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So, you may be wondering what Coffee in the Dark is, and when I first heard about it LONG AGO, I couldn't believe it! It's basically a coffee buffet! Unfortunately, the last time I drank an obscene amount of coffee (roughly 8 or 9 shots of espresso in the space of an hour and a half), I thought I was going to die from the effects which lasted for 24 hours. The feeling of caffeine overdose basically resembles a hangover, without the fun bits. It was horrible. And so, it took me this long to go for this because I had to psych myself up to limit my intake. I do love coffee, but that experience has taught me that there can be too much of a good thing!

In any event, back to CoffeeSociete! Every Friday night, from 8-11 pm,  they have Coffee in the Dark! For RM10 you can have as much coffee as you'd like, and this includes all coffee-based beverages such as lattes, cappucinos, hot or cold, etc. However, if you would like any flavourings such as mocha, hazelnut, etc. an additional charge of RM1 per cup/glass is levied. I went with 2 others, and we assured ourselves, we would stick to 2 cups each in order to avoid the possibility of death.

We decided to sit outdoors because the decor is just too adorable! 

[Outdoor Seating]

[Menus & Brown Sugar]

While I don't smoke, I do think that nothing could be better at overpowering the disgusting smell of cigarettes than coffee!

[Coffee Grinds in the Ashtray - Brilliant idea!]

So, we sat down and I can't say I was happy at all with the service. I don't know if it's because I didn't get all dressed up or they have had issues in the past, but everytime we wanted to order coffee they would remind us of the RM1 charge for flavoured coffees. I don't think I look pariah enough to have an issue with that, but okay. 

We received water towards the end because you do need to ask for the stuff. But it comes in a lovely bottle, which seems to be the norm in all these artisan places these days. 


One of my companions isn't a coffee drinker, so she ordered some hot chocolate. I didn't try it, but she said it was quite nice. It was definitely served very nicely!

[Hot Chocolate]

The Enabler and myself ordered lattes for our first cup, just because that's my favourite basis on which to test out how good coffee is. I know coffee purists would argue that espresso is the right way to test it out, but I don't think so. The overwhelming bitterness of espresso tends to numb my tastebuds to the underlying flavours coffee contains. On the other hand, it seems like the creaminess of milk really brings out the dimensions that different espressos have. 

The first latte arrived with a mildly deformed floral/heart pattern.

[Latte No. 1]

The second was much more awesome!

[Latte No. 2]

Flavour-wise, this is one of the better lattes I've had in KL. It was really quite lovely without too much foam, and it wasn't stiff to boot. It was creamy and the coffee melded very nicely with it. I'm extremely happy with this!

Of course, what goes better with coffee than dessert? NOTHING! Unless you order the tiramisu here. Then you truly are better off with nothing.

[Tiramisu...I think...]

This has to be the worst tiramisu I've ever tasted. Not just that, it might be one of the worst desserts I've ever had. I don't know what they used for it, but it wasn't marscapone, and it was horribly sweet. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe this disaster in a cup. Each of us took one bite and promptly left it alone. Beyond the fact that it was inedible, it took an eternity to arrive. I understand it takes time to sift cocoa over tiramisu, but I don't think it takes 20 minutes? I wanted to beat the waiter who asked me what was wrong with the tiramisu. I was actually quite speechless. Apparently, s/he hasn't tasted it. I do hope the person who made this reads this review because you really, really need to stop putting this up for sale. If anyone has  told you this is good enough to sell, then they hate you and you need new friends/family. At RM12 bucks, I feel like my soul got raped and beaten. 

Post-latte, the Enabler and myself decided to try out one of the drinks they kept reminding us would contain a surcharge of RM1 - Mocha. 

Such a bad idea. Apparently when they overcharge you for random things in CoffeeSociete, you probably shouldn't have it. It's like you're paying them to poison you.

[Iced Mocha]

As prettily presented as the iced mocha was, it was excessively disappointing. It wasn't bad per se, just extremely under par. I've made a far better version in my own home. Don't drink this! 

The saving grace of the hot mocha was the extremely adorable latte art on it! Still disappointing tasting, but worth the photo op perhaps?

[Hot Mocha]

Both the Enabler and myself drank 1/3-1/2 of our mochas and then left them, promptly paid the bill and left. It was truly that bad. Later that night she sent me a msg telling me she felt sick, which mirrored my physical state as well. No idea whether it was the mocha or the tiramisu, but definitely give both of those a miss.

All in all, I'm quite disappointed because all my experimentation didn't work out at all. This is worth attending if you're just sticking to regular coffee-based drinks. Do try their lattes in copious amounts, since it really was quite good, and their latte art definitely ignites the need to order more stuff just to see what they come up with! 

Publika, Block D4, Level G3
Tel: 03-62115523
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu - 8:30am-10:30pm; Fri - 8:30-12:30am; Sat - 10:30-12:30am; Sun - 10:30am-10:30pm
[CoffeeSociete is located along the same row as Strip and 7-Eleven in Publika]

P.S. The giveaway is still ongoing. Details can be found here.


  1. Hmmm...by the sounds of things, coffee isn't the only thing being prepared in the dark. Thanks for the tips about what and what not to order. Coffee froth art is cool provided the coffee is good but do you know the best coffee I ever had in my life was by the side of the road during a trip to Vietnam. It was stop-traffic good.

    1. I agree! It's the flavour of the coffee that is paramount. Latte art is just a boon. Starbucks fails on all fronts because they serve swill sans coffee art!
      I've heard Vietnamese coffee is absolutely divine, and the stuff I've tried here is really quite good, so I can only imagine that the coffee in Vietnam itself is spectacular. Definitely on my to do list: Coffee and baguettes in Vietnam!

    2. Make sure you discuss prices before drinking...in my experience, the price is charged according to the customer (which in the case of tourists is always at the higher end of the scale) at some establishments.
      The strangest thing about a Vietnamese coffee house is the fact that only drinks are served and then coffee is not served at their diners so you have separate the experience.
      You can buy yourself bags of coffee to recreate the brew at home but nothing every seems to come close to the real thing in Vietnam itself.
      They also have a wacky way of sitting in a row facing traffic on very low recliners or chairs which is something I am not quite used to but I think is a carryover of the al fresco people-watching experience of the French cafes.
      The baguettes aren't as good as they could be - they skimp on ingredients in Vietnam so the bread is as thin and light as air but their pork rolls are very good for their price and are available at almost every corner.
      Hmmm...lusting after some Vietnamese food right about now but it's not as good in KL as in other countries.
      Try it in Oz when you're there - even the simplest Vietnamese diner is pretty decent.I might even say Vietnamese cuisine is better in Oz due to the better quality of fresh produce down under.

    3. You're making me want to book a flight to Vietnam right now! Definitely on the to-do list for Oz!