This place has been on my watchlist for a year or so now but it somehow slipped under the radar until Groupon popped up with an offer on it and I figured that there was no time like the present to actually try it out. I cannot express how glad I was that I got round to it either. So much so I couldn't stop myself from going back for a second round just to satisfy the fact that my love for this place wasn't just the result of novelty. So, this is going to be a combined review of both those visits.

I went in on a Saturday the first time round, and the environment is very chilled and quite homey in a way. It has a semi-bar, semi-cafe vibe to it, but definitely in the most comfortable of ways.

The decor adds to the homey nature of it with the eclectic mix of knick-knacks...mostly pork related. The temptation to post the many pictures I took of the little piggies all round has been suppressed. Fret not.

I was to be joined by 2 other dining companions, i.e. Babi 2 and his brother. Being the divas that they are, they were late, so I couldn't stop myself from ordering some coffee. It was past noon and I hadn't had my daily alarm clock as yet.

They have something called a "Cristang Special" which is a blend of black and white coffee (as the waitress politely informed me). Definitely sounded interesting, so I ordered it.

[Cristang Special]

It far surpasses Old Town's white coffee and it wasn't too sweet. Both of these made me very happy.

[An Obligatory Picture of the Problems Women Face in Life]

When they turned up, they ordered healthy juice concoctions which I neglected to take note of, but I was told they were good. So if you want to pretend you're not there to eat a whole pig, these would be your drinks of choice.


Do you love potatoes? You have love potatoes. There is scarcely a more decadent incarnation of the potato than mashed potatoes...and when the menu states that there's bacon in it, you can't refuse even if you tried.

[Mashed Potatoes]

Can I say it? Oh my God. Amazing. The potatoes were lovely and creamy, the sauce wasn't just your regular pre-bought mix which you water down, either. It was proper, home made gravy. Yum! I don't think I need to discuss the fact that the bacon sent it over the edge and made me want to hoard the entire plate. BUT I DIDN'T! Trust me when I tell you that you need this in your life. It was definitely a plus that the sauce wasn't overly salted to account for the bacon in the dish. Too often, the addition of bacon takes the salt factor over the top because people just forget that bacon is part of the seasoning you're adding. Nothing of the sort here! Perfection!

Since we were pretending it was a brunch outing, we ordered some breakfast-ish items. 

This was definitely overshadowed by the rest of the food so I would personally skip it in favour of the many more exciting items on the menu. It was good in itself, it just seemed to pale in comparison to the rest of our order. 


When I saw their menu online, the phrase "Bacon Pancakes" stole my heart. I knew they wouldn't disappoint me, and we would be life partners from the moment we met. I was not wrong.

[Bacon Pancakes]

These are not pancakes with a hint of bacon. These are full-on bacon pancakes. As you can see from the bite above, they are extremely generously packed with good quality bacon and they are absolutely spectacular. Let me put the bacon aside for a moment and talk about the pancakes themselves. They are delicious! I do think they're buttermilk pancakes (a sign of my truly loving the food is that I completely forget to take mental notes), so the batter is very mildly sweetened, light, fluffy and paired perfectly with the smokiness of the bacon. It would be all too easy for these to be stodgy, but they were far from it. I'm willing to behave if they lure me to heaven with these.

I don't think I've ever mentioned that I was a vegetarian for 6 years when I was a teenager. That was a truly misguided time in my life, and pork chops were what broke the delusion. And of course, they had them on the menu. I was all too happy when Babi 2's brother (who we shall now refer to as Babi 3 since he is a wonderful fixture in our outings of this nature) suggested we order them. I was pretending not be a glutton. Yes, everyone knows this is a lie. 

[Grilled Pork Chops]

More mashed potatoes! I love it! 

As for the pork chops, they were perfectly caramelised, tender, juicy and full of the most lovely flavour ever. It's really not easy to cook a good pork chop, and these were spot on. Even past the point of being unable to breathe, I polished off the remainder of the chops!

[Perfectly Cooked!]

You thought that would be it, didn't you? Of course not! Pizza! Couldn't say no to this! 

I do remember it being a really good pizza, but it too was overshadowed by the pancakes and the pork chops. Nevertheless, it was fantastic. Chock full of mushrooms, bacon and sausage, with the bacon from the breakfast plate added to it! If you're as big of a pizza junkie as I am, you will love this. 

