Heaven? Yes.

Now, if you love Nutella, as I clearly do, you may be one of those who sticks your fingers into jars of the stuff. As tempting as it is, I am not one of those people. There are 2 reasons for this: 1) I have issues with germs and 2) I try never to eat anything with my hands. 

For this reason, this has to be the best invention ever!

I've been seeing numerous pictures of these online over the last couple of years, but it wasn't until earlier this year when I was browsing the aisles of Candylicious in 1Utama that I came across it! At the time, I thought I would go back for it, but when I did, it was gone! This wasn't a month or two later...we are talking 3 days. You can imagine how crushed my soul was about this!

And since then, I have been stalking the aisles of Candylicious in hopes of seeing it around, inevitably always leaving questioning the meaning of my life.Incidentally, this is precisely why I buy stuff when I see it! This happens to me too often!

Anyway, last week while I was doing the abovementioned thing, it was there! My spirits soared and I promptly dragged some to the counter and paid for them, lest they turn out to be a figment of my imagination, instead of the real stuff! 

At RM11 a pop, this is definitely not a "snack" option. It's an indulgence. One that is well worth it! 

[The Moment of Truth...]

[Could there be a more beautiful sight?]

The moment you pull back the lid, you smell it. NUTELLA! In all its glory! An immediate feeling of calm and pure, unadulterated love overcame me and I was instantly taken to my happy place!

As for flavour, the Nutella is definitely the good stuff! Yes, there is a difference between the Nutella you get here and the Nutella you get in Europe, as well as the Nutella you get in Australia. There are always mild differences in all food products around the world because they need to cater to individual, regional tastes. The same is true for Milo. Nowhere in the world is the Milo more awesome than Malaysia!

The biscuits, however, are a bit of a miss. No doubt, they are merely a means of shovelling the pool of Nutella into your mouth as quickly as possible, but it would be nice if they were a complementary flavour. In fact, they taste exactly what I recall the biscuits in Yan Yan tasting like. I think they need to start packaging squares on bread in this. That would be amazing! 

Still, this is a lovely novelty product and it's nice that the amount of Nutella is portion-controlled. If I'm not wrong, this entire pack is around 244 kcal. So worth it!

Give Away Hint: Exfoliators! 


  1. I am not a huge Nutella gal. Must be the only person who lets a jar of Nutella expire. But I love chocolate and I love nuts. Just don't like them mashed together. I will, however, eat occasional spoonfuls when stressed. The things one does under duress, eh? My scoop preference is cream cheese. Love the stuff!

    1. I would gladly take your place under such duress! Fret not! Definitely strange. I'm not a fan of cream cheese really. I like the stuff on bagels in moderation, but cream cheese desserts are definitely not my thing. This is part of the reason why I don't make red velvet cake often enough!

  2. where to buy Nutella & Go in Malaysia?

    1. Hello! It's available at Candylicious, but only once in a while. Haven't seen it elsewhere.