And...It's Over!

Yes, it's the 30th of September and technically I am meant to be on a spending ban, but I have given up. Ironically, what kicked things off was going to Sephora to collect a free gift. It's always little ironies which make life interesting.

The little bag with so much power!

[The Devil in Disguise]

In my defence, however, I only bought essentials! And I had 10% off!


So, sometime last week, Sephora sent out an e-mail saying they were giving out 20ml of fresh's Black Tea Age-Delay Cream to members, so of course I had to go. And this time, I wasn't disappointed. It was a very generous sample indeed!

[fresh's Black Tea Age-Delay Cream]

The offer is still on till the 2nd of October (Wednesday), so head on over if you haven't already! 

I've been out of dry shampoo since my Percy & Reed can got used up, and unfortunately Malaysia isn't overrun with the stuff! While a friend in Australia has kindly offered to send me some Batiste & Garnier dry shampoo, there is still the interim period! I thought I'd move away from the Percy & Reed and try something else, just for variety. 

[Alterna's Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo (RM73)]

I got RM7.30 off on this so it worked out to RM65.70. That's still double the cost of dry shampoo in pharmacies overseas, which work out to RM20-40. Life truly isn't fair. In any event, this looks nice and it's supposed to be "invisible", so we shall see how that goes. I like the thought of having invisible elves mopping up the oils on my scalp, leaving it fresh and clean. Let's not discuss this anymore.

Of course, I had to visit the Caudalie counter. Of course I did.

[Caudalie's Lip Conditioner (RM25)]

I've heard amazing things about this for oh so long, and I am definitely not disappointed. I've recently formed a penchant for lip balms where they have been absent from my interest for 27+ years. Surely it's time to make up for the neglect! This is truly fantastic. I kid you not. I'll be doing a comparative review on a few lip balms, so I shall get back to you with more information in that post. In any event, if you see this, you need it too. Trust me.

So, that was all I picked up within my hour and a half of walking around Sephora touching everything in sight. It's a bloody miracle, don't you think?

Then I went to the counter and the sneaky psychology they use in that area worked on me. I added three things to my basket, then I removed them again in a show of true self-control.

But after I paid, I noticed their in-house brand of dry shampoo at the counter and figured that at RM29, it was definitely worth a shot. I've not been disappointed by anything in their range that I've tried. So, I picked it up too.

[Sephora's Express Dry Shampoo (RM29)]

Yes, I have tried it and yes, I am very glad I didn't pass on this! At almost a third of the price of Alterna and around half the price of Percy & Reed, this is a steal! It's smaller, for sure, but it packs quite the punch. Not only does it smell absolutely wonderful, but it doesn't leave a white cast at all. More importantly, however, it does an absolutely amazing job. My hair looked clean and well manicured after use. I may have found a new love! 

So, apparently I figured that since this was a total bust, I would run amok further. I went to 1Utama.


This was by no means an impulse purchase. I have been eyeing their blush for a while now, and it's been a while since I've purchased a blush, so I feel like I'm entitled.

[Benefit's Rackateur Blush (RM110)]

Now, it's been so long since I've bought a Benefit blush that when I saw the new packaging I got very excited! I love the fact that the lid no longer completely detaches from the box and that there's a mirror in there. Well done on the revamp!

If you haven't seen this, you may think that I don't need this. But look at it. Just look!

[I know you want it too!]

Seriously, how gorgeous is this! Not only is the inset of the powder beautiful, but the rose gold shade is an absolute knock out! I have nothing of this sort in my collection, so it was completely necessary! So happy! SO HAPPY!!! 

You truly can't put a price on happiness!

I'm not even ashamed to admit that wasn't the end. I went to Guardian to get necessities, and left with stuff I may or may not need.

[Nivea's Pure & Natural Moisturising Day Cream (RM26.90)]

Why did I discover this? I blame ShopGirl! She posted an article on her Facebook page about how Nivea has been tested and proven to be a far superior product than La Mer, and granted, the article was referring to the blue tub which is frequently used a body moisturiser (and is apparently in fact a miracle product for your face). However, I figured this might be a better bet for me since it's specifically formulated for Normal to Combination Skin and it contains aloe vera and argan oil. It sounds absolutely fantastic. I'm reasonably sure that using the regular Nivea stuff during the day will turn me into a ball of oil, so it might be worth a shot for nightly use. But not until I get through my current collection. Fingers crossed on this!

