[Percy & Reed's No-Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo]

By this point in my discovery of dry shampoos, I've tried a couple of them, but I am really loving this for various reasons!

First of all, just look at the packaging. I mean, really, how absolutely adorable right? I too want to have hair that is bigger than my body like the caricature! 

Secondly, this smells wonderful. It doesn't have an overly perfumed fragrance, just a very light, fresh scent that you definitely want in your hair.

Thirdly, it doesn't leave any horrifying white cast or drandruff-y looking flakes which are far more disgusting than having greasy hair.

Okay, let's backtrack to the purpose of dry shampoos. They don't seem to have caught on in Asia as yet, possibly because of the ridiculously humid temperatures and the fact that people here seem to understand that if you feel like you need to wash your hair, you probably should. However, there are definitely circumstances under which you would need dry shampoo, e.g. when you are ill...as I currently am.

I'm not someone who washes my hair every day, but every other day tends to be the norm for me. I also don't sleep in the airconditioning, so there are particularly humid nights when my hair will get a little greasier than usual, and then I'll wake up late and not have time to wash the stuff in the morning. Enter Dry Shampoo (superhero music please)!

What it does is that it just soaks up the oils in your hair, leaving a nice, fresh feel, more volume and matte-ish finish to it. It's also traditionally been used as a means to volumise hair, and it definitely works! 

So, how is it used? Do not be stingy with the stuff! People seem to think it doesn't work, but that's mostly because they're doing it wrong! You're meant to spray copious amounts of the stuff all over your roots, rub it in a little, and then let it sit for 5-10 minutes (the longer, the better). Then, depending on the dry shampoo you're using, you can brush through your hair to get rid of the white cast, or just tousle it with your fingers to comb it out a little. The latter applies to Percy & Reed's! It's just so easy to work with. I really do love it. The reason you leave it in for 5-10 mins is to allow the product to actually soak up the oils on your scalp.

As for how terrible it is for you, it's really not. I've done my fair share of research and washing your hair daily is far more harmful than using dry shampoo. It doesn't strip the scalp, and it allows your hair some rest for the chemicals in shampoos. 

Now, more specific. Some dry shampoos come in containers which require you to pour them out....hell no!

[Spray Cans are the way to go!]


I do love Percy & Reed! I bought this in London, but it is available in Sephora KL & Singapore. I'm not sure about the price though. Definitely worth it, nevertheless!

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