[Meat Pizza]

The base was just the right thinness, crispy but with a good bite to it. I was genuinely surprised by how good it was because one place doing such a good job on so many different types of dishes is downright shocking to me. 

And how could we leave without dessert? I mean, it's not like we ate enough for the rest of the weekend, after all. 

Molten chocolate cake! 

This wasn't something I was expecting to enjoy, but I was so happy I was wrong.

[Molten Chocolate Cake]

Can I say it? This is the best I've had in KL. I kid you not. I always order it, and I'm always mildly disappointed either because it's too sweet, or the chocolate isn't right, or it's been baked too much. I have nothing to complain about here. All I can say is, I want more. So much more! If you're a chocoholic, you need to go to Cristang just have this. It's genuinely last meal material.

Now, on to the second visit!

I'm pretty sure I should be mildly ashamed that the owner remembered that I'd been there before, but I'm not! I was talking to Gerald for a bit and he explained that he had gone off the scene for a while to deal with some personal stuff, but he was back with a vengeance, which I am eternally grateful for! 

Since it was brunch, I was in dire need of caffeine to be even remotely sociable, and I needed comfort coffee, so I ordered a latte.


A very decent latte, indeed. 

And the Enabler ordered an iced latte because we have a similar inability to be sociable without caffeine-induced friendliness. 

[Iced Latte]

We had 3 other dining companions, but surprisingly, I think we ordered less than my first trip. 

That weekend, Cristang had an offer where a pork burger and iced lemon tea set would cost RM9.90. We added on cheese and bacon to the burger at the cost of RM1 each.

[Iced Lemon Tea]

[Pork Burger]

It's definitely a very manageable burger and every bite was excellent. It's not a burger you need to add bacon and/or cheese too because it packs a lot of flavour, but why would you say no to either of those? If you would, you are a defective specimen of humanity. Get some counselling! 

And since the Enabler is a vegetarian and starving her would not bode well, we ordered some hash browns.

[Hash Browns]

I was informed that they were excellent and the fact that they were re-ordered should second that information. Gerald told us that he could make a marinara pasta for vegetarians, so if you have a herbivorous dining companion, you're all set! 

Partially because of the vegetarian, but also because the bacon pancakes were so good, the buttermilk pancakes were on the need-to-try list. 

[Buttermilk Pancakes]

You can see it, can't you? You know these were really, really good! 150 million times better than the pancakes at Paddington's, rest assured. They're light, fluffy and absolutely delicious. Pancakes really do make the world a better place.

[Bacon Pancakes]

I just had to. Every bit as good as I remembered and definitely something you need to order.

One of my dining companions has an obsession with nasi lemak goreng, and I lured her to Cristang with promises of nasi lemak goreng with lap cheong and bacon.

Have you heard of anything that will send you to anorexic hell quicker than that? It would be well worth it too! 

[Nasi Lemak Goreng]

To me it didn't really have the distinctive nasi lemak flavour, but as a dish on its own, it was amazing. It was nice and spicy and the lap cheong just adds something extra to it. I do love lap cheong! A different version of traditional nasi lemak goreng, but definitely a welcomed variation because it holds its own in the most delicious way ever - BACON!

Overall, this place is amazing. It has an impressive variety of cuisines and nothing has come even close to being disappointing. In fact, I would gladly order everything on the menu again in multiple because they're all stunning dishes. I don't understand how no one has personally told me that if I don't go there my life is not complete. I need new friends.

Cristang Restaurant
Unit B-G-19, 8 Avenue, Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1, 46050, PJ
Tel: 03-79567877 / 012 2262698
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun - 10am-3pm; 5:30-11pm
[Cristang is located near PJ Hilton. You go past Hilton, take the first right, go to the end of the road, take a right and another right into 8 Avenue]


  1. Sounds good and I am in love with the mash swimming in its sea of gravy.
    Mmmm...bacon in everything too!
    The only downside for me is that it is all the way across town :(

    1. Oh it will be worth the travel! Trust me!

  2. The Meat Pizza looks so ridiculously tempting that i just might make that drive into PJ to experience it first hand ... and i'm sure the kiddos would happily dig into the Bacon pancakes and mash in gravy...Bacon heaven :)

    1. If there's any reason to go to PJ, this is it! You won't regret it one bit. Let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did if you do end up there!