And finally:

[Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bold Gold (RM19.90)]

I have already mentioned that I absolutely adore these, and you need to get yourself some if you don't own any! Why gold? Why not?! I'm attending an Indian wedding this weekend, and there's no better time to wear gold! Excitement! 

Right, that is all! For a while, hopefully! 

Eve Lom's Morning Time Cleanser

A while ago, I went for the Eve Lom workshop and was given a sample of this cleanser. I did try it out, and it's become somewhat of a contentious issue in my brain due to the lust-loathe factor! 

The actual cleanser itself is like a lazy version of their original balm cleanser in that it comes in a tube, as opposed to a pot, and it doesn't require the use of a muslin cloth for removal. This, in my book, is infinitely more desirable because there whole muslin cloth issue is too much work for me. Also, for those who prefer the easy way out, the Morning Time Cleanser is, in fact, suitable for night use as well!

So, what's made these cleansers all the rage? Their multi-purpose nature as makeup remover, cleanser, toner has always been part of their appeal, but they've gotten a very bad rap recently due to the fact that they contain mineral oil. I personally don't see the issue this has raised (other than the smell, which I will get to in a bit), but it seems that some people are sensitive to the stuff, and we shall respect that. Personally, however, this wouldn't be a factor which would dissuade me from the purchase of this product.

This is what the actual tube of the stuff looks like:

[Eve Lom's Morning Time Cleanser]

Unlike it's predecessor, which comes in a bulky and travel-unfriendly tub, this is surely a much better option for those of us who live in an era where travel has become far more affordable. In defence of Eve Lom though, the original cleanser was released in the 1980s, but there is much to be said for remaining current and it would be infinitely more plausible for them to release a tube version of their original cleanser. However, I don't think there is a very large difference between the two, so you could definitely swap out the balm cleanser with the morning time cleanser should you need to. 

[Eve Lom's Balm Cleanser]

So, I got a little sachet of the stuff, and since you don't need to use a lot of it, it lasted around 3-4 days which is rather respectable.

[Eve Lom's Morning Time Cleanser - Sachet]

The product comes as a rather thick balm which you add a little water to in your hands to loosen up and massage over your face. You truly do need very little of it to do a thorough job. It doesn't foam up at all, but still does an amazing job of cleansing your skin. I don't doubt that the refreshing, soft, supple feeling is something which would occur across to board for anyone who uses it.

It can be used on the eye area, which is definitely a selling point for me. I get a little frustrated with cleansers that aren't suitable for the eye area because I use eye cream and I have this paranoia of build-up of product. This didn't irritate my eyes at all and it left my skin wonderfully cleansed.

What I find the biggest selling point is how quickly this show results. Within a couple of days of use, my skin felt softer and much clearer than it had been in a while. It's a product I really do enjoy the use of, but would I buy it?

Probably not. There are 3 reasons for this. Firstly of all, it's a very pricey product. At RM215 for 125ml, you could definitely justify the cost on the basis that it could replace a multitude of other products, and that you use a very small amount comparatively, and this is definitely true, but I have issues with the next two that cannot be overcome with delusional thinking. The smell makes me nauseous. It's true that initial use made it seem very calming since you could smell the essential oils, but after a few uses, I started to feel nauseous whenever I sniffed the stuff. It's by no means a bad smell, my olfactory system just isn't a fan of herbal stuff like medicated oils and whatnot, which is probably why I'm not a fan of this scent. Finally, it's called "Morning Time Cleanser". I simply cannot get over the redundancy of the name. 

My personal issues notwithstanding, this is truly a rather remarkable product and if you're in the market for a new cleanser, this is surely something you should at least consider. Go to any Eve Lom counter and the sales rep will be more than happy to try out the product on your skin (I think), so that you can feel how awesome it truly is. Definitely worth looking into, and undoubtedly an absolutely fantastic product which delivers more than it promises.

