[Mivva - September 2013]

Yes, I swore to the heavens and the gods across time that I wouldn't spend another dollar on another Mivva box after the disappointments the last 2 months have brought to my doorstep, but I had enough points in my account to redeem a free box. I just had to pay RM10 for shipping...so I figured I might as well use them up before they are relinquished at the end of the year.

I can honestly say that I am beyond glad the nature of my addiction drove me to this. I LOVE THIS BOX! Yes, the box itself, but the contents too this month!


Now, the theme for this month was "Glow Gizmo", and I'm honestly seeing a theme with Mivva where they refuse to tailor their boxes to the month's theme. But that's fine. They provide pretty images to go with the lie of the theme, so I can live with that. Really, though, they should stop providing themes. It's quite redundant an exercise.

Now, on to the contents of the box! 

[Product Description Sheet]

[Contents of September 2013's Box]

Firstly, I saw the contact lenses before even lifting the product description sheet, and I thought that if nothing else, I'm sorted on this box with those. The pall which had settled over receipt of these boxes was lifted!

[Handheld Mirror]

I don't understand this, but I guess everyone needs a mirror. I got some randomly damaged piece. Perhaps it's like a reverse bad luck thing when you receive a damaged mirror. Maybe the bad luck I had been having with Mivva was about to be reversed! 

[Aire's Contact Lense Solution & Igel's Monthly Lenses]

This is absolutely perfect because I've been meaning to go get contacts. They did ask for the degree of our short-sightedness, so this is truly a pleasant thing to receive! So happy!

[Somang Danahan's Bon Yeon Jin Toner & Emulsion, Somang's Ecopure Perfect White Sun Cream, Somang's Air-Bliss BB Cream]

Yes! More BB Cream muahahhaha! Here's to hoping that there isn't a shade disparity that's terrifying.

[Arty Professional's Mania Face Color]

I don't know what a "Mania Face Color" is, but I can only assume it's a blush. And a gorgeous one at that! It's very soft and so, so pretty! I LOVE!

[Beautymate's Purifying & Brightening Nano Mask]

All I can say is that I'm beyond grateful I didn't receive another toner from them. This is infinitely much more appreciated and I'm so glad!

[Asience's Nature Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner]

[Asience's Shine Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner]

I've never tried Asience products, and they definitely look interesting. 

Overall, I'm beyond pleased with this box! In my opinion, it's like the phoenix effect for them and I might just have to renew my subscription. Mivva, please stick with this form of awesomeness! 

If you're interested in Mivva's beauty boxes, they come in subscriptions of monthly, quarterly (3 months) and bi-annually (6 months). Each box is RM38, and this is surely a fantastic value if this is the format they are going with! 

More information can be found at the following sites:

P.S. The giveaway is still ongoing! More information can be found here.


  1. Wah, the contact lens is a whole box of 6 pieces? First time I see these in a beauty box. Good stuff.

    1. No no. It's just 1 pair + solution + case. If it were 6 pieces I'd buy a few more Mivva boxes hehe

  2. Oh, you'll love the contacts. I love contacts - they're my alternate eyes and being Asian, our usual eye colours can be pretty ordinary and predictable so it's fun for us to try coloured lenses. It's also nice to not have to wear glasses all the time - contacts are the best invention ever.
    This Mivva box is interesting for those who haven't tried contacts before and I think it's really worth more than the 30 bucks they're charging so yes, a good deal. I really love your speedy reviews. I am so bogged down with work I can't even work on my blog. It's insane. How do you work AND study AND blog.

    1. They're clear contacts though, which I'm very happy with. Half the time I'm too lazy to wear anything but glasses, and I feel like I can't wear makeup without contacts, so it's a whole cycle of neglect of my makeup collection! This is why I tend to buy daily disposables, but I've recently moved to bi-monthly lenses. This is a good next step!
      I think my blogging has a lot to do with the fact that I am devoid of fellow makeup obsessives in my home. I have no sisters and my mother doesn't use makeup (which explains why her skin is so much better than mine)! This is definitely catharsis.
      Also, my post on Puffy is up and thank you once again for the request! <3

    2. Contacts are such a godsend for the spectacle-clad. It's a daily struggle to put on makeup without them. I can't get anything where I want it. I'm blind without glasses and can't get to my eyes with glasses on. It's part of the reason I try to avoid eye makeup most of the time - it's such a hassle. I also have the kind of eyes that really don't rock eyeshadow but I love it on everyone else.
      It's quite clever of Mivva to include some lenses but did you know that only optometrists who are registered lens practitioners are allowed to sell contacts in countries like Australia. In Malaysia it seems that anything goes and I saw contacts for a sale at the night market and sold from a bubble tea shop. My advice is not to put anything in your eye unless it's from a reputable brand - who knows what could happen.

    3. They truly are! But at some point I might want to undergo Lasik. It's still something I'm contemplating.
      Australia has some pretty severe legislation on prescription. When I was there a couple of years ago, a friend of mine had an allergic reaction to seafood in a big hotel and they refused to give her medication for it even though all the pharmacies were closed. There has to be a line? The fear of being sued is overpowering sense. Same with Crown Casino in Melbourne. They refused to pack the remainder of our food for us to take away in case we ate it after a week and sued them. Insanity!
      But definitely, messing with your eyes is not a good plan. No pasar malam lenses for me!