Yes, it's the 30th of September and technically I am meant to be on a spending ban, but I have given up. Ironically, what kicked things off was going to Sephora to collect a free gift. It's always little ironies which make life interesting.

The little bag with so much power!

[The Devil in Disguise]

In my defence, however, I only bought essentials! And I had 10% off!


So, sometime last week, Sephora sent out an e-mail saying they were giving out 20ml of fresh's Black Tea Age-Delay Cream to members, so of course I had to go. And this time, I wasn't disappointed. It was a very generous sample indeed!

[fresh's Black Tea Age-Delay Cream]

The offer is still on till the 2nd of October (Wednesday), so head on over if you haven't already! 

I've been out of dry shampoo since my Percy & Reed can got used up, and unfortunately Malaysia isn't overrun with the stuff! While a friend in Australia has kindly offered to send me some Batiste & Garnier dry shampoo, there is still the interim period! I thought I'd move away from the Percy & Reed and try something else, just for variety. 

[Alterna's Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo (RM73)]

I got RM7.30 off on this so it worked out to RM65.70. That's still double the cost of dry shampoo in pharmacies overseas, which work out to RM20-40. Life truly isn't fair. In any event, this looks nice and it's supposed to be "invisible", so we shall see how that goes. I like the thought of having invisible elves mopping up the oils on my scalp, leaving it fresh and clean. Let's not discuss this anymore.

Of course, I had to visit the Caudalie counter. Of course I did.

[Caudalie's Lip Conditioner (RM25)]

I've heard amazing things about this for oh so long, and I am definitely not disappointed. I've recently formed a penchant for lip balms where they have been absent from my interest for 27+ years. Surely it's time to make up for the neglect! This is truly fantastic. I kid you not. I'll be doing a comparative review on a few lip balms, so I shall get back to you with more information in that post. In any event, if you see this, you need it too. Trust me.

So, that was all I picked up within my hour and a half of walking around Sephora touching everything in sight. It's a bloody miracle, don't you think?

Then I went to the counter and the sneaky psychology they use in that area worked on me. I added three things to my basket, then I removed them again in a show of true self-control.

But after I paid, I noticed their in-house brand of dry shampoo at the counter and figured that at RM29, it was definitely worth a shot. I've not been disappointed by anything in their range that I've tried. So, I picked it up too.

[Sephora's Express Dry Shampoo (RM29)]

Yes, I have tried it and yes, I am very glad I didn't pass on this! At almost a third of the price of Alterna and around half the price of Percy & Reed, this is a steal! It's smaller, for sure, but it packs quite the punch. Not only does it smell absolutely wonderful, but it doesn't leave a white cast at all. More importantly, however, it does an absolutely amazing job. My hair looked clean and well manicured after use. I may have found a new love! 

So, apparently I figured that since this was a total bust, I would run amok further. I went to 1Utama.


This was by no means an impulse purchase. I have been eyeing their blush for a while now, and it's been a while since I've purchased a blush, so I feel like I'm entitled.

[Benefit's Rackateur Blush (RM110)]

Now, it's been so long since I've bought a Benefit blush that when I saw the new packaging I got very excited! I love the fact that the lid no longer completely detaches from the box and that there's a mirror in there. Well done on the revamp!

If you haven't seen this, you may think that I don't need this. But look at it. Just look!

[I know you want it too!]

Seriously, how gorgeous is this! Not only is the inset of the powder beautiful, but the rose gold shade is an absolute knock out! I have nothing of this sort in my collection, so it was completely necessary! So happy! SO HAPPY!!! 

You truly can't put a price on happiness!

I'm not even ashamed to admit that wasn't the end. I went to Guardian to get necessities, and left with stuff I may or may not need.

[Nivea's Pure & Natural Moisturising Day Cream (RM26.90)]

Why did I discover this? I blame ShopGirl! She posted an article on her Facebook page about how Nivea has been tested and proven to be a far superior product than La Mer, and granted, the article was referring to the blue tub which is frequently used a body moisturiser (and is apparently in fact a miracle product for your face). However, I figured this might be a better bet for me since it's specifically formulated for Normal to Combination Skin and it contains aloe vera and argan oil. It sounds absolutely fantastic. I'm reasonably sure that using the regular Nivea stuff during the day will turn me into a ball of oil, so it might be worth a shot for nightly use. But not until I get through my current collection. Fingers crossed on this!

And finally:

[Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bold Gold (RM19.90)]

I have already mentioned that I absolutely adore these, and you need to get yourself some if you don't own any! Why gold? Why not?! I'm attending an Indian wedding this weekend, and there's no better time to wear gold! Excitement! 

Right, that is all! For a while, hopefully! 


  1. LOL, now that I've recovered enough to say a few words...can I say that you are insanely awesome and that I may be ShopGirl but you are ShopQueen!

    I will never look at La Mer in the same way now that I know Nivea gave it a run for its money. Still, I take these things with a grain of salt and know that beauty trials on one woman does not mean it will work for all.
    That said, the Nivea is still cheap enough for me to run through my own ultra-unscientific skin trials.
    By the way, I believe it's German Nivea made in Hamburg that has the cult status.
    Further to this, I don't know how a rich creme like Nivea or La Mer would perform on our oily facades - I have to say that I keep thinking products like this only seem to help ageing but dry skin. I'm pretty good with the ageing part but those oil fields ain't going anywhere soon.
    To this end, I always find that I end up breaking out over very rich creams. Perhaps try it on the body first, Arpita, and then a spot test.
    Let's just say I had a bad skin week on account of the collagen-thing and am being extra-cautious. Wouldn't want you to have to go through the same.

    1. I suppose it works out well in the long run since oily skin holds the wrinkles back a little longer. But it's far from fun. Though I've been trying some stuff that's slightly mattifying and I'm not a fan of the dryness it comes with. I'm rather torn on this issue I suppose.
      Might this be a good time to make a trip to Germany? I certainly think so! But this particular pot of Nivea seems to have been formulated for combination skin, so I'm guessing it won't be all that thick. Well, it says it's for day use, but my plans for it involve overnight use, so hopefully it works out well.
      I can understand your wariness at this point. I feel a bit like a lab rat. Apparently I think nothing of checking whether a product is safe for the eyes and then finding out from the pain and potential blindness that it isn't. Perhaps I should sign up to be tested on.