Bag of Love - September 2013

[Bag of Love - September 2013]

When I saw the bag, I couldn't wait to get my hands my this! And then I got it and I got it, all I could think about was how happy I was to have renewed my subscription after it ended last month!


The first thing that struck me was the fact that most of these brands haven't really been featured in beauty boxes, which is excellent!

[Product Description Sheet]

[The Bag]

Can't talk about the Bag of Love without a discussion of the actual bag. It's absolutely adorable, as always and so very convenient. This truly is perfect for travel because you can slip it into your carry-on bag with all your in-flight cream/gel/liquid necessities! It's also of spectacular quality, as it always is!

Now for the nitty-gritty exciting bits!

[O'slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III]

I've seen enormous ads of this outside a couple of Guardian outlets, but I never really looked into it. It's a toner replacement which can be used as a makeup base and body lotion as well. It can also be used as a deep moisturising mask by saturating a cotton pad with it and leaving it on your face for 5 minutes. I do love multi-taskers! I've yet to try it, but it sounds promising enough. How wonderful that this particular size of it was made exclusively for the Bag of Love! 

[Olay's Regenerist Serum]

The Olay Regenerist range has definitely caught my eye, especially because of the addition of a Clairsonic dupe which I am dying to get hold of. Yes, I need it. In any event, with my new-found serum-lust, this couldn't have been more perfect. It claims to hydrate skin to aid in firming and lifting an smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While I have stopped believing these claims will works to erase all the problems we have as humans, Olay has yet to disappoint as a very decent range to get on board with. 

[Swiss Line's Force Vitale Aqua Vitale Cream]

I've never tried anything from Swiss Line, but I'm definitely starting to wonder why. This is a moisturiser that's extremely luxurious feeling and smelling that I just want to slather it in copious amounts all over my face! It really does feel quite divine and it sinks wonderfully into the skin. Love!

[Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse Shimmer Multi-Purpose Dry Oil]

I received one of these in The Lilac Box's Outdoor Survival Kit, and I absolutely love it. While some people might be deterred by the shimmer in it, and I am too if it's for bodily use, it really is quite spectacular to add a bit of fine sparkle to your hair for a special night out. It never hurts that it smells lovely, either! 

[CK's Eternity Aqua Woman Rollerball]

This was quite a refreshing scent in that it was rather androgynous. I've been receiving very feminine, floral scents in beauty boxes and this was a very nice change. It's also very convenient that it is a rollerball because it just seems that much more glamorous.

[I knew I had forgotten something when I blogged about this bag!]

Of course, travelling definitely requires masking! Nothing could be more effective for this purpose than a clay mask to unclog your pores! While I tend to require a hydrating mask in-flight to prevent my skin from getting dehydrated, the post-flight battle tends to be with clogged pores. As a general rule, I do have congested skin, so imagine the extend of its defectiveness when I'm travelling! I've never heard of this brand, but it looks interesting and I can't wait to try it!

[Diego Dalla Palma's Purifying Clay Mask]

Overall, this bag was truly a travel indulgence. Does anyone else want to travel just to use the Rosehip Formula in-flight? I do! 

As always, Bag of Love didn't disappoint even remotely and I have a love affair with MiMi that she doesn't know about! 

If you're interested in the bag of love, they have monthly (RM39.90), quarterly (RM119.70) and annual (RM478.80) subscriptions.

You can find more information on Bag of Love on the following sites:

The Body Shop's Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

[The Body Shop's Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter (RM63)]

Yes, this happened. I failed in my quest to avoid shopping through September. However, it's important to note that this was one of two slip-ups! Which I feel isn't that bad. After all, we aren't actually in AA where they berate your for falling off the bandwagon! Plus, this was completely necessary. 

The packaging of this is both vintage-y and sleek at the same time and extremely pretty.

When you open it up, the scent is so wonderfully lovely and calming that slathering it on your face seems almost essential to your life being better. 

However, this does take a bit of getting used to in terms of figuring out how to use it. While it states it's a "butter", which makes me feel very decadent, it's more of a balm. It's by no means creamy, in fact, it's a thick solid block of makeup removal goodness! If you don't like your own germs, it's possible to gouge a little out and warm it between your fingers to melt the balm. Alternatively, you can do what I do, and circulate your fingers around the tin to melt it onto your fingers for use.

