So, today was a really long day and what better way to perk you up at the end of one of these than this sight:

Yes, the arrival of 2 beauty boxes! I love how my mum has stopped even telling me that parcels have arrived for me. This speaks volumes about the frequency of deliveries. 

We are going to do this in order, so the first post will focus on the box on top. There has to be some method to the madness.

[WonderBox - August 2013]


You see it too, don't you? The Nu-Teen thingy. My heart promptly sank when I saw it and I wanted to promptly place the lid back on, and put the box in a deep, dark corner where my future teenage children will find it and glance equally as scornfully at the pack. But, I'm glad I didn't.

[Product Description Sheet]

This sheet truly soothed my ire quite a bit.

And then I opened it, and I had promptly fallen in love. Anyone who doesn't believe in love at first sight doesn't understand consumerism. You are a failed specimen of capitalism! 

[Lots of love in one box!]

Let's check the stuff out in ascending order of affection.

[Nu Teen Samples]

HATE! I would type that word out in bigger font, but that might be a bit much. 

[More Nu Teen Samples]

Not only does it annoy me that I'm receiving these in my late 20's, but the fact that it's spelt as "Nu Teen" enrages me inexplicably. I want to post these back to the company with a dictionary. 

[Dermedex Challenge Pack]

There's also a discount code for this in the box. I received one of these in another beauty box last month.It was either Mivva or WonderBox. That was given away to a reader. Dear reader, if you would like this too, please let me know!

[Bloop's Nail Polish in H562]

A very pretty colour! I got really excited when WonderBox told us they'd be sending some nail polish over, and I'm definitely not disappointed! It's a very similar colour to the nuBAR polish I received in the Outdoor Survival Kit, except that it's a bit more shimmery. It goes on a little sheer with one coat, so it could be the perfect complement over the other.

[Middle Finger: 3 Coats; Ring Finger: 2 Coats; Pinkie Finger: 1 Coat]

See! Really pretty! It goes on very smoothly and isn't streaky at all. More impressively, however, it dries amazingly quickly. Right after taking this picture I was going to remove it only to realise it was already dry. How awesome!

[Ginvera's Green Tea Exfoliating Shower Scrub]

Ginvera is a Singaporean brand, and I do recall that there was a mild exfoliating green tea shower cream in my shower when I went down at some point. I do recall quite liking it, but for some reason I never got round to purchasing it to bring back to KL with me. This definitely looks quite a product I'm going to love. It's got jojoba beads and and tea tree in it which are both excellent for your skin, as is green tea. I'm waiting for the nasty scrapes on the backs of my ankles from wearing steel-toed boots sans socks to heal before testing this out. Really can't wait! I'm also quite pleased that this is a full-sized product because I won't have to run out and hunt it down if I fall in love!

[Skinz UV White BB Cream]

BB CREAM!!!! Need I say more? And a full-sized tube too! It's supposed to suit all skins, but I have a sinking feeling it might be too light for me. To be seen! Fingers are definitely crossed on this though, and a review will be out soon!

Overall, this was a pretty decent box. WonderBox, in my opinion, has redeemed itself a little from July's disaster. The Nu Teen stuff really needs to stop, but other than that I'm really pleased with the stuff I received. I've got another month to go in my subscription and that will determine whether I re-new it. 

WonderBox retails at RM45 and they have Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual subscriptions available. You receive points for every box you order as well as any reviews you do which you can save to redeem against boxes or special items on their site.

If you're interested in WonderBox, more information can be found at the sites below:

And of course, a hint for the upcoming giveaway:
There will be 3 separate prizes for 3 separate people. 


  1. Still not sure about this one...looks like they keep heading toward a younger audience with their samples whilst maintaining their 'adult' price. I intend to keep stalking before I commit.
    The goodies to price ratio is still decent but they should consider a revamp or some serious innovation to stay competitive. Perhaps time to throw in the next book in Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series? Trying my luck here ;)

    1. I definitely can't really recommend this. It's an improvement from last month, but I'm still not convinced I should renew my subscription when it ends next month. We shall see. For now though, definitely wait on it!