[Ginvera's Real Spa Green Tea Revitalising Shower Scrub]

Quite a mouthful this name is!

Anyway, I finally got round to trying this out and I'm intrigued. A cursory glance of the bottle shows that it has jojoba beads and tea tree leaf, which moisturise and heal, respectively. A very good start already.

Clearly, you can see the beads and granule-y bits which are used in the process of scrubbing. 

So, how did it fare? Well, it's a shower scrub so definitely don't expect it to be a deep, proper exfoliator. This wasn't irritating to the skin at all, and it was extremely gentle. It did a decent job of lightly exfoliating, which leaves me to believe that I can up the exfoliation regime to 3 times a week, with this in the middle, since it is so gentle. 

Besides it's touted abilities, the scent on this is very, very lovely! It smells fresh, clean and hydrating (I don't know how, but it does). Definitely a product I'm very happy to have discovered through a beauty box. 

Though I am a fan of rather thorough exfoliators, this is definitely not a disappointment because it just adds to the routine, not replaces it. It's definitely something someone with extremely sensitive skin should try out.

P.S. The giveaway is still ongoing! More information can be found here.