It turns into an oil when you melt it and it removes makeup like a dream! The sales assistant in store informed me that this was more for the face than the eyes (since they have an eye makeup remover in this line, too), but I've been using it to remove my eye makeup as well and other than the same amount of discomfort I receive from regular eye makeup removers, I see no problem with it being used for that purpose!

As an important note, I removed bright red lipstick with this and there was no residue leftover. Definitely a very good product to look into if you're in the market for a new remover. It smells lovely, is gentle on the skin and feels quite nice. 

I have a feeling I'm going to have to try the rest of the stuff in their camomile range! While I've never, ever been a fan of camomile, be it in tea or scent-wise, this doesn't actually smell like it. It's floral and very subtle. So to The Body Shop and sniff it a little. You, too, will be addicted!

100th Post Giveaway Winners!

All right! Announcement time!

But first, let's take a look at what the prizes are!


What's inside?
1 x Lingam's Rose Water
1 x Gadi Hand Cream Travel Pro (50ml)
1 x Nano White Polishing Renewal Exfoliator (10g)
1 x Nano White SPF 50++ Omega Day Shield (10g) 
1 x Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Honey & Coriander Naturally Moisturising Gentle Face Bar (35g)
1 x Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Honey & Coriander Replenishing Shampoo (27ml)
1 x Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Honey & Coriander Replenishing Conditioner (27ml)
1 x Kose Seikisho Bar (10g)
2 x Peter Thomas Roth Moisture Infusion Facial Bar (30g)
1 x Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel (30ml)
1 x Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster (30ml)
1 x Clarins Daily Energizer Cream (15ml)
6 x Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Serum (Sachets)
1 x YSL Forever Youth Liberator Eye Cream (3ml)
1 x Origins Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Serum (5ml)
1 x Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing (25ml)
1 x Decleor Aromessence Soothing Serum (1ml)
2 x Dark Circle Intensive Care Eye Mask
1 x Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask
1 x Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask
1 x Decleor Aroma White C+ Intense Brightening Sheet Mask
2 x Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (1.5ml)
1 x fresh Soy Face Cleanser (4ml)
1 x Eve Lom Intense Firming Serum (2ml)
1 x Talika Booklet with Serum & Cream Sachets
1 x Lancome Booklet with Serum Sachet
1 x Chanel Le Weekend Exfoliator (5ml)


1 x Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes
1 x Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
1 x Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara
1 x Maybelline Baby Lips Coloured Lip Balm in Rose Addict
1 x Maybelline HyperSharp Liner
1 x Minnie Mouse Facial Absorbent Paper
1 x The Body Shop Natural Powder Facial Blotting Tissues
1 x Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and Rouge Coco Lipstick Samples + Mini Lip Brush
1 x John Frieda Frizz-Ease (25ml)
1 x Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch (4ml)
1 x Benefit POREfessional (3ml)
1 x Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Pompous
1 x Pink Polka Dot Tweezers
1 x Dior Addict Eau Delice Perfume (5ml)
1 x Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask
1 x Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask


1 x Dove Loofah Set 
1 x The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream
1 x Chocolate Coffee Exotic Sugar Body Scrub
1 x Color Combos Cherry Blossom Hair Mask
1 x Guardian Foot Brush + Pumice Stone
1 x Shower Cap
2 x Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Wash (27ml)
2 x Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Lotion (27ml)
2 x Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Shampoo (27ml)
2 x Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Conditioner (22ml)
1 x Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion
1 x Aroma Bath Oil (10ml)
1 x Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Honey & Coriander Cleansing Bath Bar (50g)
1 x L'Occitane Rose Velvet Hand Cream (30ml)
1 x Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Velvet Lip Balm 
1 x Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask
1 x Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask

Of course, there will be a box of tea added to each of these, but that is a surprise! 

Now, for the winners!

Skincare: ShopGirl

Beauty: Sharon Sree

Pampering: Moxie Swagger

Congratulations girls!

Please contact me by Wednesday in order to arrange delivery/collection of the prizes. If you fail to contact me by Wednesday, your prize will be forfeit and will go to the next person on the list.

