...which is definitely a feeling you want to fall asleep to! 

Give away hint: Peter Thomas Roth will be amongst the products in one of the boxes. 


  1. It's insane how many quality things are available in the UK/US at a much lower price. Don't feel like spending a cent here any more. I wanna haul stuff that's cool like this.

    1. It really is. It feels like even the basics are exorbitantly priced here. Very distressing!