For years I have been using Clarins products on and off and I can't say I've ever been disappointed by them barring one of their eye creams. On the whole they are quite a fantastic brand that focuses on quality and results. If you've never tried their stuff, I strongly suggest you get on the bandwagon!

Now, for this! 

This is a truly tiny sample sized thingy of the stuff, and I REALLY want more! 

It's a hydration mask which packs quite a punch because from what I've noticed, a little goes quite a long way, and you can feel it plump your skin up almost immediately.

While 5-10 minutes doesn't feel like a very long time, you can almost see it absorb into your skin practically immediately. That's the thing about hydration masks...they seem to disappear and that's because they truly do get absorbed by your skin. The quicker it absorbs, the more dehydrated your skin is! 

Over several uses, you should see a distinct extension in how long your skin takes to absorb the stuff. If you don't, you seriously need to make some changes!

Not only does this feel cool, lovely and very nourishing on the skin, it smells perfectly gorgeous as well! This is precisely what you need when you and your skin are stressed...relaxation. The scent just smells very spa-like and leaves you refreshed and relaxed once the 10 minute mark has passed. Of course, it doesn't work miracles. Put your phone away and calm down for 10 minutes. You won't miss enough during that time frame to deny your skin that little touch of pampering that will go a long way! 

Recommended? Definitely! I absolutely adore this mask and when I'm done with the 10,000 masks I currently own, this will be something that's at the top of my to-buy list!

Give Away Hint: Anyone keen on sharing my serum obsession?


  1. If only 'hydration' were as easy as sticking our head into a pail of water, eh?

    Well, haven't I been keen on sharing your obsession with every thing to date ;) Count me in on the serum!
    Including hedgehogs...seriously thinking of getting one now. Are they quiet or do they bark/ squeak much? Looking forward to the Puffy post, I am! Need to find out more about these adorabubs...but a pet is such a commitment. Already have 3 dogs, uncountable quantities of fish and a turtle. We also seem to be getting plenty of bats and snakes in my part of the woods.

    1. If only! It's very distressing that being oily doesn't mean you've got one problem sorted at least! No, no! You still need to drench yourself in stuff!

      Sharing is caring! It's always good to know whether my skin is just being weird or it works on others as well!

      You should! They don't make noise at all, other than the huffing when they are pissed off. They're quiet, solitary animals. They're also nocturnal, so you need to be prepared to be up when they are to play/bond with them because waking them up during the day is never a good idea. You will experience the huffing first hand! A hedgehog is a commitment, but far less than any other pet.

      What dogs do you have? I'm dying to get one!!!

  2. Oh, so Puffy is really a huffy. That's too cute. I have a rottweiler, a doberman and a local mixed breed. Oh, I have to ask the obvious - are hedgies too prickly to hold?

    1. Absolutely! It's not even an exaggeration. They are definitely prickly and as they get older their spikes get harder so they do hurt, which is why you need to get them when they're young and their spikes are thin and not as painful. They are rather abusive in this sense, but if they are used to you, they won't spike up unless they're really annoyed.