For the rest of you, thank you so much for participating and there will be a giveaway at some point in the future so stick around! 

"Brunch" @ Cristang

This place has been on my watchlist for a year or so now but it somehow slipped under the radar until Groupon popped up with an offer on it and I figured that there was no time like the present to actually try it out. I cannot express how glad I was that I got round to it either. So much so I couldn't stop myself from going back for a second round just to satisfy the fact that my love for this place wasn't just the result of novelty. So, this is going to be a combined review of both those visits.

I went in on a Saturday the first time round, and the environment is very chilled and quite homey in a way. It has a semi-bar, semi-cafe vibe to it, but definitely in the most comfortable of ways.

The decor adds to the homey nature of it with the eclectic mix of knick-knacks...mostly pork related. The temptation to post the many pictures I took of the little piggies all round has been suppressed. Fret not.

I was to be joined by 2 other dining companions, i.e. Babi 2 and his brother. Being the divas that they are, they were late, so I couldn't stop myself from ordering some coffee. It was past noon and I hadn't had my daily alarm clock as yet.

They have something called a "Cristang Special" which is a blend of black and white coffee (as the waitress politely informed me). Definitely sounded interesting, so I ordered it.

[Cristang Special]

It far surpasses Old Town's white coffee and it wasn't too sweet. Both of these made me very happy.

[An Obligatory Picture of the Problems Women Face in Life]

When they turned up, they ordered healthy juice concoctions which I neglected to take note of, but I was told they were good. So if you want to pretend you're not there to eat a whole pig, these would be your drinks of choice.


Do you love potatoes? You have love potatoes. There is scarcely a more decadent incarnation of the potato than mashed potatoes...and when the menu states that there's bacon in it, you can't refuse even if you tried.

[Mashed Potatoes]

Can I say it? Oh my God. Amazing. The potatoes were lovely and creamy, the sauce wasn't just your regular pre-bought mix which you water down, either. It was proper, home made gravy. Yum! I don't think I need to discuss the fact that the bacon sent it over the edge and made me want to hoard the entire plate. BUT I DIDN'T! Trust me when I tell you that you need this in your life. It was definitely a plus that the sauce wasn't overly salted to account for the bacon in the dish. Too often, the addition of bacon takes the salt factor over the top because people just forget that bacon is part of the seasoning you're adding. Nothing of the sort here! Perfection!

Since we were pretending it was a brunch outing, we ordered some breakfast-ish items. 

This was definitely overshadowed by the rest of the food so I would personally skip it in favour of the many more exciting items on the menu. It was good in itself, it just seemed to pale in comparison to the rest of our order. 


When I saw their menu online, the phrase "Bacon Pancakes" stole my heart. I knew they wouldn't disappoint me, and we would be life partners from the moment we met. I was not wrong.

[Bacon Pancakes]

These are not pancakes with a hint of bacon. These are full-on bacon pancakes. As you can see from the bite above, they are extremely generously packed with good quality bacon and they are absolutely spectacular. Let me put the bacon aside for a moment and talk about the pancakes themselves. They are delicious! I do think they're buttermilk pancakes (a sign of my truly loving the food is that I completely forget to take mental notes), so the batter is very mildly sweetened, light, fluffy and paired perfectly with the smokiness of the bacon. It would be all too easy for these to be stodgy, but they were far from it. I'm willing to behave if they lure me to heaven with these.

I don't think I've ever mentioned that I was a vegetarian for 6 years when I was a teenager. That was a truly misguided time in my life, and pork chops were what broke the delusion. And of course, they had them on the menu. I was all too happy when Babi 2's brother (who we shall now refer to as Babi 3 since he is a wonderful fixture in our outings of this nature) suggested we order them. I was pretending not be a glutton. Yes, everyone knows this is a lie. 

[Grilled Pork Chops]

More mashed potatoes! I love it! 

As for the pork chops, they were perfectly caramelised, tender, juicy and full of the most lovely flavour ever. It's really not easy to cook a good pork chop, and these were spot on. Even past the point of being unable to breathe, I polished off the remainder of the chops!

[Perfectly Cooked!]

You thought that would be it, didn't you? Of course not! Pizza! Couldn't say no to this! 

I do remember it being a really good pizza, but it too was overshadowed by the pancakes and the pork chops. Nevertheless, it was fantastic. Chock full of mushrooms, bacon and sausage, with the bacon from the breakfast plate added to it! If you're as big of a pizza junkie as I am, you will love this. 

[Meat Pizza]

The base was just the right thinness, crispy but with a good bite to it. I was genuinely surprised by how good it was because one place doing such a good job on so many different types of dishes is downright shocking to me. 

And how could we leave without dessert? I mean, it's not like we ate enough for the rest of the weekend, after all. 

Molten chocolate cake! 

This wasn't something I was expecting to enjoy, but I was so happy I was wrong.

[Molten Chocolate Cake]

Can I say it? This is the best I've had in KL. I kid you not. I always order it, and I'm always mildly disappointed either because it's too sweet, or the chocolate isn't right, or it's been baked too much. I have nothing to complain about here. All I can say is, I want more. So much more! If you're a chocoholic, you need to go to Cristang just have this. It's genuinely last meal material.

Now, on to the second visit!

I'm pretty sure I should be mildly ashamed that the owner remembered that I'd been there before, but I'm not! I was talking to Gerald for a bit and he explained that he had gone off the scene for a while to deal with some personal stuff, but he was back with a vengeance, which I am eternally grateful for! 

Since it was brunch, I was in dire need of caffeine to be even remotely sociable, and I needed comfort coffee, so I ordered a latte.


A very decent latte, indeed. 

And the Enabler ordered an iced latte because we have a similar inability to be sociable without caffeine-induced friendliness. 

[Iced Latte]

We had 3 other dining companions, but surprisingly, I think we ordered less than my first trip. 

That weekend, Cristang had an offer where a pork burger and iced lemon tea set would cost RM9.90. We added on cheese and bacon to the burger at the cost of RM1 each.

[Iced Lemon Tea]

[Pork Burger]

It's definitely a very manageable burger and every bite was excellent. It's not a burger you need to add bacon and/or cheese too because it packs a lot of flavour, but why would you say no to either of those? If you would, you are a defective specimen of humanity. Get some counselling! 

And since the Enabler is a vegetarian and starving her would not bode well, we ordered some hash browns.

[Hash Browns]

I was informed that they were excellent and the fact that they were re-ordered should second that information. Gerald told us that he could make a marinara pasta for vegetarians, so if you have a herbivorous dining companion, you're all set! 

Partially because of the vegetarian, but also because the bacon pancakes were so good, the buttermilk pancakes were on the need-to-try list. 

[Buttermilk Pancakes]

You can see it, can't you? You know these were really, really good! 150 million times better than the pancakes at Paddington's, rest assured. They're light, fluffy and absolutely delicious. Pancakes really do make the world a better place.

[Bacon Pancakes]

I just had to. Every bit as good as I remembered and definitely something you need to order.

One of my dining companions has an obsession with nasi lemak goreng, and I lured her to Cristang with promises of nasi lemak goreng with lap cheong and bacon.

Have you heard of anything that will send you to anorexic hell quicker than that? It would be well worth it too! 

[Nasi Lemak Goreng]

To me it didn't really have the distinctive nasi lemak flavour, but as a dish on its own, it was amazing. It was nice and spicy and the lap cheong just adds something extra to it. I do love lap cheong! A different version of traditional nasi lemak goreng, but definitely a welcomed variation because it holds its own in the most delicious way ever - BACON!

Overall, this place is amazing. It has an impressive variety of cuisines and nothing has come even close to being disappointing. In fact, I would gladly order everything on the menu again in multiple because they're all stunning dishes. I don't understand how no one has personally told me that if I don't go there my life is not complete. I need new friends.

Cristang Restaurant
Unit B-G-19, 8 Avenue, Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1, 46050, PJ
Tel: 03-79567877 / 012 2262698
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun - 10am-3pm; 5:30-11pm
[Cristang is located near PJ Hilton. You go past Hilton, take the first right, go to the end of the road, take a right and another right into 8 Avenue]